Hot Sex With Drunk Irani Lady At Club

Hello readers or should I say horny girls and guys, good day. Today, let me take you all to something which happened with me a few years back in Bangalore in one of the night clubs during Christmas Eve party. 🥳🎉

Without wasting anymore time, let me get into the story.

It was one cold evening in Bangalore and I decided to hit a night club for Christmas Eve party and little did I imagine that it was going to turn out a fun fun night.

It all started on the dance floor. I had gone alone that day expecting to get to meet someone or just drink and dance and get back but I had some special things awaiting. As I started to enjoy my drinks and started to shake my legs, I saw a fair Irani lady in her 30s dancing next to me.

Just to describe her, she had curly hair, fair complexion deep-neck top with her boobs popping out which was perfectly shaped and should be around 34/35 size and awesome round ass. She had some nice moves on the dance floor.

After a while, I noticed she was alone and no one with her so I wanted to make a move to see if I can have a conversation. The first time she looked at me, I gave her a smile and she smiled back.

I told her hello and asked where was she from and I got to know she was from Iran and she was here for a short visit.

I quickly checked if she came alone here and she told me that her family was sitting on the outside area and she was only one who wanted to dance and hence she came here.

As the music was loud, each time we spoke we had to come closer to each other’s ears and sometimes her TITS brushed my arms and hand. It was already giving me chills.

The Irani lady then told me that she will back in a few minutes and I continued dancing. This time, when she returned, I could see that she was tipsy and now she came back and instead of dancing next to me, she preferred standing right beside me and started to groove.

I took a couple of steps and asked the hot foreigner if she loved the city and music today. She was telling, “Yes and that’s why she came back.” Her ass was now touching my dick. In no time, I had a hard-on and I was sure that the Irani lady also felt it as she deliberately started coming back and making me feel her sexy butts. I could almost feel my dick between the foreigner lady’s ass crack!

The DJ was playing some Groovy music and now we were in the Groove. As I didn’t find any resistance from her, I kind of opened up and continued dancing. I sometimes put my hand on her hips and she was totally cool with it.

The hot Irani lady then again disappeared for another drink and got back. This time, she turned around and faced me and started to dance and also chit chat and asked if I was single, etc. And while doing so, the sexy foreigner lady’s boobs were now crushed against my chest and I was enjoying that feeling.

I then asked her about her self she told me that she was married but she likes to enjoy. And she kissed me on my neck and grabbed me tightly and gave a nice 🤗 hug. I was taken aback but at the same time, I enjoying whatever was happening. I didn’t want this to end anytime soon.

As the crowd increased, she just came closer and closer. We were now doing dance, almost feeling each other. Then the drunk Irani lady leaned forward and started to smooch me passionately. Even I responded and we were lip-locked on the dance floor and doing some dirty dancing and feeling each other’s lips and tongue.

She then told me that she had to go to the table and will be back. I asked her who was there and she said, “My hubby and family.”

I was like, “Fuck, how bold is she and daring to kiss a stranger when her family is sitting outside.” But the dance floor was jampacked and dark so no one noticed much what was happening in the darkness.

This time when she returned, I couldn’t guess what else could happen. I just thought I got lucky to smooch her and what else can we do in a dance floor with people dancing next to us. But you won’t believe what happened!

This time, the sexy married Irani lady came back I could see her boobs bounce. And guess what, she went to the washroom and removed her bra. And within no time, as we started to dance, she held my hand and put my hands through her top and made her feel her naked boobs!

I just could not believe my luck and I was enjoying every moment of feeling and squeezing the foreigner lady’s boobs while I rubbed my hard dick on her ass crack and started stroking.

Each time I pressed her tits, she moaned and got more horny. She turned back and smooched me passionately and started to bite me as she got horny and wet. As the floor was dark and people were drunk and enjoying the music, she just made me suck her nipples and boobs on the dance floor.

I was too horny by then to have a second thought. I lifted the Irani lady’s top and started squeezing her tits and started to lick and suck them. She was loving every bit of it and getting more horny and wild.

This continued for 10-15 minutes as we smooched each other and I played with her tits and sucked as much as I want. She had a delicious pair of boobs and I could feel the taste of her. By then, I was so horny that I wanted to fuck her and she was like, “Where and how?”. Knowing her hubby sitting outside, it was going to be difficult.

I wanted to make the married Irani lady so horny that she can’t hold back, looking for an opportunity. I somehow squeezed my hand through her pants and reached her wet pussy. Oh man, it was hot and wet like anything.

She started to moan harder and kiss me all over, as my finger started to feel her wet pussy. I slid my finger through and started finger fucking the foreigner lady. She was just loving every bit of this encounter.

As she got horny and couldn’t resist anymore, she came close to me and whispered in my ears that she wanted me inside her pussy and asked me for a fuck.

I wanted to fuck her badly as well. And knowing I won’t see her after that night made me take chance soon.

I asked her if she can sneak out to the parking area somehow as I had my car parked there and if she managed to reach there, we can have a quick fuck.

I told her where to come. I wanted to step out and wait there.

The party was anyways on till late 1 am that day so we had another 1 hour to go. I smooched her again and sucked her boobs thinking what if she didn’t make it. Her panties were completely soaked in wetness. She went to the washroom and this time, I hoped she came without her panties.

I waited out for 15 minutes and then I saw her coming. I kept my seats pushed to the front so I had enough space on the backside of the car to make love to the foreigner lady.

Once she reached, we did not waste any time as we both wanted to eat each other. She told me that I had 15 minutes to fuck her. And we lip locked and smooched each other so deeply and passionately.

I removed her top and saw the Irani lady’s naked melons fully now. I grabbed them and sucked them to glory. I couldn’t believe that I was fucking a foreigner inside my car.

She quickly removed my belt and unzipped me and started to suck my dick and give me a wet blowjob. She sucked my cock as if she had a lollipop or ice to suck. It was an out of the world experience!

I then told her I didn’t have a condom and she was like, she wanted me naked inside. Even though I don’t prefer having sex without condom with strangers, that night I took a chance to fuck this beautiful foreigner lady.

She removed her pants and yes, she wasn’t panties.

I opened her legs and wanted to taste her pussy. So I went down and started to suck and lick her pussy. I loved sucking and eating her pussy and tongue fuck the foreigner lady as she begged me to fuck her. Knowing we don’t have enough time, I placed my dick on her wet pussy and gave it a push. I was all inside her wet chooth.

I fucked the Irani lady crazily as she moaned and smooched me and loved getting screwed by me. We fucked in whatever positions we could, she even sat on me and was riding my dick naked as we smooched and sucked each other everywhere. She was enjoying every bit and had multiple orgasms when I fucked her.

She gave me lot of love bites and now it was my turn to cum. I asked her if I should pull out and she was like, “No, give me your hot cum inside me.” Again, my speed increased and I fucked her non-stop and loaded my entire cum inside her pussy.

In fact whatever was left she was sucking and drinking them. If we had that night for us, we might have fucked all night. And it was just not 15 minutes as we kissed and smooched again.

We got horny again and I fucked her from the back in doggy and she loved it this time. I came my entire load inside her mouth and she drank every bit of it.

I wish I can relive this moment once more.

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