Steamy Foreplay Sex With College Girlfriend Aru

Hi everyone, I am Nick. This story is about how I had some fun foreplay sex with my then-girlfriend, Aru. I did my bachelors at a university from 2014 to 2018. It is located on a low altitude hill. The campus buildings are at the top of the hill while hostels are at the foot of the hill. The girls and boys used to have separate hostels.

I am a brown guy and I am 5’11 and used to be a thin person. My dick size is 7.5-inches. My girlfriend, Aru is 5’5 in height and has a perfect figure. She has a perfect bust and back.

Coming to my story, this used to happen frequently in 2017. One Sunday, we both walked up to the top of the hill without anyone noticing us.

We walked behind buildings to not get caught together. There was a small building which is called the Estate Building and barely anyone used that office. We went behind that building to have some steamy hot fun.

Once we were both behind the building, we hugged each other tightly for so long.

After that, my girlfriend came close to my face and we started breathing close to each other. That warm feeling was so turning me on, and I teased her by going close to her lips but not kissing her. She couldn’t resist and at once, she pulled my face towards her and started kissing me on my lips.

We started kissing wildly. While kissing, my gf slid her tongue into my mouth, and I sucked on it. Her tongue was so tasty and we french kissed for some time.

While kissing, I lifted her top and put my hands on her sexy waist. I pressed her soft and sexy waist. She moaned, “Aah aah” when I kept pressing her waist.

We did not break the kiss and she started caressing my torso with her fingers. Aru started feeling my chest with her hands. After that, I turned her around and held her close to me from behind. Her sexy ass was touching my already hardened cock. In this position, I started kissing her neck, her shoulders, and her cheeks.

Slowly, I inserted my tongue in her right ear and started licking it. My college girlfriend lost her senses totally and was completely turned on by that. She started pressing her ass at my pants to feel my cock. That feeling was so amazing.

At this point, I started pressing her boobs over her top. She was moaning, wiggling, and shaking with pleasure.

I slowly rolled my hands into her top and felt her warm, sexy and amazing nipples. I squeezed her boobs directly this time and she was going mad with extreme pleasure. She held my neck in pleasure and started caressing my hair. I squeezed my sexy college girlfriend’s boobs for a while and then I pulled her top up.

I turned her around facing me. I unhooked Aru’s bra and opened it to see her sexy, beautiful, huge boobs. They were so amazing and so soft. I couldn’t resist myself and started sucking on the right nipple while using my hand to play with her left nipple. I sucked my young gf’s boobs so much.

Aru was really enjoying me doing that to her and she was moaning, “Mmmh, aaah, aah, don’t stop sucking them! Don’t stop!” As per her request, I did not stop and then switched to sucking the left boob.

Then, my college gf slowly slid her hand into my pants and started rubbing my hard cock over my underwear. I literally lost my senses and it was so good. It felt like I was in heaven. Aru started rubbing it faster and pressing at the tip of my cock, to which I was groaning in pleasure.

Aru was like, “Do you like it? huh? I want to do it to you! I like it when you are getting pleasure!”

I couldn’t control myself, so I slid my hand into her pants and started rubbing her vagina. My lover was shivering with pleasure while rubbing my cock. She was giving me a handjob over my underwear while I was fingering her over her panties! It was an awesome feeling; we were completely experiencing passion and pleasure.

I thought to make the foreplay a little bit sexy and slid my finger into her panty. It was so warm in there. I slid my finger over the college girl’s vagina and started fingering her directly. She was so wet, and it made me wanna finger her harder and faster.

I was rubbing all over her vagina, to which she was moaning, biting her lips with passion. To this, Aru responded by sliding her hand into my underwear and directly stroking my cock. The feeling you get when you get a handjob is so high! We both were in sync doing this and she was nearing orgasm.

Aru started moaning louder and louder. I started kissing her so that we wouldn’t get caught if someone was around!

I then inserted two fingers into my hot girlfriend’s vagina and started fingering her faster. She reached an orgasm and as we were kissing, she bit my lower lip so hard out of uncontrollable pleasure from the orgasm! My lower lip started bleeding a little, which she sucked with her lips.

It was her turn then, she started stroking my dick faster and faster. I was really high, and I wanted to hold on to something to show how I was feeling when I was getting the handjob.

I pulled my college girlfriend closer to me and started pressing her boobs while she was stroking my cock. Aru was looking into my eyes while stroking and I couldn’t resist, and I was about to cum.

I said I was going to cum and she said, “Oh yeah! Cum for me, baby!” and even increased the stroking speed! It made me cum all over her fingers. She did not stop and made me release all the semen from my cock. It felt amazingly so good to cum to her.

We kissed for a little while and then I pushed her against the wall, looked into her eyes asked, “I wanna go down on you.” Aru said, “Don’t ask!” and she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me onto my knees.

I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down her zip. Then I held her pants on the sides and pulled it down. I caressed her belly button and played with it for a bit. Aru was standing in front of me with her pants pulled down.

I then pulled her panties downs to reveal my college girlfriend’s cleanly shaved vagina. I looked at her and gave a silly smile. She smiled at me and pulled my head towards her vagina. Her vagina smelled so good and I kissed her thighs, slowly moving my lips towards her clitoris.

Gently, I licked on my gf’s vagina for a few seconds, to which she jerked in pleasure!

I then started licking her fast and reached her clit. I sucked on her clit and she was moaning, “Don’t stop! YES! YES!! Right there! Suck it! Mmh, aah! Faster!” I felt so horny when she was asking for more and I started licking and sucking her clit faster. Aru was jumping with pleasure.

Then I lifted her right leg and placed her right thigh on my shoulder. I also crawled my hand over her boobs and started pressing them. She pulled my hair in pleasure and started pressing my head deep into her vagina. I did not stop and sucked her wild, pressing her boobs hard.

She started screaming in pleasure and this time I did not care even if she was loud. She tasted so good down there, I kept going. She reached an orgasm and she came. It was a very hot session for her.

Aru grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up and kissed me. She said it was her first time getting oral and she really liked it so much.

Aru then pulled her pants up and buttoned her jeans. I said, “In fact, it was my first time giving an oral job as well and it was my pleasure.”

Aru said, “Oh! I see, then let me give my first too!” and pushed me onto the wall.

She said, “I don’t wanna ask to go down on you because I will no matter what!” and she slowly went on to her knees and was looking up at me, into my eyes. My cock became hard to what my gf said and did. I was nervously excited because I was about to get an oral and it was my first time as well.

Aru unbuttoned my jeans, pulled it down. My cock was so hard, and it was about to tear open my underwear. She looked at it and then looked at me and gave me a cheeky smile.

My college lover then pulled down my underwear and my penis was free and erect standing perpendicular to my body and measuring 7.5-inches towards Aru. I was shivering with excitement.

My horny girl slowly leaned forward towards my cock and started breathing at it. Her warm breath on my cock felt so amazing.

I closed my eyes to this, and she suddenly wrapped her lips around my penis and started sucking it. She had half of my erect penis in her mouth and started using her tongue to grind the tip of the penis. It was a miraculous feeling. It was so soft, warm, and horny. I was in heaven to what she was doing to me.

I was moaning and whispering to myself how good it felt getting a blowjob. She was using all her mouth to do all kinds of things to my penis to make me go crazy. She was sucking it, licking it, and gagging her mouth with my hard-erect penis.

Aru then started stroking it with her hand while sucking it. From above, I looked down at her she was looking at me smirking and sucking. I held her shoulders and she stopped!

She looked at me and said, “Hold my head and started pushing it onto your penis when I am sucking it!”

When she said what she said, I felt she was super horny then and wants to take it to the next level. I did what she said. I held her head with my two hands, started moving it back and forth while my penis is in her mouth. It really felt superb and I was absolutely going crazy.

My gf said to do it faster and started moving her head faster. She used her jaws, tongue, and teeth gently all along. I then took one of my hands and rolled it down her top and started pressing her nipples. She funnily said I was making her lose concentration on the blowjob she was giving.

I did not stop and started squeezing her boobs and she increased the intensity of sucking. Just in less than a couple of minutes, I was reaching ejaculation and I was moaning, shivering, and said I was going to cum. She did not care, and she did not stop.

My college girlfriend kept on going, this time even faster and harder. I couldn’t hold any longer and I ejaculated in her mouth. She slowed down, looked at me with my penis still in her mouth, gave me a smile, and started swallowing. She emptied my penis of the ejaculated cum and pulled my pants up while she got up. We both kissed for some time.

After that, we both adjusted our clothes and I pulled her top a little, kissed her waist. Then kissed her navel and licked her belly button for a few seconds.

I stood up and we both kissed for one last time for that day and walked to the front of the building after making sure that there was no one around. We both climbed down the hill using the steps and we both bid each other bye and went back to our respective hostels.

We did this a lot of times after this and luckily, never got caught. We did not do the ultimate job. We had a lot of hot foreplay sex sessions and fun.

I hope you liked my story.

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