Making Aparna Orgasm

Hy guys. It’s Sunny again. I hope you guys liked my previous story, ‘Seducing Aparna, Making Rashmi Cum’.

A small recap:- I am Sunny, a Bangalore resident, just a usual guy. I work in Bangalore. I stay with my brother Rahul and his wife Rashmi in their house. A few months back, I met a fair chubby girl on the train when I was returning from my vacation.

I had made a bad impression on her, by which she acted a little rude to me. It turned out she was my sister-in-law’s friend, Aparna. I found out as I got home. We both were shocked. But that paved a way of me seducing her on the terrace, later after seeing her naked. I tried to take her to bed a few days later.

She had invited me into her bedroom at night. As I had gone in, she didn’t allow me to switch on the light. She allowed me to enjoy her body in that pitch-black darkness. I felt her body up and made her orgasm with my hands playing with her boobs and her pussy.

I felt as if her figure was different, curvier. The sounds of moans seemed different than her usual voice. It was until she came. I recognized the sound of the moan. Then the lights came on, switched on by Aparna. I had helped my sister-in-law to orgasm. I obviously was confused.

The next part of the story. The lights got switched on. I was very surprised. I mean I had two hot women naked in the room. One was my sister-in-law, Rashmi. She has a great curvy body. Her boobs were round and big with brown areolas and black nipples.

She had a few red marks of love bites, on the neck, which I had just given her. Her thighs were chubby. She had a shaven pussy. The other was her best friend Aparna, whom I thought was in bed with me. I was totally confused. I then got out of bed. My dick was hard from seeing them both.

But still, it was my sister-in-law in the bed with me. If something happens, my brother wouldn’t forgive me, would surely kill me. I didn’t know what to do, felt my legs turning to jelly. I took a seat on the bed, facing Aparna. Aparna was still smiling at me and so was Rashmi.

I covered my face with my hands in confusion. After some time, I let out a deep breath and got up.
Me:- I am so sorry. I can’t do this. I am sorry Rashmi. Rahul is my brother, I can’t betray him.

Rashmi:- (with her sweet voice) It’s not like that, even I don’t like that, just thought it would be us having fun that’s all.
Me:- But you don’t understand. We both know if Rahul finds out he’ll kill us.

Aparna:- (a bit of angry face) so It’s okay for you to sleep with other men’s wives, not your brother’s.
Me:- (turned to Aparna) Listen, I am sorry, I can’t do this.

I grabbed my dress and opened the door and was gonna get out. I saw lights get switched on near the staircase. It was my brother. He was coming down. I suddenly got scared and shut the door in a hurry. I turned to them with a frightened face. I told them Rahul is outside, he might come here.

Aparna told me to get into the bathroom and told Rashmi to get dressed in the gown. She didn’t wear anything under and wore the gown. Aparna wrapped a bathing towel around her. Rahul had come down to get some water. after two minutes, we heard a knock on the door.

Aparna in the bathing towel opened the door. She hid behind the door as if she was shy and protective.
Rahul:- Hey, sorry to disturb you Aparna. Is Rashmi here?
Rashmi:- (from the corner of the room) I am here darling.

She then came to the door and got out of the room.
Aparna:- (with smiling face) I am sorry, we were catching up and lost track of time. Anyways I am going to take a bath now. Good night to you both.

Rashmi:- Good night.
Rahul:- Ok, bye, good night.

Aparna then closed the door. Rashmi and Rahul left to top floor to their bedroom. I was seating on the toilet seat after covering it. Our bathroom all were quite spacious. Aparna they opened the bathroom door and came inside, and then she locked the bathroom door.

She then came and looked at me with a death stare. I felt truly scared. I stood up and told I am sorry. I was about to leave when she pulled me and kissed me. I was truly motionless. But within a few seconds, I too put my hands around her and started to kiss her back.

Our kiss was passionate, my back was against the bathroom wall. Our head turned to the side. We locked our lips deep. Our tongues fought, her hands rubbed on my hair, as my hands pressed her navel through the towel. The kiss and feel of her hot body near me made me hard and my dick throbbed.

After a few minutes of a great kiss, she broke it. I was already hard. She then told me I could now leave. She then told me harshly to leave. I was hesitant to leave and looked down in regret. She then gave me a devilish smile and came to me.

She told, “Look I understand, you have a great urge. We have desires too, even your sister. I know Rahul is your brother. But he is been cheating on her for some time. And Rashmi was just excited when I told her about you and me. It’s fine if you don’t want to do it, but just think.”

I just gave it a moment’s thought. With an innocent smile, I asked:- So, if I say yes, I can have you right here, right now?
Aparna:- (with a kinky smile) Yes, me and your sister-in-law whenever wherever you please.

I then came to her and started to kiss her again. I pushed her onto the bathroom wall. I removed her bath towel and threw it. As we kissed, our legs moved in rhythm towards the wall until she was against the wall. I then put my hands around her navel.

I pressed her fleshy curves. I broke the kiss and kissed her from forehead to chin. I then moved my tongue over to her earlobes. She had her hands feeling my body onto the back. She held me close, her head turned to the right in pleasure, biting her lips. I then blew some air into her ear.

She felt chilly, she curled up her shoulder. She then grabbed my ass and pulled me close. I then bit her skin at earlobes, licking them down to the base. Then I dropped my tongue to the nape of the neck. I gave deep long kisses on her neck skin. I could see she was enjoying it.

She was sweating at her chest, the sweat drops moving dropping into her cleavage her breathing became structured and deep. I then kissed her neck and rolled my tongue, throughout the neck. During that, my hands rubbed over her back to her boobs.

They felt soft like cotton, their feeling sent a hot electric charge through my spine to my cock. She then kept her warm hand on my cock, it throbbed in her hand. She started to rub it slowly. I licked her neck. I started to press her boobs with passion.

I slowly started to squeeze them hard. She let out small gasps of breaths with a wild expression of passion on her face. I then kissed her neck bit by bit to her cleavage. I fondled her boobs and my fingers squeezed into the skin. I went down on her kissing, as she grabbed the bathroom walls.

I then raised her legs and placed it on the closed toilet seat. I slowly felt her legs, then kissed her toes and licked them. I sucked off her skin from toe to thighs feeling the shaved skin’s softness. I was moving my lips to her leg joint and her inner thighs.

I pressed her plump inner thigh flesh, just like I squeezed her boobs. I then sucked on the most inner thigh near her pussy. She would give little moans. As I finished up one leg and moved up the second leg. But still keeping my hands near her thighs, squeezing the soft flesh.

I then held both her thighs together. She caressed over my hair, pushing my head deep into her. Then I started to pinch her thighs, pulling out the skin and biting it to give her red marks. She started to give loud moans. She bit her fingers and lips.

I then increased my force on her thighs, biting them more and more. In between sucking the skin, making her subside to the pleasure. As my teeth pinched her skin, her thighs, she was getting out of breath. She was literally shaking her lower body up and down moaning.

I knew she was getting wet. I then moved up a bit up close to her pussy play with clitoral skin. Held its skin between my fingers, slowly squeezing it. She had become wild as she pulled my hair with both hands. She opened her mouth and moaned.

I could feel her taking fast breaths. I moved to her pussy. I teased her around the pussy, biting and pulling her pussy lips. I licked her pussy over and over. I felt her body become more restless. That was when I raised my hand on her boobs. I started to fondle them again.

I entered her pussy with my tongue and my fingers. I then fingered her with full force. She moaned like hell. I kept on squeezing her boobs one after the other, pulling her nipples, even squeezing them. I then sucked on her pussy and fingered her with more thrust.

She came onto me and the bathroom floor. She had this satisfying look on her face as she came. It was really kinky. I then raised myself. I lifted her legs up placing her on my hot rod. I made sure to rub over her pussy a few times before I put in. My hands were on her bubbly butt pressing it.

She had accidentally switched on the shower in between the orgasm. Coldwater was flowing over our bodies. It was great to see her wet on her hair and pussy. I then slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. She was moaning, gasping for air, her nails dug into my chest. I pierced her pussy to the max.

The penetration even made me moan. Her pussy was still very tight. She hugged me tightly started to pump her slowly at first. We again kissed, I could feel her squealing as we kissed. I placed my hands on her boobs squeezing them like no tomorrow. She broke the kiss in-between to bring out her slutty moan.

I lowered myself to bite those hard pink nipples, then rolling my tongue over those nipples. It all made her wilder. I kept at it with my fondling and my pumping. I squeezed her boobs like a mad man. She held my back tight. Her hands were around my neck.

She sucked on my neck, even biting my skin over my neck. I have pumped her with all my energy. Her boobs jiggled in my hand. I sucked on her nipples for a little while. She leaned back to the wall, pushing my head into those treasure even more. She was moaning in pleasure.

Her breaths were deep. I was licked her neck once more. Soon I felt her body tremble as she orgasmed again in my hands. She hugged me tightly as she came. I didn’t stop, I kept up the thrusts, with high force. She jumped on my dick and started to put her hips into it.

We kissed again, like newlyweds, fucking like that for a few more erotic minutes. Then I was about to cum. She hugged me tight and she told me to shoot this inside. As I came, I thrust her deep, shooting it all inside. We then rested for a while, catching our breath and taking a hot shower together.

I was fingering her again and making her cum. After that, we dried up and fucked again in bed. We slept around at 4, nude cuddling in each other arms. What followed the next day was even more erotic. I woke up late. I had come out of the room.

Aparna had left for her interview. She left me a note to meet and pick her up by 3. I then got freshened up and dressed. I came out. There was no one there. I didn’t know where Rashmi went. She is usually here. I then went to the kitchen to make some tea.

I heard a strange noise coming off the storage room. I went near it. It was unlocked for some reason. I just opened the door and was shocked by what I saw.

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