Met And Mated With Aunt Preethi In America

When I got a chance to go to America, I was really excited. Now, after a very long time, I would get to hang out with my aunty Preethi. While the rest of my colleagues stayed at the company guest house, I was invited to stay at aunty’s place.

My aunty had a small home in New Jersey, where she lived with her husband and two baby boys – two and five years old.

Back in Kerala, I and aunty lived across the street to each other. She moved to America after her marriage with her husband, who was also a software engineer like me. Our relationship over the phone became the norm. But we were still close.

I reached their home on a Saturday. Preethi aunty was already waiting for me outside their home. She greeted me with a hug. I was surprised that she hugged me so tightly. I could feel her body against mine. She welcomed me in and helped me settle in.

I always had a thing for her. Back in Kerala, whenever she wore a saree, I used to sneak a peek at her. She was the hottest women in our neighborhood. But she was never slutty in her looks. She always dressed properly. She was a proper lady. But America had changed her a lot.

She dressed more modernly now. T-shirt and trousers were the norms. Her hair was dark and long. She had flawless skin and succulent curves in all the right places. I had never noticed her like this. My aunty was extraordinarily beautiful.

A month has gone by since I moved in. Her husband had gone for a business meeting outside the country for a few weeks. I felt like this was an opportunity I had to take advantage of.

One night, we were finished with our dinner. Her children were already asleep. As I passed by her open bedroom, aunty was making her bed. I could see a hint of my aunty’s cleavage. Hoping to see more, I went in and stood by the bed and started to chat with her. She seemed oblivious to my intentions.

She tucked her children under their blankets. The action was pushing out her cleavage even more. By now, I was starting to get hard. Fearing she might notice the erection, I wished her goodnight and left for my bedroom.

But I couldn’t sleep. I lay in my bed for a couple of hours pondering. I needed to do something. After debating with myself for another hour or so, I decided to try my luck. I got up from bed and silently moved to her bedroom, only to see the door shut. Slightly disappointed, but still optimistic, I wanted to see if it was locked. I was relieved to find out it wasn’t.

Opening the door as quietly as I can, I entered her bedroom. I could slightly make out the shape of my aunty’s body from the street light entering through the window. Her t-shirt and pyjama pants hugged her, revealing her curves. Her children were asleep on the far side of the bed.

I crawled onto her side and lay down beside her. She was on her side, her back facing me. I could almost feel the warmth of her body. I slowly placed my hand on her hips and waited for any reaction. She was still asleep.

By then, my urges had taken over and there was no stopping what was going to happen. I moved in even closer, spooning my aunty and gently pressing my erection on her. I moved my hands up her stomach and softly cupped her breast. I could feel her bra under her t-shirt.

Suddenly, I felt her moving!

She turned, pushing my hands off her, forcefully. Scared stiff, I lay there waiting for her move. I was sure she would start shouting. But she didn’t.

I quickly placed my hand on my aunty’s waist again and moved closer.

“Aunty, please. No one will know.” I moved in closer to her and kissed her. Although she resisted my actions, it felt half-hearted to me. I tightened my grip on her body. I kissed her lips, her cheeks, her forehead and her neck. She didn’t reciprocate with the same enthusiasm. But she didn’t resist too.

“Maybe she does want this. Maybe she’s just holding herself back.” I tried reasoning out and encouraging myself. I wanted to see her properly.

I moved to the bedside and turned on the night lamp. In the dim warmth light, I could see her, lying there. Her eyes fixed on mine. Fear clutching her heart. But I wasn’t going to stop. The decision has already been made.

I moved on top of her. I pressed against her body and kissed her cheeks. My hand caressed her hair, cheeks, neck and slowly moved down to her breasts.

As I firmly cupped my aunty’s right breast, her eyes slowly closed, making her gasp. Finally granted entrance, my tongue was driving into her mouth, tentatively exploring.

Pressing myself on her now, she could feel my erection grinding on her. Her fears were now losing the battle to lust. I couldn’t wait anymore. I took hold of the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, dropping them on the bed. Quickly, she covered her breasts with her hand, her eyes still closed.

I removed her hands from her chest. With some resistance, she obliged my actions. Her beige nursing bra, suddenly reminded me that she was still breastfeeding her two years old.

Aunty’s breasts were large. I opened one of the flaps of the bra, partly freeing her right breast. I closed my lips around her nipple and sucked hard, making her gasp again, but this time louder. Encouraged by her reaction, my lips tightened.

She started caressing my hair. Finally, there was some initiation from her. I could start to taste the sweet and creamy flavor of her milk in my mouth.

My hand moved to her other breast. Opening the flap, I started kneading the breast, and milk started dripping down my fingers. I shifted my lips to the newly freed nipples and sucked hard. She arched her spine, pushing her breast more into my mouth.

Soon, the flow of milk stopped. I could feel the pressure building inside me. Raising myself up, I hooked my fingers into her pyjama pants, pulling them off her hips, along with her panties.

I quickly removed my pyjamas and underwear and came on top of her. Putting my weight on aunty, I could feel her warm skin against mine. She pulled her knees up willingly, and I shifted onto my elbows, my weight holding her down.

I gripped my dick in one hand then positioned the tip. I thrust deep into aunty’s pussy. She let out a loud moan and I groaned as I bit down on her neck. I pulled out slowly and again thrust in, easing myself in and out of her.

Aunty got louder as I pounded on, picking up speed. Each hard thrust pushed her further into the mattress. I gazed into her face, her eyes still shut tight, face contorted, her moans echoing in the room.

I feel my aunty starting to stiffen around my dick as I fuck her again and again. Her body trembles, arching her spine. Loudly groaning, she comes, exploding around me as she climaxed under me. I groan breathlessly as I came, thrusting hard, then pausing as I come into her and collapse.

I laid there with my head nested in her neck. After several minutes locked together, I pulled out of her, making her gasp one last time. I lay back on the bed, covering my nakedness with a blanket.

Soon enough, I felt the bed move. Fishing out her panty and pyjama from under the mess, she slowly climbed off the bed. Covering her nakedness with the clothes in her hand, she moved to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

I came back to reality and was beginning to realize what had just occurred. Looking over to the other side of the bed, her children were still asleep, unaware of what just happened to their mother.

I got up and searched for my shorts and t-shirt. I found them on the floor, got dressed and went to my bedroom.

To be continued.

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