Unexpected Sex During Rain With Beautiful College Friend

Hello readers, myself Ashok. This is the first story I am writing. I used regularly follow ISS from my college days so I finally thought of sharing my sex experience.

Coming to the story, the name of my heroine is Sindhu. We are in the same class in college. We have adjacent roll numbers. So I used to have good communication with her from the first year onward.

We became very close as years passed and we used to regularly talk and chat over the phone. I used to look at my beautiful college friend’s cleavage whenever I got a chance. During the lab sessions, I used to get a nice view of Sindhu’s boobs whenever she bends or comes close to me. She had noticed me watching her sometimes but never said anything.

In the final semester, we had to do a project and we had four members in our team. I had spoken to a guy outside in my city who does projects for money. But we had to visit him once a week to discuss the project and requirements and changes required.

So we decided that the two of us will visit as it was not possible for everyone to go. So, as he was in my city, I was one member and I asked Sindhu to join me as she was close to me. She agreed.

Sindhu’s place was far from my city and she used the bus to reach her. I would then pick her from the bus station on my bike and we would go to his place. It would take around 1 or 2 hours’ time and after that, I would take her to the beach mall and some other places. We would spend quality time there and while walking, I would touch her. She noticed it but was not bothered about it.

Finally, a day came. I never expected I would enjoy my college friend that day. I was busy and did not pick her from the station. She went to his place and after an hour, I received a call from her around 6 pm. I answered it. It was heavily raining and she asked me if I could come to pick her.

So I went wearing a raincoat and carrying an umbrella for her. I picked her and she was holding the umbrella and the wind was heavy. For support, she held me and when I applied the brakes, her soft boobs touched my back. I could feel my college friend’s nipples as she was wet. My cock became hard even in the rain.

When we reached the bus station around 8 pm, all the buses had already left. So I asked her if she was comfortable staying here, I could arrange a place and she could go in the morning.

She thought for some time and informed her parents about the situation. They agreed that it was not possible for her to travel. Meanwhile, I called my friend as he lived in a group apartment. On top of the apartment, there are two rooms where we used to hangout sometimes.

I took her to the place. We went to my friend’s floor and I collected the keys and went back to the lift.

While traveling in the lift, I had a clear view of Sindhu’s nipples and bra as she was very wet. I could also notice her sexy ass. It gave me an instant hard-on. My dick was completely up and anyone could notice that by looking at it.

I unlocked the door. My sexy college friend went inside and I removed the rain jacket and went inside too. I gave her a towel and she was drying herself. I gave her a t-shirt and jeans too. She changed the clothes and I was in my shorts and t-shirt.

There was a bed on the floor. We sat on that. I was sitting close to her and while talking to her, I was touching her hands. She neglected it. So I thought I had a chance and tested her again. I placed my hand slowly on her thighs. Now she responded and looked at me. From that look, I could make out that she was interested too.

I wasted no time and pulled her closer and kissed her soft lips. She was responding very well. We were kissing madly. While kissing, I was pressing the college girl’s boobs and belly. I kissed her tongue and we exchanged saliva. She was holding my head and pushing it. This continued for almost 10 minutes and finally, we broke the kiss.

I made her lie on the bed and removed my t-shirt and took off hers. She was in a black color bra. I started pressing her boobs and unhooked the bra. I sucked Sindhu’s round boobs and she started to moan. I was sucking her boobs one after the other and pinching her nipples. I made circles around her nipples with my tongue which made her go crazy. She got hold of my head and was pushing it deeper.

Then I removed her jeans and panty. I also removed my shorts. We both are completely nude.

I went down kissing her belly. My college friend was shaking her body due to pleasure. I was holding her hands. I went down and kissed her thighs. Finally, I reached Sindhu’s pussy. Her pussy is covered with hair.

The smell of my cute college friend’s pussy was making me mad. I kissed her pussy and started to lick it. Sindhu started moaning a bit louder. I could hear, “Ahhh ahhh”. Those sounds were making me even more horny.

After some time, she cummed all over my face. Then I placed my dick on her pussy and was rubbing there. I was on top of her, rubbing my body against her and kissing her madly. This continued for some time and I stopped.

Then I asked her to suck my cock. I was lying on the bed and then her beautiful lips started sucking my dick! I was on cloud 9. Sindhu was doing it very nicely. She was sucking it like a nice lollipop and finally, I cummed inside her mouth.

Then I made her lie on the bed and put a condom on my dick and came in position. I was holding her legs and I placed m cock on her pussy lips. I started rubbing my cock slowly on my sexy college friend’s pussy lips. She was moaning and asking me, “Please insert it. I can’t wait anymore!”

I slowly inserted my penis and started stroking. Sindhu was moaning loudly and the room was filled with her moans. I pushed my whole penis into her pussy and she started shouting in pain.

I stopped for a while and started stroking her slowly. I kissed her to stop shouting. Slowly, I increased the pace and was stroking her hard. Sindhu was hugging me very tightly. She was going mad.

I continued stroking her hard and finally, after some time, I released all my load inside the condom. We were in that position for a while and I lied beside her.

That whole night, we slept nude, hugging and kissing each other. I was sucking her boobs and kissing her. In the morning, we had one more session and we had a bath together in the shower. I was kissing her madly from the top to the bottom. After 20-25 minutes, we came out, dressed up, and then I dropped her at the station.

We had a few more sessions after that beautiful romantic night.


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