Adventures Of Kara – Part 2

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The unwanted dispute with the king’s right-hand man, Hedrick, has sent my behavior into consideration.

Forgetting what I did, I headed back to the house after lunch with the town heads and known wealthy people. The path which led straight to my house didn’t seem that easy to walk on.

The way was covered with rocks and mud. It had me jumping, ducking from the long branches in a way to tire my body. But good for Anzu. All it had to do was to fly above me, making me jealous of not having wings.

A firm hand fell on my right shoulder when I was halfway there. It startled every inch of my body. I stood straight. I looked back to find a man. Probably in his thirties, by looking at his skin on his hands. Tall and completely covered, except his clear and liquid eyes, which pleaded for help, pierced me.

“Sorry, miss! I… I’m a traveler, and I’m sure I…,” he panted.

“You’re lost,” I finished his sentence, lending him a hand for balance.

He breathed heavily, probably from the run he made after seeing me in a place where there are more animals than any humans.

“How can I help you?”

“First, where am I?”

“You’re in Vreca, one of the five kingdoms in the Ravaria empire? You should know that”

He quickly let out a relaxing breath after hearing me and whispered something to himself.

“One is Vreca. What are the other 4?” he asked without a flinch.

“I think if we keep walking, I’ll waste no time,” I openly said. He nodded in approval, and we started walking in a rhythm.

“So this is Vreca, the border most kingdom, and the other 4 are Azov, Koda, Narva, and Rusa.”

“Well, that’s hard to keep track with,” he said.

“Explore each one. You’ll be remembering the ancestor names, too,” I answered. He let out a chuckle.

“Which is the strongest, I mean in army, power, and wealth?” he questioned in intrigue.

“Though born in Vreca, I can’t say it is the one. It’s Narva, then Koda, Azoz, Vreca, and then Rusa.”

He looked confused. “Just know Narva and Koda are the most powerful and dangerous.”

He nodded and paused, and I realized we were a few meters away from my home.

“Where does your Emporer Charles stay?” he asked, with his clear eyes turning very serious.

My heart skipped a bit, wondering if he was an assassin. He could swing his sword in a second and cut my arms, allowing me not to do any magic. I stood bravely.

“Why?” I asked.

He took out a fruit basket and a few wrapped gifts. ‘Dumb Kara, don’t be so judgmental,’ said my mind.

“Oh!” I laughed at my mistake, “A region between Narva and Koda,” I answered.

“I better get these gifts to him quick and ask a favor,” he said. I wondered if a fruit basket and small wrapped gifts, which I did not know of, would get a favor from the emperor. I’m sure they wouldn’t even give him a meeting with Vreca King or even that bastard Hedrick.

As I went on thinking, he asked my name. “Kara,” I answered. Before asking him anything, he made his walk towards the mountains. It confused me, but my body was exhausted. I felt a good sleep would be a better option now than another conversation with that unknown man.

I reached home, and it was already night. I could predict we were one or two hours away by midnight. Midnights in Vreca are dangerous. Monsters of different sizes and names walk or wander near the border. This sends chills to even the bravest human alive, and who would wish to die in a rip.

When I came in, the house was just the same. Before entering, I cast a safety spell around the fences, securing myself, Anzu, and my gardens. Staying close to the border has its negatives.

Anzu quickly searched the house, flying through the ground floor and flying up to the only top floor. I grow the most dangerous yet calm plants near the windows there.

Anzu slowly landed on my right shoulder. It brushed its feathers against my cheek and raised its head with pride as if it was the bravest thing it ever did. I pressed my cheeks against its furry feathers and let out a sigh.

I went up to the bedroom and got naked. I dropped myself on the bed cause those hours of walking on those uneven roads did no good for my legs. Felt like a calming everyday night until I heard a few noises coming from the fences.

Still tired from the journey, I kept drooling on the soft, comforting bed. My senses suddenly kicked in. The thought of Anzu not making any rush or noises came to me when it had better sensing ability than me.

Exhaustingly I woke up, put on my robe. I lit the entire floor with a brief spell, enough to find the steps to the ground floor.  It was dark. But I could see the big table with cupboards filled with books, lotions, and potions on the left. On the right, I could see the open space.

I rubbed my eyes because of a sudden break from my sleep. A big shadow of a creature slowly formed in front of me. But when I was about to turn, a hard hit on the back of my head sent me collapsing onto the wooden floor.

An hour later, I woke up, rubbing my eyes. I realized they tied me to a chair, my hands to its back, and my legs to its legs. My hair was everywhere on my face. Part of my robe left my right thigh completely naked. I moved, tried to break free, but all resulted in a loss of energy and exhausting grunts.

I could see no one around.

“Unfree me, you cowards!” I yelled.

Somebody walked in, an orc, a creature said to be 10 times stronger than our army men. It has a big posture, around 7 feet in height. Its big green muscles sent my heart into terror.

The orc’s astonished eyes searched me up and down, a bit more on the naked thigh. He quickly jumped out and whispered to the other 3 orcs.

One of them lit the lamps placed on the walls at each edge of the room. Leaving his footprints strongly on the floor, the way he moved made me feel sorry for the wooden floor.

“What do you creatures want?” I asked with a firm voice.

The 4 looked at each other. One of them came forward. His gigantic frame, green muscles, and blue veins grabbed my sight. ‘Imagine touching that frame,’ my senses felt.

“I’m Zagu, and we have a problem, miss,” he said. Orcs have a deep voice. This single line by Zagu tested my fear levels.

“Cut the shit, if you are here to fuck me, do it already,” I said and turned my head to the potion cases on the left (still shitting my robe), “There’s a… little lube. There you can….”

“No, no, miss, we are here for your help. Our home faced an attack a few hours ago, and my fellow orcs are dying,” he said, cutting my sentence midway, giving a sweet-bitter feeling.

“They are dying, and we were told you are a witch. Can you please save them?” he pleaded.

I started thinking. If this is true, the old battles for owning different forest parts came into my mind, giving a partial confirmation that Zagu is speaking the truth.

“Hey miss, if you want to try an orc cock, try me,” a voice came from behind Zagu. He came forward, showing his complete frame. The lighting around, his huge cock covered under a cloth, flashed me. I hesitated to speak, and his evil, wicked eyes wanted an answer.

After a few secs of hesitation and constant looking at the sheath, I looked away, and Zagu caught his neck, “Get out! Or I’ll slit you in half, Cagan,” he shouted and threw him out.

A sudden thought kicked in, “Why would you put me unconscious and tie me up this way?” I asked, shaking and withering in the chair to show how uncomfortable it is.

“You’re a witch, and sight of creatures like us would send you cautious. We are our home’s only hope right now. I didn’t want to take any chance,” he answered and came forward and quickly untied me.

With the bright clear light, my eyes shifted towards his sheath of cloth. The way his cock moved under that cloth made me bite my lips. When I turned back to the other orcs at the door, they all were looking at me.

Cagan, outside the door, was rubbing his cock. He let out little moans, which I could sense from his facial expressions.

“Wait outside, I’ll pack things, and we’ll start.”

I went over to the desk and cupboards. I picked all the required potions and extra ingredients to make more of them if I was empty. I packed them, met the orcs outside. Before leaving, cast a spell, just for everyone’s safety, if they want to enter.

“So, who attacked your region?” I asked.

“The army from the west. They never let us live in peace,” sighed Zagu.

I patted his bicep. That’s how high I could reach him, and I continued to walk towards the border. In half an hour, we crossed the border and were deep in the forest, an area no human would ever wander. The ground was rough. The trees were thin and tall and planted in systematic rows, and the weather was chilly.

“So, Cagan, you seem unworried about this chaos?” I asked, making some small talk.

“You see, witch, I don’t belong to their tribe. But still, as the same species, I started living with them. If more die, I’ll get more space, win-win,” he answered, winking and leaning back to show the length of his cock. All the orcs turned their focus onto him.

I felt guilty for asking such a dumb question. We walked for another hour until I heard female voices crying. Zagu hovered his hand towards them. I quickly made a strive forward.

The region was small and had huts and tents and fire camps here and there, and the ground had tens of orcs lying still, not moving or groaning, and their women crying over them. I panicked when I saw another group of orcs lying half-dead in the other direction.

“There are too many,” I said to myself.

Zagu ran towards me and fell to his feet. His green-red eyes turned watery. His big palms caught my hands. He cried, his whole body shook, “You’re the only one, who can save us, please,”

“Well, I might die saving everyone, but that’s what I’m here for, right? Serve Raveria as a whole,” I said. He slowly got up and thanked me with a nod. I dropped everything I brought and quickly guided them in what to do.

“I can’t just save one at a time. So all you have to do is take this mixture, spread it on the wounds, and pour a little in their mouth. Then go far away,” I said, which tensed them, “Quick!” I yelled, and they made a run.

I spread out my scrolls, drew the mystic circle, spread the herbs evenly on each section, and waited for them. I looked at Anzu. It was keenly watching me from the tall tree and flew towards me when I clapped to it. “You move with them and lead them here when you see the mist,” I ordered.

The female orcs, along with Zagu and everyone, signaled that they had finished their job. I started chanting within. No disturbance in the area gave me a signal to go forward with the souls of dead witch gods.

“Du daéda rade un du foal slade, älfr lighted un älfr righted; set joint eom joint un bone eom bone. un sinew unto sinew, unin du nam abr god un du saints, abr mary un her son, atra thornessa man, waíse heill. Amen,” I continued to chant.

The mist flew over their bodies until my total power started wavering out. My body went numb, and I collapsed. I woke up sweating because of the unusual bedding and last night’s dangerous ritual that flashed like a dream. I put on my robe and walked out of the tent, and looked around.

All the orcs were alive. I could sense they were with their families inside. It was surprising to find a settlement like this, hardly 500 sq.m. flat on a mountain. I roamed around, knowing everybody was fine, and they were tired as hell. I let them have their nap.

I felt the chill until I noticed Cagan casually walking towards the corner end of the settlement. I followed him, hiding behind the tents. He looked back for a second and entered a big tent, bigger than any tent beside the orc’s king one. I walked in and stood in the dark shade.

Cagan stood in front of an enormous pool of something thick, which my eye wasn’t able to catch. I was about to go back. “Not so quick, Ms. Witch,” he startled me. I silently stood near the end of the tent. I had a simple choice, either walk out or stay. I did otherwise.

I turned back and faced him. His face turned all devilish, and his hand was wavering on his perfectly shaped abdomen. I walked towards him and stood beside him to notice the pool.

“What’s this?” I asked curiously.

“Oh, this? Why don’t you taste it? ” He said. He quickly put his hand into the thick watery substance and caught a handful of it. He slowly brought it in front of my face.

“I don’t think this-,” I stammered.

“DRINK,” he said, harshly pouring the substance into my mouth.

It was creamy yet slimy and salty, “What is this?” I asked again, gulping it completely.

“Our Orc’s semen,” he said.

I coughed and tried to vomit the disgusting thing out but couldn’t. I tried to find water, but there was no drop here.

I looked at him, “Wh-why would you collect it. And this little pool, it’ll have at least 10 people of my size sleeping in,” I exclaimed.

“This is a holy pool, woman. Every orc comes here, floods out their semen, and the woman here has it for their baths and all necessities and- ”

“Ugh, stop!” I shouted, clearing all the images that formed while he was talking.

“But now you came and dumped my mood. Make me cum, and complete my portion of the day to pour into the pool,” he said, moving towards me. His giant 7 feet posture made my feet numb to run.

“I can’t, I mean, you’re an orc, not even a human, and an-” I stammered.

“Shh,” he said, putting his inhuman finger on my lips, “all you have to do is open your mouth. It’ll slide in.”

“Cagan, you know right. I can’t even take half of it,” I said, trying to act strong and stubborn.

“We’ll see,” he said and quickly pushed me to the edge of the tent, banging my back on the rough wall, “you’re too weak.”

“Ah, sorry, I wasn’t as tough as the other orc woman,” I said, eyes fixed on his body. The green skin, protruding red veins, muscular torso, and defined chest made me touch his body.

Before I could do anything, he harshly put me to the ground, putting his hand on my shoulder, which felt like a lot of weight. The ground wasn’t plain. It was rough and felt like war land. My robe helped my ass, as not to get any scar on it.

I looked him in the eyes. They turned blue, which made me go back to the lessons at the academy. It taught how an orc turns its eye color from blackish green to blue then to crimson red, depicting their moods.

“Hands behind the back, witch. I don’t want your little hands to do their work soon, just the mouth now,” he said, sounding like a man given authority. I did as he said, locked my wrists at the back.

“You’re ready?” he asked, with an evil smile going evenly on his scary face. He quickly removed the only cloth on his body and showed me his prick with pride.

His cock was big, as every orc has, fat enough for my little mouth to take in. The smell of it was good. He took a step forward and placed his dick on my face. I wanted to lick it desperately but controlled myself not to give in so easily.

“Ah!” I moaned when he tapped that dick on my forehead and laughed in pity.

“You’re not new to this, are you?” he asked, with a heinous tone.

I tilted my head. “Cornered by an orc, with his dick in my face? No, never even thought of it,” I said bluntly.

Without hesitation, he got hold of the wall behind me, seeping his nails deep into the wooden wall. I slowly pushed his cock’s head into my mouth. The moment it entered me, my head was forcefully pushed back. I had no choice but to take it.

I tried my best to roll the tongue completely on the head and looked at the whole dick in front of my eyes. It was green and dark. The veins protruded more than the muscle veins on his torso, and the bushy hair made it the nastiest dick I’ve ever seen.

“Your mouth needs practice,” he laughed and slowly pushed his cock down half of my throat.

I felt he put my throat to the test. His cock occupied my entire throat, not letting air in, literally choking me the first minute. He clenched onto the wooden wall, digging his long and sharp nails into it. I puffed and pushed his cock up and down my throat.

He continued for several minutes. I enjoyed and bared every moment. He wore me out. I dropped my hands to the ground and let him have my mouth.

With no resistance from my side, he smirked and started to slam his dick in the back of my throat rapidly. I choked when he caught my hair midway. He held his half dick in my throat, which was already enough to take.

I panicked and quickly patted him with my palms on his iron abs. He showed no movement and smiled at my failure.

“Ah! You human thing,” he yelled and cummed down my throat, his warm liquid. It cleaned, flowed, and squirted in my throat. He still let his dick in my mouth and tried to breathe normally. I held onto the cum in my throat and looked him in the eye.

“You’ll be good at this. With those lips, you can serve any master in this world,” he said, leaving my inner self filled with disgusting pride.

I waited for his move, and he pulled his dick out. When I was about to gulp the whole cum, he stepped forward and held my neck, “Not for you, spit the whole cum in that pond, and clean yourself,” he said and moved away.

As he mentioned before, that harsh neck hold and spitting out the cum made me feel like a plaything. I stood up, gave him an angry stare. I cleaned myself with my robe and stepped outside.

“There she is!” the crowd of orcs yelled to themselves, pointing at me.

“Uh oh,” I whispered in panic.

To be continued.

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