The Hot Brunette In My Neighborhood

Hello everyone out there! This is Aakash (name changed obviously) from Hyderabad and done with my intermediate. This is my first story on this website. I have been a reader for a while now, and had a thought why not attempt to write?

So here I am with a gripping and very intriguing story of my life. Before I get into the story, I need to tell you a few details about myself. I am a guy of 5’8 in height with a 5 inches cock. I never got the exact size of it cause I have never been so horny that my cock was tough and hard as a rock.

I have a very huge ass being a guy and they swing when I usually walk or run. My ass is really big and it feels like a teddy bear’s stomach when touched and pressed. I have heard girls from my college talking about it and admiring it. You would probably be awestruck to see it.

I live around the Uppal colonies. When I usually get time I come out and play cricket with my friends. This story is about the lady in my neighborhood. When we play and the ball falls into a house at the end of the colony. We get it back by asking the bachelors who stay on the first floor.

But one fine day when the ball fell into the same house again there was no one to give it back. So I opened the gate slowly and entered inside and was searching for the ball. Suddenly I see a lady (her name was Sakshi and age 36) with height 5’4 and with measurements 36-32-34.

Yeah she has huge boobs and equally huge ass and milky skin. She stood ahead of me and I told her I was searching for the ball. Later I got to know she was the owner of the property and she barely comes out. She yelled at us as we were a group and my colony friends have a wild attitude.

But when all of them were yelling, I came forward and talked in a sweet voice. I was explaining everything and apologizing in a very cute way. I guess she was flattered that day for sure. And I found some recognition. Another day, the same thing happened.

I thought of handling it in a solo way without anyone being yelled at. I entered and was searching for the ball. I found the windows of the house open and I was hearing some music. I peeped in. It was Sakshi aunty doing exercise watching some videos on YouTube playing on her smart TV.

Damn hell she was looking like an angel. She wore light blue track pants that were tight and were exposing her rigid ass. Her gym t-shirt was completely showing her cleavage and navel. She was sweating so hard as if she was banged by someone. I had so many weird ideas in my mind and didn’t know what to do.

After a few days, it was Ganesh Chaturthi and we usually set up a Ganesh idol for every colony. It was evening on the second day of the festival and the members of the colony were told to attend the ritual/pooja. My parents went to my grandparents’ place and my brother was out with his friends.

So I was alone attending the pooja. I never had any hope that I would see Sakshi aunty there. She usually never comes out. But that day she was fucking there! She was in a dark green traditional silk sari and she looked stunning! During the pooja time, we were standing close to each other.

It was making us touch our elbows and arm. Her body scent was so good, it could land you in the sexiest place on earth. Her hair’s smell was so tempting.  I was nearing towards her and I doubt if she noticed me. But I was sure that no one was noticing us as everyone was involved in the ritual.

Then suddenly someone asked to bring some material required for the pooja. Sakshi aunty claimed that she has so much in her house and they could borrow it. So she was heading towards her house and stopped abruptly.

She turned back and called me saying “Aakash, there are many things to be brought. Why don’t you just come with me? It would be helpful.” I was so excited and shocked. We barely talked to each other and now she is calling me in.

Then we reached the place and I was standing outside the main door. But Sakshi insisted me to come in. I was waiting in the hall and she brought some items from the kitchen. She told me to give it and come back. I asked her if she is coming back or not.

She said she doesn’t know anyone there so it is awkward for her. I said, “You know me right now, aunty.” She replied, “Yeah well I do, but not enough.” I said, “That’s right. So how can I help you with that?” She answered, “Maybe we could spend some time knowing each other.”

Those words slipped me into another reality fantasy zone. I exclaimed, “Oh that’s a sure thing! I would be fine knowing you. It could help me to get our balls back.” She was uncomfortable for a moment but she understood what I meant. (You see the humor there?)

She replied, “Okay so tomorrow you are exclusively invited for lunch here!” She used the word ‘exclusively’. Little did I know it had some dark meaning. So the next day I showed up at her place for lunch. I was dressed in a t-shirt and track pants for the occasion.

I rang the doorbell. The sex doll opened it and she was looking gorgeous and stunning. She was in her tight jeans and a very tight t-shirt written ‘Not your type’ on it. I never expected her to be dressed up in this way. I went in and the house had some sexually aroused feeling.

It made my ‘hunting hear’ strong in the pants. Later she showed me what she cooked and we had a nice chat. I got to know that she has no children and her husband is in the army. Then I realized this woman lacked sexual pleasures.

In between the lunch I complimented her by saying “Aunty, you look adorable.” She smiled and blushed. She wore a fat red lipstick maybe indicating me to scribble on it. We were sitting parallel on the dining table and I used my toes to touch her toes and she responded with hitting them back.

I thought maybe this is the indication I was waiting for. Once we were done with lunch, I said, “Thank you for such a delicious lunch, Aunty.” You would be shocked for her utterly unexpected reply by saying, “You had the delicious lunch, when will you plan to have the delicious me?”

My breathing started increasing heavily. Before I tried to reply with something, she went like, “I have noticed the little bulge down there while you stepped in. You also look attractive. Can we make out?” I was thunderstruck by her frankness and ran back to her.

I held her face, and started kissing her like a wild horse. Her lips were so goddamn soft and fluffy. Then she placed her hands on my ass and started pressing it harder. But I was so lost kissing her and we were smooching for the next 20 minutes.

Then she replied, “I know you want this curvy ass, motherfucker!” The next moment we were in the bedroom removing each others’ clothes. I was falling onto her. I pressed her boobs so hard that they had turned red. I had noticed her panty and bra to be of the same color.

Then we were naked. I don’t know how. Maybe by tearing each other apart? Never mind. I was exploring every detail which she possessed and was licking her inner thighs. They were so soft and milky white. Her pussy contained partial hair. The next thing I was doing was licking the pussy lips.

My mouth was on the pussy. My right hand was on her boobs and the left hand on that cake-ass. I was vigorous in shaking her parts off cause that’s the first time I have been with a woman. Then I sat and she was giving me a handjob with threw me on cloud 9.

Then after some time a blowjob (Once we were done with the sex, I had by hunting tool’s length calculated. it was around 6.5 inches). She was such a pro at giving a blowjob. Maybe it was the first one to me so I over assumed it.

Then she was on top of me in the cowgirl position. She had me and her swinging like heaven’s shit! It was so fulfilling. Then I started touching every atom of her assets and they were very tempting.

She was moaning, “Damn, that’s hard, you seem to be a stud, fuck me harder motherfucker! Drill your dick into my vagina, you bastard.” So I got to know she went crazy having me in her. She was a bit fat yet. I lifted her and took her to the wall. I started screwing her again.

Her vagina already had the pre-cum so did my dick. My fingers and palms went through everything where it needs to be. The only distance between us now was our skins. Then she had an orgasm which she was the best in the last 7 years!

Then that afternoon we moved into the shower. Under the water we had our other fun and fantasy sessions. Again that’s for another part. Please send your feedback and let me know how you liked the story on [email protected]

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