My husband’s younger brother fucked me

Hi everyone. My name is Latha, age 32. I hope you remember me for my first story. I can’t tell you how much response I got. For a few days, it became my hobby to reply to all the emails and messages. Some guys are really sweet.

I didn’t believe that my life would turn to this side suddenly. After fucking by Narayana sir, I thought to enjoy my life and body to the fullest. Although many people in my village and family asked me to sleep with them before, I never took any interest.

Till Narayana sir fucked me, I was pure to my husband. Now I feel he doesn’t deserve that. Out of many people, my husband’s brother was one of them who asked me to sleep. Yes, you heard it right. In our Telugu culture, the elder brother’s wife is treated as a mother by the younger brother.

He didn’t stop at asking me. But also he held me very tight and forced me to the bed when I was alone in my home. This happened nearly two years ago. Even today, he flirts with me. But, I take it easy and treat it like my son.

His name is Giri, age 28. He is very strong and has a well-built body. He always watches me from the corner of his eye. I knew his intentions. But, he never proposed to me after that incident. He comes to my home daily. He will help me in the kitchen or play with my daughter. This is a daily routine for him.

When he is in the kitchen, he will stand behind me, watching my cleavage from the back. He sometimes touches my ass with his dick. I knew his intentions and didn’t react to his acts any time. He started talking to me about his girlfriend’s and sending some double-meaning jokes to my phone.

One Sunday, I didn’t go to the office. I thought to clean my house. I called him and asked him to come to my home to help me out. He came immediately. He and my daughter are helping me shift all the items to another room. My sari got loose after doing some work, and my cleavage is slightly visible.

I always wear my sari below my navel. He, anyways, gets the view of my belly every time. He is watching my cleavage continuously by doing the work. He is finding some reason to touch me. We thought to shift the bed to the other room. So my daughter and I lifted from one side, and he is lifting from the other end.

Suddenly, my pallu fell on the bed. My average-sized round breasts are visible to him under the blouse. I couldn’t adjust the pallu because my hands were busy holding the bed. He completely enjoyed the show even though he knew I was watching it. Later I pinned my pallu to the shoulder.

After cleaning, we arranged everything back to the place. Some luggage is there to keep on the above shelf. I asked my daughter to bring a stool. Then he said that there was a chance of falling from the stool and I will help.

I asked, “How?”

He: I will lift you by my hands. Chandana (My daughter) will help give the items. Then you place them on the shelf as you want.

I was shocked to hear that.

Me: No, Giri, You cannot lift me. It will be easy if you lift Chandana. She will arrange the items on the shelf.

He: No, vadhina (elder brother’s wife is called vadhina in Telugu). She doesn’t know where to place the items properly. No problem, I will lift you. You arrange as you want.

I was feeling very embarrassed. He insisted I accept the idea. My daughter is watching us silently. I hesitantly accepted what he said.

He came in front of me. I can see happiness in his eyes. I was feeling shy to be in his arms. He came to hug me and place his hands around my waist, and lift me. The scene is very exciting for him.

My belly is now right in front of his mouth. His hands are crushing my ass. When he speaks to my daughter, his breath is touching my belly. I even can feel his erected dick with my knees. After some time, he got me down and relaxed.

Then again, I asked him to use the stool to place the remaining items. He didn’t want that and again lifted me without even asking me. When I was busy arranging the items on the shelf, he suddenly kissed my navel.

I was shocked and jerked. My daughter asked me, “What happened, amma?” I looked into my eyes. He is staring with some unknown expression. I replied to my daughter, “Nothing, ma.” She will feel bad if I scold him in front of her.

After that, he is trying to make eye contact with me. But, I was avoiding him and doing my remaining work. It was 1 pm when we had done everything. I thought to go for a bath, took another pair of fresh clothes, and entered the bathroom.

I was again shocked. He was standing leaning on the wall in the bathroom. I firmly asked him, “What are you doing here?”

He: Vadhina, I want to ask you something.

Me: What?

He: (He said daringly) Vadhina, I want a kiss.

Me: (Shocked) What? What are you thinking?

He: Yes, vadhina. Please, one kiss.

He is coming forward.

Me: First, get out of the bathroom.

I was talking to him loudly. My daughter heard that, and she came to check what was happening. As my daughter came, he then went out looking into my eyes directly.

While bathing, I was continuously thinking about him. He again started his acts. He will again ask me to sleep with him. With these types of doubts, I completed my bath and dressed properly in the sari.

When I was going to the kitchen, he sat in the living room with my daughter. He came behind me to the kitchen and asked for the kiss again. I was scolding softly so that my daughter doesn’t hear. Later, we had our lunch together.

I was cleaning the utensils in the kitchen after dinner. He came and stood behind me. I asked him to leave from there. But he is still asking for a kiss. I ignored his words and completed my work in the kitchen.

He suddenly held my head and kissed me on my lips. I was resisting him fully and pushing him away from me. He held my waist very tight and kissed my lips very intensely. My weakness is my waist. I will get aroused instantly if someone touches my waist.

Then, he stopped kissing me and looking into my eyes. We are looking at each other with lust in his eyes. I was requesting him to please take his hand from the waist. Listening to this, he is pressing it smoothly to arouse me.

He again started kissing my neck and rubbing his hands on my navel. I got aroused by that time. I was pleading with him to leave me. But, my pleading was very weak. He is now kissing and pressing my boobs on the blouse.

I was really in heaven by his moves. He pinned me to the kitchen platform and removed two hooks of my blouse. He kept my left boob out and started sucking the nipple. Meanwhile, he is busy exploring my belly button and pressing my right boob.

By that time, I had completely lost my world. He kneeled and was eating my belly like butter. My part is to moan and please him to leave me slowly. After exploring my navel area with his mouth, he stood and sucked my lips.

To my surprise, I was cooperating with his kiss. By that time, I understood he was the second person after my boss got me. He lifted me and made me sit on the kitchen platform. I knew he was going to tear my pussy today.

He started lifting my sari above my thighs. I stopped him from doing that. He tried very hard and could not succeed.

He: Please, vadhina. Let me do it.

I calm him down

Me: Giri, we can’t do this with me. You have already crossed all the boundaries. Now please leave me and go home.

I was trying to get down from the kitchen platform.

He: Please, vadhina. I have been waiting for this for so long. Please!

He is not letting me get down.

Me: See Giri, you asked me for a kiss. We already did that. Now, leave me. Chandana will come anytime.

He: No, vadhina. I have given my phone to her, and she is playing with her friends. I locked the main door also. No one will come.

I didn’t know that he sent my daughter away and locked the door before.

Me: Please, Giri. You have already taken my body. I cannot allow you to do the intercourse.

He: But vadhina, this will be completed only after the intercourse.

He took his dick out from his pant and gave it to my hand. It was bigger than my husband and Narayana sir also. It is thick and strong. I unknowingly moved his dick up and down. He again forced me and pushed my sari completely.

He now can see my pussy. He took his dick in his hand pushed it into my pussy with full force. It entered half, but it pained me a lot. I shouted very loud, asking him to stop. He never listened and was given another push.

This time his dick was completely inside me. It filled my pussy. He has given me some time to me to relax. I was now leaning against the wall by sitting on the kitchen platform. He started moving slowly. I was feeling very good when he was fucking.

He held both my boobs and started hitting me hard. When his balls hit my ass, it is creating a sound. He is massaging my nipples and fucking my pussy with full force. Only after five minutes, I release my juices. But he is fucking me with full force.

He removed my sari pallu and viewed my boobs and navel area while he was fucking my pussy. I was closing my eyes and enjoying every move of his. In ten minutes, he cummed his entire load in my pussy.

I felt very warm and satisfied. He didn’t take his dick out and still holding my waist. I was on the edge of heaven and didn’t even realize that the fucking was stopped. I suddenly came to my senses, pushed him away, and ran to the bedroom.

I locked my bedroom, adjusted my sari and blouse, and cleaned myself. I sat on the bed and recollecting what had happened till now. Where is my life going? Ten days before, I shared my bed with my boss. Now, I allowed my husband’s brother to fuck me. What is going on? I questioned myself.

After some time, I went to the living room. He had already opened the main door and sitting on the sofa. I was shy to make eye contact with him. I can’t believe that we were in an intense sex moment just a few minutes ago. I sat beside him. He placed his hand on my shoulder.

I removed his hand and came outside of the house for my daughter. I came to the living room with my daughter and sat on the sofa. I hugged my daughter thinking about what had just happened.

Only because my husband did not physically satisfy me, I thought I was sleeping with other guys. My husband didn’t have any time to know about his wife and her affairs.

Anyway, my boss redefined my life by giving me the job and physical satisfaction together. Now, my husband’s brother is also involved in this. I don’t know where it goes.

This is my story that happened recently. I felt like sharing with you. I will also tell my later encounters with my boss and my husband’s brother. Till then, have a nice day. By the way, the response you have given to my first story was unbelievable. I felt much love from a few of you.

You can send your comments at [email protected] Thank you so much for reading.

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