Lockdown Sex With Married Neighbour Aunty

Hi, this is Dinesh. I am from Hyderabad. About me, I am an average guy who’s busy settling in life. I’m from a middle-class family. This incident happened during the lockdown, I was lucky enough to get stuck in Bangalore.

I moved to Bangalore in December 2019, found a 1 BHK and shifted. In the initial days, I was struggling to get settled. By the time all were set, the breaking news came and I was stuck in Bangalore with no option to go home. I started to talk to people in the apartment as we all were at home.

That was when I met Usha aunty. She lived next door along with her 19-year-old daughter. My neighbour aunty was very fair and sexy. 😘 I knew that the uncles in the apartments were having an eye on her as her husband was not around. She also maintained her body very well and always wore dresses that have deep V-necks and transparent dresses. You can easily see her waist skin from her dress.

Within a few days, I had a problem with my fridge and started getting the cold water bottles from Usha aunty’s house. She was a very jovial and open-minded kind of person. During this period, we eventually became close and started to have lunch and dinner together.

As the lockdown was getting extended, there was an incident where we had a short circuit in our building and most of the power had gone. The rest had to be repaired which would take 2 days as per the electrical department. Luckily my neighbour aunty’s house had backup power, so she insisted on me staying there as the climate was too hot.

I agreed and all 3 of us – me, Usha aunty and her daughter slept in the same room and on the same bed (in the same order). I was very nervous and couldn’t fall asleep when I saw both of them very deeply asleep.

Then I observed that Usha aunty’s nighty came up till her thighs. Seeing such fair legs, I couldn’t control and thought to taking a pic. So I got down from the bed and slowly went down. I turned on the night mode in the camera and clicked a pic. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing a panty and I got a clear shot.

I immediately went into the other room and looked at the picture and started to masturbate. It was pitch dark and the only light was emitting from my mobile screen. While I was busy in my own world, I felt a lip touching my dick! I quickly turned the phone for light and saw my married neighbour aunty sucking my semi-erect dick.

I was shocked to see her like that and tried to move her. She slapped me saying, “You think I didn’t see you taking a picture of me? Asshole.” I was very silent. I didn’t dare to speak a word. Trust me guys, she was such a good cock-sucker I was totally enjoying it.

Soon, I released a load into her mouth and she drank it all. She licked each and every drop of my sperm.

My neighbour aunty got up and sat on me while rubbing her pussy on my dick. We kissed like there was no tomorrow. My one hand was holding her waist while the other was creasing her hair back and slowly moving to her boobs. (Sorry, I forgot to tell you. Usha aunty’s stats are 34D-30-32.)

We broke the kiss and I immediately started kissing and sucking my married neighbour’s boobs. She threw her head backward and was involved in the mood. I drank all the possible milk I could get from her boobs.

She got up and said, “Now, it’s your turn to return my favor,” and I happily accepted and bent down to lock her purse and satisfy her. She sat on the sofa, spreading her legs and opening the gate to the glory hole. She had a little bit of hair here and there but the smell attracted me.

I started with my tongue, circling it around my married neighbour aunty’s pussy lips and sucking them.

After a few minutes, I inserted my fingers. Increasing the number of fingers, I finally ended up with 4 fingers inside her pussy and also increased the pace. It was all happening simultaneously.

After the rigorous sucking and fingering, my neighbour aunty left a huge load of cum on my face and hand. I licked all the cum and she fell tired. She didn’t move for a few minutes.

I got up and sat beside her and we rested for some time. I was excited to get my dick inside the sexy milf aunty. Immediately, I got up and placed my dick at the entrance and slowly pushed it inside. Damn it, it went inside very smoothly without any trouble.

At that time, I didn’t think of anything else and started the movement in and out. Usha aunty was moaning, “Aaaaahhhh..Mmmmm..”

It made me even harder and I increased my pace to the maximum. She was moving her hips accordingly. After some time, my neighbour aunty stopped me and changed her position into doggy style.

I continued my action in her pussy and she was moaning loud and louder with every stroke I gave her. Within 5-10 minutes, I said that I was about to cum. She said, “Don’t worry, cum inside.”

After hearing that, I increased the pace and released all the cum inside my neighbour aunty’s pussy. She slowly turned towards me. I didn’t remove my dick from her pussy yet. We kissed each other passionately for a few minutes while my dick was still inside hers.

We were so tired that we fell asleep over there on the sofa, naked. I was hugging her tightly and was sucking her boob. We didn’t wake up until the milkman came in the morning. Usha aunty woke up and was nervous. She got dressed and woke me up. I also got dressed and went inside. She went out to collect milk from the milkman.

From that day onward, I used to sleep regularly in their house and when her daughter sleeps, we both used to have wonderful sex sessions every now and then.

That is how I started enjoying my lockdown in Bangalore. There is still much more information to come up but I think this is enough for the day. I will be back soon to complete the rest of what happened during the lockdown. I really thank everyone for the previous feedback.

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