My Cousin’s Hot Wife Banged At A Resort

I first met Himanshi two years ago when I went with my cousin for the initial meeting. She was someone with natural beauty to stare on.

She had long smooth legs leading up to her small little ass. Her hips were slim at the time and her little breasts were untouched. Her blackish-brown hair was long and always pulled back into a ponytail revealing a gorgeous face with deep black eyes.

Fast forward to now. post-marriage, my cousin’s wife Himanshi had gone from an innocent bahu that could catch your eye, to now, a “knockout.” Her legs were still long. She stood 5’3″. Her body had filled out nicely at 32C-24-34. She had cut her hair to about shoulder length but was still naturally black. She was very trim and well maintained.

Since we both were nearly of the same age, she gelled well with me and tried to spend most of her time together as my cousin was a loser to let such a hot chick untouched due to his business.

At times, I got irritated that every weekend I had to be a good devar to go out with her as her husband was always busy with work and spoil the only off I get in my own job.

So, one day my cousin had to urgently travel to Canada for a business meeting and left abruptly. Since the marriage of cousin and Himanshi was quite new, my cousin’s hot wife got really sulky! Since the weekend was almost there, I made a plan to take her to a resort that could rejuvenate and compensate for the loneliness.

I booked two rooms as my cousin’s sister also joined us to light Himanshi’s mood. We checked in on a Saturday and got settled down. The resort had many activities like a swimming pool, billiards, table tennis, etc.

I had a short Skype call so I went into my room and started to set up my laptop. The short call got converted into a long one. My cousin came into my room to ask how much time would I take to finish my call so that we can all got to the swimming pool to relax to which I told I was unsure and told her to carry on without me.

Shortly after the meeting, my call got over and I texted my cousin to ask what they were up to? She asked me to come to the pool area where they were chilling and sipping wine.

I quickly changed and went to the pool area and got mesmerized when I saw my cousin’s wife Himanshi in her bikini which barely covered her firm boobs with a big metal ring in between and thongs in blood-red color. I had an instant boner which I tried to hide. But Himanshi noticed it and stared at it for a good time while I was trying to hide.

I don’t know if she had too much wine or what, but she started to tease me. She started to request to come and join in the pool as the water was cold and it was a hot day. Upon several requests from her and cousin, I went inside the pool trying to hide my boner.

As soon as I got into the pool, Himanshi started to splash water on my face to mess around. As it was so sudden, I immediately held her head and pushed her inside water as revenge. While trying to come up, her hand touched my dick and she started smiling.

My cousin’s wife started to make different moves such as intentionally rubbing her ass against my dick as if she was craving for one. I tried hard to control my feelings as she was my cousin’s wife and would ruin the purity of the relations. But you guys know when your little guy gets hard, it is hard to think straight.

I also got too horny and just wanted to grab my cousin’s wife and fuck her brains out. But it was not possible when my cousin sister was around us all the time.

While I was just thinking about this, my cousin told us that she had to make some calls and was going back to the room. I got really excited listening to that as it was already dark near the pool area. Himanshi immediately told her that she would like to spend more time here and my cousin should go as I was giving her company.

The moment she left, we started to flirt openly with each other. There was a clear sexual tension between the two of us but none of us was making the first move onto the other to break up.

There was another couple who started smooching each other. They were tempting us even more. My cousin’s wife could not hold any longer and placed her soft palm on my crotch and started kissing.

We had a very hot and passionate kiss which I eventually broke and told her that my cousin sister might come back anytime so we should move back to my room as it would be safer and no one can get inside.

We rushed to my room and started to explore each other’s bodies madly. I threw my cousin’s horny wife on the bed and came top of her, kissing her all over her face. She started to rub my dick over the shorts.

I slowly started to go down. I cupped my cousin’s wife’s boobs in my hand and squeezed them hard. With the other hand, I squeezed her perky nipples while I kissed her neck. She let out a loud moan, “Aahhh” which made me mad. I removed her bikini top in one go.

She had perfect light brown nipples which were never sucked. Like a thirsty dog, I started to lick my cousin’s wife’s nipples and gave occasional bites which she seemed to enjoy a lot!

Then I moved my hand inside her thong and put my finger inside her pussy which led to a shock wave inside her body as it was oozing her cum out already.

Now she got my shorts down and we came into 69 position. My cousin’s wife started to suck my dick like a kid sucking on a lollipop and put my tongue inside her pussy. She was sucking and moaning like a porn star.

I got up and adjusted her to doggy position and penetrated my dick inside her pussy and failed as she was too tight. I again pushed hard and my dick went inside her and the feeling was out of this world.

I started to fuck her slowly and increased my pace to which she also matched the rhythm. We then changed to cowgirl position where she rode me like a queen and squired a bit.

I shouted, “Baby, I am coming” and held her ass tight and came inside her (which made her pregnant and later give birth to twins which my cousin thinks were his.)

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