Sleepover Leads To Unexpected Sex With Neighbour’s Sister

Hey there! I am Vishal (name changed) from Bangalore. I am 21 years old. This happened 2 years ago when my neighbors and I decide to have a sleepover. So total there were 3 girls and a boy (all of them 2 years younger than me).

There was also Geetha (heroine of the story). She was 33 years old, 5’10 height, and with a good pair of boobs and ass. She used to visit her sister often (my neighbor). She was disappointed with her marriage life. Her husband always used to hit and shout at her. She was basically his slave but never expressed it.

Coming to the story, we planned to have a sleepover. I never had such intentions towards my neighbour’s sister till then. Apparently, everything changed that night.

I had my dinner and went to my neighbour’s house. We had a chat, played some games, and around 11 pm, we all went to the bedroom. Since the bed was huge, 3 of us planned to sleep on it – the girl in the middle, my neighbour’s sister Geetha and myself on the sides toward the wall, and remaining people on the floor.

We all were lying and talking till 12 am. After that, everyone slept. After some 15 minutes or so, my neighbour’s sister Geetha asked the girl if I was asleep. She checked and nodded. But I was awake and was acting like I had slept.

Then Geetha came in the middle. Exactly after 5 minutes, she turned toward me and her boobs were touching my elbows! I was aroused instantly! My heartbeats were rising and my cock was hard as a rock.

I acted like I was deep asleep. I slowly put my hand on her stomach and she shivered in response. She raised her stomach as if she had an orgasm. I was lying still and she turned towards me to check if I was really sleeping. Then, the very next minute, my neighbour’s horny sister just kissed me.

I dint open my eyes and was still lying. She did it again. I was not able to control and this time, I opened my eyes. Geetha blushed and whispered in Kannada.

Geetha: Neenu nanna muttadhaga electric current hoddange itthu. Nan ganda jothe yavaglu yavaglu jagla. Adhike illige bandhe. Neen yaarigu helalla ankothini (When you touched me, I felt an electric current passing through my body. My husband and I always fight including today. So I was sad. I hope you won’t tell anyone.)

Me: I won’t, aunty.

Then instantly she started kissing me. We kissed and kissed and kissed for some time until I felt difficulty in breathing. Then I slowly put my hand on my neighbour’s sister’s stomach and moved towards her boobs. She was controlling her moans and was raising her stomach up and down.

I realized how horny my neighbour’s married sister was and how desperately she wanted some action. I was searching for her top and she guided me toward it.

Since everyone was around us, I couldn’t open her top. I just put my hand from under and reached Geetha’s boobs. She started moaning slightly.

Geetha: Aaaaaaahhhhh ahhhhh..Squeeze more ahhhhhh yeaa even my nipples..Omggg again again..Aaaaaaaaaaa it paining aaaaaaaaaa..

I was out of control and squeezed harder.

Geetha: I am enjoying this, Vishal. Fuck, squeeze until my milk oozes out. Fuck yea mmmmmmmmm aaaaaa more Vishallll oohhhh yesssss..

I took the married aunty’s boobs outside and started licking them.

Geetha: Oh shit oh shit..Yeno istu maja kodthidhya..(Omg, you are giving me so much pleasure.)

I started to bite her nipples and played with her boobs. Meanwhile, she was pressing my dick.

Geetha: Come on.. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa pleaseeee promise me that you’ll make me cum today.

Me: Sure, let me go down now.

I got up and slept on the opposite side. I turned towards my neighbour’s sister. It was like a sideway 69 position. I opened her leggings and she opened my shorts. Since I couldn’t see, I just paced my mouth on her pussy and started sucking.

She was breathing heavily and didn’t give me a blowjob. I played and sucked her pussy for several minutes.

Geetha: Aaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shittttttttttt..Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..

She locked me inside her legs. She cummed all over my face. Then I went back to the previous position and started hugging and kissing her.

Geetha: I never had such oral sex in my life. You made me cum without inserting your dick.

Me: It is my first time and I enjoyed it too. Just wait a minute, I will pee and come. Let’s have another round.

Geetha: Yesss!

She followed me to the washroom. When I was about to close the door, my neighbour’s sister entered and told me to pee fast. I did and suddenly, she told me not to flush and wait for some time. She started sucking my cock. The best feeling ever! I never knew my first time would be like this.

My neighbour’s sister sucked my dick like a pro and I cummed after 10 minutes. She drank all of it.

Then I made her sit and started to suck her ass. She was shaking her booty and told me to suck her pussy too. She then told me that she wanted to go back to the bed and continue.

We silently went back, got into 69 position. We sucked each other till 430 am. My neighbour’s sister had an orgasm at the end and was exhausted. She thanked me next day and invited me to her home. She told me that she would be free during day time since her husband and son won’t be there from 8 am to 8 pm.

I never went but had another session during her son’s exam which I will tell you in the next part of the story where her tutor will be involved (but not threesome).

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