Butt bottom boy fucked by Pathan truck driver

Hello ISS readers, this is Rajat again with another story. Please read my previous story about how I got fucked as a crossdresser by an Indian uncle.

I am an Indian boy, but I am living in Bahrain. My age is 24. I am a pure bottom boy, and I always fantasize about being with older and mature men. I don’t like guys who are less than 30 years of age.

Let me first tell you about me. I have a very slim and smooth feminine type of body. I have small boobs and a tiny round ass.

So the last story of me being fucked as a crossdresser happened somewhere in November 2021. I was eager to meet that uncle again to spend a full night with him. But I didn’t receive any message from him. Later, I learned that he keeps traveling within Gulf countries and usually is in Bahrain only for a few days.

I was back to my routine and not finding any good tops around. Now, it was yesterday, 31 December 2021. I wanted to celebrate by getting banged hard. This morning I opened FB and posted a story about looking for a hot top to celebrate New Year’s eve. On all apps, I posted similar status.

I decided I wanted to get banged by anybody. I was ok to meet any cheap, labor class people. Here in Bahrain, there are a lot of truck drivers from India and Pakistan. Many drive heavy trucks from UAE to Bahrain and stay here for one-two day.

I had received a few invitations from such drivers to go in their lorry, and they will fuck me hard. But I never dared to do so.

Anyways, as it started getting evening, I lost all my hopes. Finally, around 10:30 PM, a message dropped on my Blued dating app. The profile had a random name and mentioned 30 as age. I responded. He said he was from Afghanistan and a visitor in Bahrain.

He said he has a good big place and shared his location. To my surprise, he was just 800 meters away from home. I learned that he was a heavy truck driver coming from UAE. He sent his truck photo as it had a compartment for sleeping inside. He insisted that I could come in his lorry and he would show me heaven.

I was nervous but thinking about it. I switched on the water heater as I wanted to take a shower. I started teasing him on messages. He started asking for my phone number, to which I refused. I just wanted to get banged hard as no strings attached for this night.

He got a little angry and asked openly if I was going to meet him or not. I told him he needed to wait. By this time, it was already past 10:40. He shared his photo and location again and continuously insisted on coming to his truck. By the looks of it, he was older and a strong Pathani guy.

I could imagine how huge his dick would be. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. I applied lotion all over my body and butts to get a nice soothing fragrance. Finally, I wore track pants, a T-shirt and a jacket as it was pretty cold outside.

I opened Blued again and saw his message. He was asking, “Please don’t waste my time? Tell me clearly if coming or not.” I told him to wait for some time. As it was just 800 meters away, I decided to take a walk. While walking towards him, I was teasing him over messages.

I told him to wait just 20 minutes, and I would be there. I asked for his truck number and description, which he gave me. When I reached that side, it was a huge area for truck parking with only one truck there matching his description. I opened the Blued. It was his message asking, “Are you wearing a black shirt?”

I was walking alone there like an idiot. It was already 11:15 now. He invited me to his truck and opened the door. I saw that he was huge in body and taller than me, having a beard and manly looks. Clearly, the pic he showed me was a fake. But I loved his looks better than the pic he showed.

I got inside. He locked doors, pulled off curtains, and asked me to get naked and sleep in the bed without wasting any time. I was scared but wanted this badly. I got naked and went mad looking at my body. His jaws remained open as he stared at me. I was feeling very shy and nervous.

He also removed all his clothes. Oh my god, a huge hairy chest as if he was a porn star. I saw below, and was a huge thick monster dick he had. It was a very eye-pleasing sight to look at his body. But then I was so scared as to how I would take it in my ass.

He instructed me to sleep on the bed and jumped on me. He started kissing my neck, ears and went all over my boobs. He started roaring like a lion as he started kissing and biting all over my body. My eyes were all in tears as he started biting my nipples and boobs.

Within a moment, my nipples were all red. He went down my navel and continued kissing and biting. The touch from his beard and mustache was tickling and making me feel crazy while he was kissing and biting my body. He then turned me and started kissing me all over my back.

He slowly went down and reached my asshole. He spanked my butts hard and started biting all over them. He started pushing his tongue in my asshole. I was enjoying the way he was doing all of it. I was moaning in pleasure while he was tongue fucking my hole.

I was moaning as he was biting over my butts and hole. Finally, I stopped him and asked him to lie down on the bed. Now it was my time to please him. I took his dick in my hand. It was so thick, like my wrist size, as I’m very slim. I slowly placed a kiss over a dick head and started slowly taking it in my mouth.

I had to open my mouth wide open to accommodate his huge dick. I started sucking his dick, and he was roaring like a lion. I sucked it for a good 5 minutes and then sat on his chest and again started sucking. I intentionally placed my ass right in front of his mouth, and he again started kissing my hole.

We went in this 69 position where his dick was in my mouth, and his mouth was in my ass. We both were moaning as we continued pleasing each other. Finally, after 5 minutes, he asked me to sleep with my back down. He took my legs over his shoulders.

He spat on my asshole to make it wet. He placed his thick dick on my hole and started forcing it in. As the head went in, I shouted very loudly and cried. I was shivering as the head was tearing my hole. I told him, “Please remove it. I can’t bear it.”

I asked him to sleep in bed, and I tried to ride on him. I placed his dick head over my asshole and was trying to sit on it. His dick was so thick that it slid through but not going in. After repeated attempts, I again did fingering to loosen my hole. I tried this multiple times, and finally, his dick head went in.

It pained a little, but I wanted to get banged like a bitch for this lion. I started slowly riding, but only half of his dick was in. After repeatedly trying, he roared and shot all his load in my asshole. He was a little disappointed as he didn’t fuck me. I was also very upset that I couldn’t make his eve.

I waited there and slept in bed with my face down and ass up to excite him again. He slept over me and tried to push his dick in my hole. Even though it was not erect, it was still big. He was trying to force his dick in my hole with no luck.

I again started stroking his dick and sucking while holding his balls and caressing them. After sucking it for 5 minutes, it again became rock hard. He asked me to go in the doggy style. I went on all four and became a dog in front of him. He again pointed his dick on my hole and, with all forces, pushed in.

I again shouted very loudly and cried as the head went in. I again told him, “Please stop.” I pushed him back and told him that I would ride on him. I again started sitting on his dick. This time the head went in very easily with very low pain. I slowly started making movements.

In a few minutes, his full dick went all in my hole. As I started making movements, I started getting pain. But I wanted this. I was riding him like a bitch and moaning crazily. After about 5 minutes of riding, I was ready for hard pounding. I moved and became a doggy for him.

He was happy with this sudden move. He placed his dick on my hole, and in one stroke, all went in. I again shouted very loud and cried in pain, but I didn’t refuse this time. He was happy with this and started giving me hard strokes. I was in lots of pain as his dick was tearing my asshole.

This was a serious ass stretching for me. I was losing my senses as he was pounding me. He banged me for 10 minutes and then asked me to sleep in bed with my face down and ass up. I happily did it as I like it this way. He placed his dick on my hole and slept over me.

He pushed his dick in one stroke and started giving hard strokes. His hairy body touching my back was giving me utter pleasure. I wanted to capture these moments as he banged me hard. As he was banging me hard, suddenly the fireworks started outside.

Bahrain was celebrating a New Year, and I was getting banged by this Pathani guy. I wished him, “Happy New Year, my Lion!” He ignored me and continued with increased speed. Even after a lot of fucking I was still in pain because of his sheer dick size and speed.

He continued fucking me for a few more minutes and then drastically increased his speed. He roared out loud as he shot all his load deep inside my ass. I’m such a slut! We cleaned our bodies with tissue papers and wore our clothes back.

He asked me, “At least now can you share your number?” I happily gave him my number. The funny thing is that none of us know each other’s names. It was just a stranger Pathan fucking a feminine boy. I spent another 5 minutes sitting in his truck and chatting with him.

I asked him, “Do you visit Bahrain often?” He said, “No. This was my first time in Bahrain, and I loved it!” I gave a slutty smile to him. I asked, “So. Whenever you plan to visit Bahrain, would you message me before coming?”

He smiled and said, “`Yes, baby. My darling. I want to fuck you every time I visit Bahrain.” He also said, “Mostly tomorrow morning, I will be going back. But for some reason, if I stay, I will call you tomorrow.” I was so happy thinking that tomorrow also I could get Pathani dick!

Finally, I left his truck and started walking back to my home while watching fireworks. Even in the cold outside, I was sweating. I finally managed to get banged on new year’s eve.

So guys hope you enjoyed my story. If you like my story and you’re in Bahrain by chance, you can send me a message. [email protected]

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