Spontaneous Sex With Cousin’s Wife Leela At Wedding

Hello, hope everyone is safe during these pandemic times. I am Arjun from Hyderabad. I am 26 years old, and 5-feet 11-inches tall. I work for an MNC in Hyderabad. This is my first story on ISS. It is a real story that happened between me and my cousin’s wife. We had great unexpected sex at my brother’s marriage event recently!

My cousin Raj and his wife Leela are the center of this story. Leela is 32 years old and has a 7-year-old boy. Her stats are 34A-28-36. She is a real bombshell.

My cousin’s wife is a very dedicated housewife. I always used to treat her like my elder sister. She always maintains herself well and only wears sarees all the time. But the way she wears the saree always intrigues me. I believe that sarees are the sexiest dress of all other dresses.

She used to show the right amount of flesh. That looked inviting but also hid her most exciting assets perfectly. She had a wheatish complexion and the exciting part was her perfect waist, with a sexy birthmark on it.

We were very close to each other. Whenever I bunk my college, I always go to her place. Raj was a realtor, always worried about money. I rarely see him happy.

On the other hand, my cousin’s wife was very cool and we used to watch movies and play games together. Iused to tell her everything that was happening in my life. I never had any bad intentions about her. I love her as my sister. But things never happen as we imagine they should, in life and I was very lucky to have made love to my cousin’s wife.

This incident happened recently at my brother’s marriage. Our family ran a hotel business. My father and brother manage it. But, due to Covid, we had to arrange a small wedding at our hotel’s banquette hall. We allotted separate guest rooms for every family. Only close relatives were invited to the event in which my cousin Raj and his family were also included.

The lady of this story, Leela, wore a black transparent saree, with a red sleeveless blouse. She was looking damn hot in that attire. Everyone praised her for her looks, I included.

The event went off very well and everyone was happy. Guys were having fun with their drinks and the ladies were dancing to the music played by the DJ. I and some cousins, who were of my age, were also dancing with the ladies.

At the end of the event, my cousin Raj was in a drunken stupor due to his heavy drinking. Leela requested me to help her to take Raj to the guest room. I kept Raj’s left hand on my shoulder and kept my right hand around his waist. Leela took the other side.

When my cousin’s wife kept Raj’s right hand on her shoulder, her open waist came close to my right hand. A sudden chill went through my body as I felt her skin for the first time. It was very smooth.

As we carried him towards the guest room, I could feel my hand caressing her waist gently. I didn’t think she felt anything as her focus was on Raj or maybe I was wrong.

We entered the room and took Raj to the bed. As soon as we dropped him on the bed, he went to sleep with deep snoring. We both took a deep breath and sat on the couch.

My cousin’s wife looked very tired due to all the dancing and the effort of lifting Raj. We talked for 15 minutes about the event, gossiped about other guests and then I told her I will leave. Leela stopped me and asked me if she can have a glass of wine. She was never into drinking as far as I know. I never saw her drinking before. So, I was surprised.

Me: Are you sure, bhabhi?

Leela: Please, I want to get a little high.

So I called the reception and told them to send a bottle of wine to the room. I then took a glass, poured some wine for her, and gave it to her.

Leela: Where is your glass?

Me: No, I am good, bhabhi. I already had enough and also I have got to go downstairs to look out that everything is fine.

Leela: Come on, Arjun. I never had alcohol before. I don’t want to drink alone. At least give me some company.

Me: Do you want me to become like Raj?

Leela: Raj doesn’t have the stamina that you have. I know you can handle a few more drinks. Please, I will get your glass.

Me: Ok, how can I deny if the lady of the event requests!!

Leela: Thank you, Arjun. I love you so much. (said in a normal way). You won’t regret this for sure. (she smiled at me, with a wink.)

Me: (I didn’t get the eye winking.) I love you too, bhabhi.

She poured me a glass of wine. We said, “Cheers,” and I started sipping my wine. All of a sudden, my cousin’s wife gulped down the entire glass of wine in one shot. I was shocked.

Me: Pace yourself, bhabhi. What are you doing? Go easy. This is your first time.

Leela: I don’t want to taste the wine. I just want the buzz.

Me: If you want the buzz, then I will give you the buzz.

I filled the entire glass with wine and gave it to her. She gulped that one too. This time, she made me drink my entire glass. She took my mobile and played a romantic song.

Soon, she was on the third glass of wine, and I could see her getting light-headed already. She asked me to dance with her. I looked at her husband who was sound asleep.

I said, “Okay, why not!” and started dancing. She kept her hand around my neck. I wrapped my hand around her waist. Now I remembered the touch of her skin when we brought Raj from the hall to the room.

My cousin’s wife was getting close to me. I could feel her boobs touching my chest now and then. Unconsciously, I started to grip her waist tightly.

God! Her skin was so soft. She came very close to me and her hair was all over my face. The smell of her hair was so exotic. I was lost in her completely and took control, and moved her body gracefully to sync with the music.

With every dance move, she started moving her head left and right. At one point my cousin’s wife’s lips touched mine. She suddenly stopped moving and looked into my eyes. I could see her lips shivering and suddenly, she dropped her lips on mine. I never thought of this situation but also I didn’t want to let this go.

I stayed still for a moment and I felt her lips strongly on mine. She took my lower lip completely into her mouth and began sucking it hard.

At this point, I left all my thoughts and went straight in. I grabbed her very tightly to touch my body and kept kissing her deeply, running my hands all over her back. I moved my hands underneath her red blouse from the back and felt her soft skin. I put my hand on her left boob. They were so big (I got to know they are 34A later on) and soft.

I kept squeezing my cousin’s wife’s boobs and inserted two fingers inside her blouse and started pulling her erect nipple. She moaned a bit with pain and pleasure.

She then started to open my shirt buttons. I moved her saree from her shoulder kissing her neck, cleavage, and nipples over her blouse. She closed her eyes and was moaning. I removed her saree and petticoat completely, and she removed my shirt. Now she was only in her black blouse and red panty.

At the back of my mind, I was a little scared of my cousin Raj waking up, but when all the blood had gathered in one place, below your waist, nothing else mattered!

I made my cousin’s wife sit on the couch, opened her blouse front hooks slowly, one by one while licking her navel. I saw her horny eyes from below over the two beautiful pair of boobs.

She was now in a red lacy bra and matching panty. I stood and looked at her entire body. She was so hot. All this while, we didn’t even utter a word. We managed to do everything with eye contact only, and this made our moments very deep and connected.

I removed my jeans and now I was in my underwear. My cousin’s wife kept her fingers on my penis and slowly started embracing it. I was on cloud 9. She removed my underwear and started stroking my engorged member. I removed her bra and panty. For the first time, I was seeing her completely nude.

I took her erect nipples one by one in my mouth and was pressing her boobs hard. Her moans increased and she grabbed my penis tight and was stroking it even harder. She signaled me to get into the 69 position, with a sheepish smile.

Now I was licking my cousin’s wife’s pussy. She took my penis in her mouth. I could feel the warmness of her mouth on my penis. It was like heaven.

Her pussy was so wet with precum. I licked and kept my finger inside and started finger-fucking her. She couldn’t handle the pleasure and had her first orgasm.

Then we changed the position and I made her sit on me. She held my penis and inserted it into her dripping pussy, and started riding me. I grabbed both her jiggling boobs and started eating her nipples and sucking, making them red.

After 10 minutes, I switched the position to doggy style. I bent her towards the couch and inserted my penis from behind and started fucking. The room was filled with our moans.

Once in a while I checked on her husband to see if he was still asleep. He was and he had no idea that his wife was getting nailed by me. That thought made me so hard, that I fucked my cousin’s wife’s pussy deep and rigorously for the other 10-15 minutes.

Then I made her sleep on the couch and I hopped on top of her. I rubbed my penis on the top of her pussy lips. Leela screamed at me not to tease her and fuck her hard. I felt her pussy lips tightening. She came very hard screaming. I didn’t want to cum in her pussy, but she said that it was okay to cum in her.

So, I continued to fuck her and dropped every bit of my cum in her pussy. We both were exhausted. I can see her smile at the end. That made me not regret what had just happened.

I fell on her and rested in that position for half an hour or so. We were caressing each other with love.

Leela: Thank you, Arjun. I will never forget this night. I love you. Please keep this a secret. I beg you.

Me: I will never reveal our secret, you know that bhabhi. I love you too.

Leela: From now on, you can call me Leela when no one is around.

I left the room after a while. During the next day’s events, we never made eye contact with each other. Everyone left for their home after a couple of days.

After one week, I got a text from Leela, on a Sunday morning asking where I was. She asked me to come over to her place as her husband was not home. We made love to each other again for the entire afternoon. This time, we did it with more passion and lust. Now, we do regular phone sex, send nudes when we are alone, etc.

Thanks for reading my story.

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