A Kitchen Fiasco

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Hey guys. It’s me Sunny again. I got a lot of feedback for the last story.

A small recap: – I am sunny, a Bangalore resident, just a usual guy. I work in Bangalore and stay with my brother Rahul and his wife Reshmi. Life was easy going until Aparna (my sister in law’s friend) a fair chubby girl stepped into our lives. She was a busy woman with a fair complexion.

I was mesmerized in her beauty, and I tried to seduce her into bed, it went as planned, as she too wanted to have a fun time She called me to her room at night. There was a bit of exotic foreplay, not knowing that girl was swapped with my sister in law.

After realizing my mistake, I told them, I couldn’t be a part of it. But things take a wild turn when my brother comes looking for his wife to the guest bedroom. Aparna manages to avert the disaster. She convinces him that they were just catching up and hides me in the bathroom.

That night, Aparna seduces me, after Rashmi leaves with my brother. We have long passionate sex under the shower.

The next part of the story,


Aparna came back after an interview in the evening. She was very happy that she got the job. She called Reshmi from the office itself to deliver the good news. Reshmi jumped in joy. They planned an outing for that evening. Aparna asked her to get ready by the time she comes back.

I was in a deep sleep while all this was happening. I woke up around at 12 as I was dehydrated. I got up from bed, got dressed, washed my face, and went over to the kitchen to grab a cold drink.

I looked around and Reshmi wasn’t there. I thought it to be weird because she told me she would be home all day this weekend. I was drinking water from the fridge. I heard a weird sound coming from the storeroom. I wanted to check what it was. As I kept on hearing the sound again and again.

At first, I thought it would some cats or anything. I went over leaned over the window, didn’t see anything. I then opened the door, but it was empty. I then returned to the house. I heard Reshmi call out my name from there. I then went back.

Reshma: – Morning, sleepyhead. (caressing my hair)

Me: – Hi. (with a low voice as I took a seat near the dining table)

Reshma: – You didn’t get enough sleep? (she giggled at me)

Me: – (I smiled back, rubbing back of my head, in shame) Not exactly.

Reshma then gave me a kinky smile as she put on the kettle to make tea. She asked me to freshen up and told the good news that Aparna got selected. I was overjoyed, she told me about the outing plans and I agreed.

She then kept eyeballing me as I looked through my phone. I then kept my phone on the table. I went over to her and stood right behind, asked her whether the tea was ready. I made sure my crotch rubbed on her ass. She then entered a bit backward and told me it would be ready in some time.

After some time, she brought me some tea and sat near the couch She handed the tea over to me as she was also drinking a cup. The moment was a little awkward because the things that happened last night kept reemerging as in our minds.

I was looking at her intermittently, she too stared at me for a while. I decided to break the ice and kept my cup down on the table.

Me: – I am sorry, about yesterday.

Reshmi: – For what! (as she raised her shoulder in with a wonderful look)

Me: – It all happened so fast, I didn’t know it was you.

Reshmi: – So, you wouldn’t have done it that well, if you knew it was me.

ME: – No… No… Nothing like that. I said, I just said I didn’t know it was you.

Reshmi: – Oh. (in deep realization). It’s sad since you won’t break the taboo. I did have a great time last night.

Me: – Really! (in a bit of excitement and happiness)

Reshmi: – (with a kinky smile) Yes, but I know you can’t cross the line because of your brother. We should go back to SIL and BIL relationship. (with a naughty smile).

Me: – (I was stunned and shocked, my mind became numb, I didn’t know what to do.) I…

Reshmi: – It’s okay I can understand totally. (She again smiled at me).

I kept rubbing my head back, cursing myself in mind. I didn’t know what to do or say. She then got up and took the cups from the table as she was about to leave. I stood up.

I asked her “Can I get a second chance?” She then looked at me and thought for a second and replied, “What about your brother, then?” with a wicked giggle.

Me: – He lost my respect, the moment, she started cheating on my beautiful Sister in law.

Reshmi: – Are you trying to flatter me?

Me: – No, just telling the truth.

Reshmi- Ahaa. (She smiled cutely) as she told let’s see what happens.

She then went over to the kitchen, swaying her ass and curves in front of me and placed the cups in the sink. She started to attend to the household chores. I then looked at her from the hall. Looking at her, I repeated the conversation over in mind. I was like, “What the hell?” I rushed over to the kitchen.

Sorry guys I forgot to describe her. She was a fair enchanting woman with light but thin eyebrows and killer eyes. Her skin was fair and smooth, so was her 34d cup breasts that had crown pink areolas as jewels. She maintained her hourglass figure.

She had her hair tied up, exposing the nape of her neck. As she was busy with her kitchen work, I went over from her behind and grabbed her. She was surprised and jumped. But there was no resistance. She pushed herself against me as I kissed the nape of her neck. Her breathing became slow.

I then kept on kissing. I moved my hands over to her waist, pressing her navel. I moved my head to her side of the face and bit her earlobes in deep passion. I then blew some air into her ear. She felt the chill air move onto her body. She curled up her shoulder.

I kissed it and moved to another side of her face, and bit her earlobe again. She slid on to my body as a sign of she was into it. I then slid my hands across her body. My hard dick rubbing over her asshole. I then kept on kissing her nape and earlobes for a few more times.

I then caught hold of her body and turned her around in a blink of an eye. I started to kiss her. We kissed like we were young lovers she was a good kisser. The kiss ignited the heat of passion in both of us. Our head turned, as we tongue rolled on each other.

Our lips locked in perfect unison. We kept on kissing and exploring each other bodies for the next few minutes. I felt her body with my fingers through her sexy figure, up to the brim of her shoulder. I pushed her and then raised her onto the kitchen counter.

I broke the kiss, then kissed her all over her face, chin and then over to her ears and came back and bite the chin. I then move my tongue down to her neck. I rolled down my tongue through there neck. h I started to lick her neck, as my hands were placed on her navel pressing it.

I then licked her around her neck, placing deep kisses on neck skin. Moving back and forth, top to down, side to side. She succumbs to pleasure, I could see her raise her legs and bite her lips. She leaned a bit farther behind and smiled. I then kept on licking the sweat off her neck, like licking ice cream from a cone.

She felt the chills go through her body. I then slowly started to raise her top. I moved my tongue back upon her neck. I extended my tongue from her neck to her cleavage, licking the sweat. I then kissed her neck, even under face to both sides. I then rolled over my tongue, throughout the neck.

I moved to her shoulder, lowering her dress over ta the shoulder. I kissed her collar bone. As her nails dug into my back, her legs wrapped around at my waist. I then kept on kissing her down to her cleavage. I slowly raised her top bit by bit and finally throwing it off on the floor

I moved hands to her ass grabbed it with a tight grip as she gasped. She started to hug me close. I saw her brown nipples hanging on her big round boobs. They were not as big as Aparna had. But still, they couldn’t be contained in my hand. I kept my palms on them slowly, as I kissed her again.

We leaned onto the kitchen counter. I started to fondle them slowly, as her breathing increased. We kept on kissing, as my hand drove down once again. My crotch rubbed on and on between her legs. I then spread her legs and started to rub her pussy over her tight trousers.

I broke the kiss and lowered myself onto sucking her boobs. My hands took them raised each nipple to my mouth. I sucked on hose nipples like a baby, while my hands squeezed them out for milk. I lowered my hands to her pussy, rubbing it again and again with more swiftness.

As we were getting into a passion, we heard a loud sound coming from over from the storeroom. The back door was also open. We got scared. I picked up her dress. Reshmi hurried and dressed back up. We separated ourselves and we looked at each other. We both thought of checking it out.

Our storehouse was rented out to the Sharma’s next door as the first floor of their house was under construction. I then ran over to the storehouse to check what the noise was. I opened the door and checked thoroughly inside, it was just a bunch of iron rods and instruments, that feel over.

I thought it must be some cats. I then was about to leave when I saw a drop of yellow cloth over at the corner. I went over to the corner, as I saw Nandhu nude sitting on the floor, hiding. Along with Lalitha our neighbor with her pallu on the floor. Her blouse was almost removed.

It was pretty clear about what they were doing. Getting naughty in the storeroom. They had the guilt on their face, by the time Reshmi also came to the store.

Stay tuned for the next part.

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