Sex Encounter With Widow Neighbour Aunty Malar

Hi guys, I am a regular reader of ISS and I am here to share my experience I had sex with my neighbour aunty.

First, let me introduce myself. I am Hari, 25 years old from Chennai. I live with my mom and dad. We have a good family-bonding with each other. Here come the heroine of the story whose name is Malar. She is 40 years old with a good body structure, big boobs and ass. She is a fitness freak. She lives with her daughter Pooja age 22.

This incident took place when my mom dad wanted to go and attend my relative’s funeral. The place was far from our place and they could return only after three days. So, mom had requested my neighbour aunty Malar to take care of me until they returned. Then they left.

Later, I got a text from Malar aunty to come and have dinner. I texted her that I will be there in 5 minutes.

After getting ready for dinner, I knocked on the door. I was stunned to see her. My neighbour aunty was in a pink nighty which was hot. She invited me in and she told me to sit on the sofa.

Then she brought me a glass of water. I drank the water and asked about her daughter. She had gone to tour with her friends. I was happy to hear that. And by watching Malar aunty, I had a small boner which I had to control.

Later, we had dinner and were talking about some general topics.

While we were talking, my eyes were staring at my widow neighbour aunty’s boobs. Malar noticed it but only gave a smile! And after having dinner, I was about to leave but then Malar told me to stay with her because she was scared to stay alone.

I was feeling so happy inside but I didn’t show it to her. I simply said “ok” and went to my house, changed the clothes and wore a t-shirt and boxer.

I came back and knocked on the door of Malar aunty. She invited me in and I sat on the sofa. We started chit-chatting about our lives. Suddenly, my neighbour aunty broke to tears! I asked her why she was crying and she told me that after her husband passed away, she was missing him badly.

My neighbour aunty started crying more with her head on my shoulder. My boner become hard while she touched me!

Then she came to a normal mood and I had control myself. She asked about my girlfriend and I told her that I was single. Suddenly, she asked me, “Actually, are you single or an aunty-lover?”

I was shocked by hearing that! “No no, I am not an aunty-lover” I said to her.

“Then why were you staring on my boobs like you want to eat them earlier?” she asked openly.

It was so embarrassing to me while my neighbour aunty said that. I couldn’t look at her face. She then said that it was normal for boys of my age and that she won’t tell it to my parents.

After hearing that, we had eye contact. We both were looking in each other’s eyes for a minutes. Then, suddenly Malar aunty came closer to me. She made the first move as she kissed me. I also responded passionately. Soon, we both became wild on the sofa.

My neighbour aunty’s hand was inside my pants and she started to rub there. I quickly removed my pants and she immediately started giving me a blowjob. She made me cum.

We stopped at that. Then, in the morning, Malar aunty woke me up with a cup of coffee. She was looking so hot in saree. I was staring at her ass. Then I had a bath and masturbated thinking about my neighbour aunty.

While having breakfast, I was staring at her boobs. Later, she was preparing for lunch and I was in the hall, staring at her ass. Before she caught me, I took my eyes off her.

Then she called me for a help. I was standing behind her. She wanted me to take a vessel which she can’t take. So I helped her and at that time, my boner touched her ass. She also felt it but she didn’t say any thing.

As I was about to leave the kitchen, she told me take a few more vessels! I rubbed my boner in her ass more during the process and this time, Malar aunty was moaning a little!

Suddenly, she turned back and we once again had eye contact. There was lust in her eyes to have sex. She came closer and she lip-locked me. I too started passionately kissing her. I also grabbed her ass and made her sit on the kitchen table.

While kissing, I pressed my neighbour aunty’s boobs and she was moaning. I slowly removed her saree and we were kissing each other.

In between the kiss, I had taken a honey bottle. We moved to the bathroom and I applied the honey all over my neighbour aunty’s body. I started licking her full covered in body. I applied horny in her pussy too and licked the honey from her pussy. Malar aunty moaned, “AHHHHH HARIIII, YOU MAKE ME SO HORNY..”

All of a sudden, I pushed my hard dick into her small ass hole. She cried in pain loudly.


I started fucking my neighbour aunty’s ass for almost 10 minutes inside the bathroom.

We then moved to the bedroom without breaking the kiss. I spread her legs and started fucking her pussy this time. I slapped her face harder and her face become red. She was enjoying the rough treatment and was asking me to fuck her harder. We had intense sex and I was sucking my neighbour aunty’s boobs while fucking her.

Then we got to 69 position where I licked her juices and she sucked my dick. It was heaven! When I was about to come, I released my cum all over her face. We had many more sex sessions until my mom dad came home.

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