Hot Freelance Designer Girl Liked My Lancing Her Pussy

Hi, my name is Vijay (name changed), 28 years old. I am 6’2 tall, athletic, and an enterprising guy. I am born and raised in Bangalore. This is the first time I am writing about my experiences. I am not revealing our real names as the goddess of the story didn’t want to, although writing this was her idea.

So, let’s get into it directly, and please bear with the initial part which is an introduction, as it’s crucial to the incident. This incident happened about a week ago.

To start with, I am an architect from Bangalore who does custom-made or tailored high-end projects all around India. Due to this reason, I do not have time to do the technical and design part of the projects.

As I have to manage all the projects, I have designers working for my company. Due to the present pandemic, all my projects had been delayed.

After lockdown, a lot of projects piled up along with the new projects. So, all my designers were occupied to the brim, but I had promised a client that I would get his work done. I don’t like going back on my word, so I thought the best solution is to hire a freelance designer for this project.

I informed my friends and posted on social media handles about the requirement. After a couple of days, I finally found a candidate who was following me on Instagram. Truth be told, I had met the heroine of this story Aashi (name changed).

About a year ago, I had met Aashi at a design convention and she was very impressed with my work and the way I carried myself. She had also stated that she was attracted to how gentlemanly I was.

After she had messaged me that she was interested in taking up the work, I told her that I would like to have a look at her work to see if I could give her the work. Honestly speaking, I had no other intentions other than work.

She asked when it would be possible to meet and where can she meet me. I told her that presently as some renovations were happening at my place in was staying at Leela palace, and we can meet there at around 7:30 – 8:00 as she gets done with work only by 6:30.

Fast forward to around 7 pm, she messaged me saying that she was leaving her place and I informed her that I will be waiting for her at the restaurant at Leela. She gave me a few minutes and then replied back saying that she was a little uncomfortable meeting at a restaurant due to the present pandemic situation.

I told her not to worry as I was staying in the suite, and there was plenty of space there to discuss matters. She was happy about that and informed me that she would reach in about an hour’s time.

After she reached, the Leela front desk informed me that a guest had arrived. I asked them to guide her to my room. When the doorbell rang, I opened the door and at that moment I was just stunned! Believe me guys, I was stunned looking at this beauty called Aashi.

She was 5’4″, fair, and she was wearing a low V-neck black dress, which reached till just above her knees. Her stats were 36-28-34 (which I confirmed later). I was in a trance looking at her, for a good 30 seconds, and then got out of it only because the hotel guide asked if there was anything else.

I let her in and as she walked past me, her fragrance added to the beauty and gave me an instant hard-on. I composed myself and closed the door. I then walked past her and told her to have a seat. This is the conversation between us.

Vijay – Have a seat, Aashi.

She smiled as an acceptance. Her smile also was just so amazing. I haven’t got out of the trance this goddess has put me in. I finally composed myself.

Vijay – Would you like some water?

Aashi – Sure, sir.

As she was drinking, I was ogling at her, and I guess she noticed it!

Vijay – So, how was your day?

Aashi – Tiring, a lot of work at the office.

Vijay – Well, I guess that’s how life has become.

Aashi – Yes, true sir.

Vijay – It’s okay Aashi, you don’t have to call me sir. You can just call me by name. Okay, so how long you been in Bangalore?

Aashi- About a year now.

Vijay – Okay, so how do you like it?

Aashi – It’s nice, but due to the lockdown, I haven’t met new people or made friends go around the city.

Vijay – Don’t worry if the meeting goes well, we’ll be chilling a lot.

Aashi (she laughs)- I hope so.

Vijay – So, let’s get down to business.

Aashi- Yes, sir.

As she bent down to remove her laptop, I could see that deep cleavage of those amazing pair of breasts she had. At that moment, I told myself let me try my luck and it would be something I will regret if I don’t.

Then she opened her laptop which had a picture of hers in a saree as the desktop wallpaper. I compliment her saying she looked really beautiful in a saree.

She said, “Thank you,” and for the next 30 minutes, she was explaining about her previous work, etc. but I didn’t care. I was just enjoying the company with this beauty.

My hard-on hadn’t subsided in like 30 minutes, so I was getting uncomfortable as well. I excused myself to go to the loo, to at least compose myself, and think what to do. I thought I will wing it from there.

Vijay – So, Aashi did you have dinner?

Aashi- No sir, I’ll go home and have it.

Vijay – I told you, you don’t have to call me ‘sir’. Just call me by my name and as a punishment, you’ll have dinner with me (I said in a jovial way.)

Aashi smiled and after a few seconds, she accepted.

Vijay – I know this Punjabi place, where the food is just amazing. I’ll order from there.

Aashi – Sure, Vijay. (And she continued to explain her work.)

Vijay (tapping on her hand very gently once, to get her attention) – I like your work and you even more. So, yes, the project is yours!

Aashi (had a massive smile and thanked me) – I wanted this very badly as I felt my job was not making me move forward.

Vijay – Don’t worry, if you impress me which you already have, I’ll definitely give you more.

I was flirting with her little by little.

Aashi – Definitely, I won’t let you down.

Vijay – Would you prefer vegetarian or non-veg?

Aashi – I am a vegetarian.

Vijay – Okay, vegetarian it is. (I order the food) What’s your choice of poison?

Aashi – No, I am not drinking. I have to go home and work.

Vijay – Come on. (I went and sat next to her on the sofa) It’s Friday, you can relax a bit.

Aashi (smiled) – I’ll have wine.

Vijay – I actually have only whiskey and beer. But, okay, I’ll order wine for you.

Aashi – No, it’s fine, I’ll have whiskey then.

I poured 2 large pegs and gave them to her on the Rock.

Aashi – I don’t have it neat. I get high quickly.

Vijay – Well, that’s good. I don’t get hit before 3 or 4 large pegs and also this is very good whiskey. Don’t spoil it by diluting it.

Aashi – Okay, sure I’ll have it. Just because you are so sweet.

Then she and I both relaxed and spoke about normal things of life, likes, dislikes, school, etc. Then she said something that was unexpected.

Aashi – I’ll tell you a secret, but don’t laugh.

Vijay – Yeah of course, why would I?

Aashi – I have a small crush on you the first time we met the way you presented yourself.

Vijay – Really? I had no idea. Well, that’s great. Now you get to work with your crush. (I winked and both of us laughed.)

By then the food had arrived and it was delivered to my room. I asked her to wash her hands and by then I’ll set things on the table.

She said, “Okay,” and went and that was when God intervened. As she washed her hands and was coming out of the room, I was setting things.

I had the jal jeera in my hand. I turned suddenly and we crashed unexpectedly into each other, and the drink spilled on both of us. Her dress was completely drenched, and she was saying sorry multiple times.

I assured her saying, “Don’t worry, it was both our fault,” and asked her to clean herself. She cleaned in the washroom and came out. I went, cleaned myself, changed, and came out.

She was sitting on the chair feeling uncomfortable in the AC as her dress is wet. I looked at her and told her,

Vijay – Ohh man, you are gonna catch a cold sitting in the AC with wet clothes. I’ll give you something to cover up. Wait.

Aashi – No, it’s fine. No problem.

I just didn’t listen to her, went in, got the shorts and a t-shirt.

After a couple of minutes, she spoke from inside the toilet saying, “These are very loose for me. Do you have anything smaller?”

Vijay – Wait, I have an idea. I remember what my classmates used to do when we went on trips and handed her, a really big jumper/sweater to wear.

Aashi – I can’t wear this, it’s going to be so odd.

Vijay – What do you mean? It’s just like the dress you are wearing, just wear it, it’s fine, no one is going to come here.

Then a couple of minutes later, she came out and oh man, I was awestruck looking at her! I jokingly said,

Vijay – I would have eaten you if we didn’t order dinner.

She laughed and gave me a smack on my shoulder laughing.

Vijay – I think you look very sexy in this.

Aashi – Don’t lie.

Vijay – Really. Give me your phone, I’ll take a pic and show you.

Aashi– No, I know that loose dresses don’t suit me. Don’t flatter me.

Vijay – Really, give me your phone.

I took her phone, told her to unlock it, and took a pic. I showed it to her, and she was like yeah not bad.

Vijay – Actually, wait. I know how to make you look sexier.

Aashi – How is that?

Vijay – The pic shows your lingerie strap. Hide it, you will look like a bomb.

I moved the strap under the sleeve without saying anything, and moved a step back, and took a pic of hers. I was also surprised she didn’t say anything.

Aashi – Yeah your right.

Then we sat to eat, and I poured another glass of whiskey for both of us. I handed it to her she also took it and as we were having dinner I couldn’t take my eyes of her. She noticed it a couple of times and then said,

Aashi – Concentrate on the food, it’s so tasty.

Vijay – Are you mad? I’m looking at the food.

Aashi – Don’t lie. I saw you.

Vijay – Doing what?

Aashi – Looking at me.

Vijay – Yeah as you said, I’m concentrating on the food.

Aashi – Hahaha..that was smooth.

Then I got up slowly, looking into her eyes, went near her, and slowly bent and started kissing her on her lips, and she also was responding. I just held her by the neck very softly massaging it and kissing her. She was high on the sensation and just kept running her hands on my head.

I then took my right hand, lifted her from the chair in one swoop and went to the sofa. I sat down with her sitting on my lap sideways, all this while we didn’t stop kissing. She then moved by herself without stopping to kiss and sat on my lap spreading her legs.

I started moving my hands over her boobs, back, and spongy ass. Without saying anything, Aashi removed the jumper and continued kissing.

Aashi was wearing red lingerie, which made her look even more a goddess than before. She removed my t-shirt. All this while, I was just enjoying kissing her, and running my hand on her. Then I started kissing her on her neck and ears. I was sucking them, and she started to moan out of pleasure, and saying my name, saying, “Ohh god, Vijay.”

I finally reached her cleavage and then my hands instinctively went behind. I wanted to open her bra, but in the heat, I wasn’t able to so. I just pulled it apart and she didn’t realize it at all. Finally, her boobs were set free.

The sight of those amazing pair of boobs made me go mad. I just started eating it, first the right then the left. While eating one, my one hand was playing with the other boob, and my other hand was massaging her ass.

Aashi also was kind of slowly moving her hips, front and back over my shorts. I then went to her nipple and rolled my tongue over it pressing it with my tongue. I was swirling with my tongue and by now she had gone mad.

She was pushing my head deeper into her boobs, and I then used my teeth and bit it slightly. Aashi moaned and said, “Don’t bite.” I just looked into her eyes when she said that, and stopped and moved back, and leaned on the sofa.

As I moved back, she involuntarily moved forward, and then all the while I was looking at her. She said in a slow voice, “I’m sorry, do what you want. Just don’t stop.”

Aashi moved forwards and put her nipple at the entrance of my mouth. I then just started eating her boobs and nipples. She was moving front and back over my dick over the shorts.

Aashi then got up a bit but made sure that her boobs don’t move from my mouth, unbuttoned my jeans, and unzipped them. I stopped sucking and took my hand to lift myself so that it would be easier for her to remove my tool out. But, suddenly she said the most unexpected thing in a slightly irritated voice.

She was like, “Why did you stop? You don’t think about anything, but enjoying your food, I’ll do all the work.” I just listened to the goddess and held her face. I was kissing her lips, sucking her tongue, and all the while she was bending and removing my shorts and underwear but never stopped kissing.

Finally, after removing both of them, she removed her panties and just threw them and sat back on my lap and is rubbing her pussy over my dick. But I wanted to enjoy this to the full, so I got uplifting her and turned around and made her sit on the sofa. I spread her legs and went near her pussy. It was so wet that it looked like she already had an orgasm.

I just went near the love-hole and blew on it softly and she arched her back. Aashi held my head, just pushed it on her pussy. She just couldn’t take a small amount of stoppage for a tease also. For the next 2-3 minutes, I was eating her love hole like I have not had food in years!

I rolled my tongue, and sucked on it, and pushed close to her G-spot with my tongue. By then, she was arching her back, and let go of my head. She held onto the sofa handles and had an intense orgasm. I drank it all up. She squirted so much that I guess all the liquid in her body came out in one orgasm.

She was out of breath, breathing so heavily, “Ha..Ha..ha.. ha.”

Then I got up and started to kiss her. She just took my tool in hand and was rubbing it too and fro. I lifted her, all the while kissing her. I lay on the bigger sofa and she was playing with my dick.

Aashi on her own stopped kissing and started moving down looking at me with a sexy smile on her face. In one swoop, she put my whole dick in her mouth and started sucking me. (Honestly I am telling you guys, I don’t remember the next 5 minutes, as I was on cloud nine!)

I was in a trance with the blowjob she was giving me. Suddenly, my body stiffened and shot the biggest amount of cum I have ever shot in my life, into her mouth. It was then that I realized that I had cummed in her mouth and looked at her. She swallowed every drop of it and was still sucking it like a baby.

I didn’t want to remove her mouth from my dick. I held under her shoulders and lifted her. Aashi came right up and started kissing me. After about 2 minutes of kissing, she just lay on me. I hugged her naked body tightly with her boobs crushing my chest, and Aashi like a doll was motionless just lying on me.

Although the AC was at 21 degrees, we had sweat so much that it had drenched the couch. After about 10 minutes, I told her, “Let’s take a shower and freshen up.” She just looked at me and blinked with a calm smiling face as a sign of approval.

I got up making sure she almost doesn’t move at all. I was walking into the room and for some reason, I turned around to look at her, and she was lying on the sofa with her eyes closed on her stomach, naked. That sight was so beautiful, that my dick started to grow. And by the time I went to the tub to fill it with water, I was up and hard.

I didn’t mind it, as from the time I have seen her a couple of hours ago, I had been hard.

After filling the bathtub with warm water, I went to the hall to call her. But looking at her in that position was so beautiful that I didn’t want her to move a muscle. So, I went near her, turned her a bit, lifted her to a sitting position and scooped her up. Aashi didn’t move a muscle. Like a sleeping baby, she wrapped her legs around my waist.

Aashi then placed her head on my shoulders. She was hugging me, and my rock-hard dick between her ass. It was like she had completely accepted whatever I did to her, she would blindly accept it.

I gingerly carried her to the bathtub and stepped inside. As I sat down, my dick went between her legs, due to the sitting position. I thought it would be uncomfortable for her. So I just started to lift her. But he hugged me tighter and in a low voice said, “Let it stay there. It feels nice.”

I was more than happy to oblige as it was an amazing feeling. We just sat in the warm water for about 10 minutes. She was hugging me and we were enjoying each other’s breathing.

Aashi then slowly removed her hand from my back and sat straight and just looked at me. All the while I’m staring at her lips.

She then came forward and started kissing me. We kissed for about 10 minutes and my hands were slowly just massaging her ass the entire time.

Then she broke the kiss and lifted herself a bit so that my dick would get free and be between us. She continued to kiss and moved her pussy over my dick slowly.

It was so amazing that I just closed my eyes at the sensation. She then stopped kissing, came near my ears, and said, “I’m so glad I met you,” and held my dick at the entrance of her pussy.

She tried to sit on it, but it was so tight. I asked her, “Babe, are you a virgin?” And she was like, “I have had sex only once, and that also because I was forced to.”

“I have been scared ever since, so I never experienced the pleasure of it, but I’m so glad now that I waited so long. It was worth the wait.”

As she said that, I held her waist and pushed her down a bit, and my dick went in a bit. She let a loud moan, “Aahhhhh,” but it seemed like she was in pain, so I didn’t do anything.

Aashi then held my hand tight and pushed on it like a sign for me to push her down, and a couple of pushes later my dick was in her pussy, but not completely. She then started the to and fro motion, so that my dick goes in and out of her pussy.

Then, without saying anything, as she was in motion, I pushed her using her waist completely on my dick. She moaned, “Aaaaaaaaaa,” and clawed her nails on my right hand and left shoulder. I let her rest in that position for a minute so that she gets used to it.

Aashi then by herself, started riding my dick slowly, and I was supporting her waist with my arms. Within a couple of minutes, she arched her back, pulled her stomach in so much, that she looked like there was mal-nutrition. She had another orgasm and fell on me with my rock-hard dick still in her.

I just held her, lifted her to the bedroom, and placed her on the bed. All the while my dick still in her.

Now we were in the missionary position. I started to pump her first slowly as she was twisting her ears left and right. She held the sheet, moaning, “Aahhhh ahhh ahhh,” every time. I jumped on her, then I increased my speed, and she started to moan loudly, “Aahhh..Ahhh..ahhh.Ahh. Don’t stop please.”

I realized I was going to come soon. I told her that I was going to cum. She just didn’t respond but locked her legs around my waist.

I kept humping her for a minute or so, and she started to arch again. I told her to wait for me, and within a couple of strokes I cummed along with her and just fell on her.

I was also tired of the intense pleasure and just closed my eyes. She also was tired after so many orgasms and just slept. I didn’t realize that while we were asleep, we had changed our positions.

Now, she was sleeping on top of me, and my dick was between her thighs. Due to the friction, it had become hard again. I woke up to see the beauty sleeping on me.

Although I wanted to pee, I didn’t want her to get disturbed, so I just stayed in the same position. It was morning when I got a call from the reception, asking what breakfast I would like to have?

I gave the order and moved her slowly so that she would not get disturbed and went to the loo to pee. After that, I went to the couch next to the sofa and sat there.

I was contemplating what had happened last night and still couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure we had last night. So that was the experience I had with a beautiful girl who came for work. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

If any ladies are interested in having discreet sex, do message me at [email protected] and if both of us are comfortable with each other we can plan things out. Full discretion should be maintained from both sides.

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