An Indian Housewife – Part 2

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Hello guys, I’m back with the second part of my story. Please read the first part of my story so you can connect the dots. Without further ado, let us start the story.

After her first stepped into the exhibitionist world, the faithful wife of 40 years old felt an enjoyment she had never felt before. But her mind was conflicted with the guilt of what she did.

It was very indecent for an ordinary and respectful housewife like herself. However, she got pleasure out of that guilty feeling. She giggled herself with a mixed feeling of embarrassment and enjoyment. She waited happily for her kids and husband to return.

The next day, just as other days, she had finished her morning chores and waved goodbye to her family. Sanjeev returned the same gesture as well as the kids. She watched them going away with a loving smile. She was proud of herself for having such a loving family. She walked back to her house.

But when she just stepped inside the door, many thoughts had started rushing into her mind: a thought she had just started yesterday. She tried to calm the raging thought of herself.

But when you poked the beehive, the bee would come out and chase you until it got you. She already poked her beehive. She had no choice except to accept what she had become. She finally gave in and started plotting ideas.

She even canceled her neighbor’s invitation to meet up on the excuse of feeling unwell. She planned to get outside the house, not far but just to the gate. She picked up a red chiffon saree her husband bought to wear at their anniversary.

She changed quickly and stood wearing the saree only – which meant no blouse, no bra, no panty, or no inner either. She was tranquilized at the thought of walking barely naked in broad daylight.

Before stepping out of the house, she checked the runaway to ensure no one else was there. She couldn’t lose her modesty either. No one seemed around the vicinity. So, she cautiously stepped out of the house, looking sideways to make sure, in case.

She walked towards the gate. Her body was shivering with excitement and fear of being caught. Her heart’s rhythm increased too with each step.

She reached the gate, exposing her 5’6″ body and 35 stats boobs in all her glory through the thin dress. Her butt crack could be seen if you gave a little focus. Her stats cladding in the thin fabric would make any man’s jaw drop. Her dark and butt-long hair was freely flung with the sweep of air. She looked like a goddess.

She saw no one walking around the street, too, except a Gulmohar tree 200m away on her left. This gave her an idea to walk a little further towards the tree. But she wouldn’t have anything to cover her semi-naked state if someone came.

She would be exposed completely. It frightened and excited her. She was doubted for a moment. Eventually, she decided to give it a try. If someone showed up, she would run towards her house – she thought.

She started walking in the Gulmohar direction. Her heart was pounded as it was about to come out of her body. Her wetness was also increasing and began dripping down her thigh.

When she reached the tree, she saw a figure coming in her direction from the corner of a building. It was a beggar she used to give alms before. But he was not looking directly in her direction and couldn’t see her.

She immediately hid behind the tree. She was so shocked and frightened that she forgot to run and stand still there. The beggar, now, reached the tree, but he was on the other side. He didn’t notice her.

She bent a bit and peeked at the side to check where he was. She saw that he was wearing dirty torn pants and a shirt and stood leaning against the tree. To add fuel to the fire, the sky had become gloomy. Thundering and lightning covered it and followed by a heavy downpour.

She cursed herself for why she did that. She started crying and thinking of her husband and kids. Her dress got wet and became so transparent that she looked almost naked. The cold air blown made her nipple hardened.

She couldn’t stay like that any minute longer. She decided to run back to her house. So she checked again if the beggar was there. But what she saw next made her eye-popping out and gasp.

The beggar was standing completely naked and bathing, taking the chance of raining. His 9 inch long and 6-inch girth cock was freely swaying as he was enjoying the rain. But he didn’t see her as he was looking on the other side.

She stood there like a statue staring at the dick. She had never seen a fine specimen like that before. Her husband was only half of what she had seen. With the sound of a loud thundering, she gave a small frightening sound.

And before she came back to her sense, the beggar was alerted and turned his head quickly. He caught her staring. She got frightened more and turned away immediately. She said ‘sorry’ to the beggar and ran away to her house.

It was the beggar’s turn to mouth gasp. His eyes popped out because he couldn’t believe the same madam that used to give him alms was running almost naked, swaying her big butt. Her back was fully exposed.

His dick rose quickly to its full glory of 12 inches long. He held his dick and masturbated vigorously, keeping his eye on the running madam. He cum like never before.

She finally reached her home and dashed to the bathroom. She sat there crying, feeling full of guilt and embarrassment. She lost her modesty to a beggar. After a moment of lamenting, she made herself up, changed into her normal household attire. She waited for her husband and kids to return.

When they returned, she ran towards them and hugged them. She cried and expressed how much she loved them. Her husband wondered what had happened to her. But he never minded as long as he had a loving and caring wife.

Later that day, Sujata and her husband Sanjeev went to the mall. She saw the beggar sitting at the foot of the tree and staring at her. He smiled at her, showing his dirty and protruding teeth.

She felt repulsive at first, but to her surprise, despite all the guilt she felt before, she smirked back to him, unbeknownst to her husband. It was like an involuntary action – out of her control.

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