Rain Outside And Hot Girl Inside

My name is Kunal, I live in Jaipur, I am 21 years old with a great physique (perks of being a football player, I guess.)

Let me describe the heroine of my story. Her name is Arti, 22 years old, a hot girl with an hourglass figure and tits of a Greek goddess! This incident happened recently in the first week of September.

My friend’s place was near my office. So, mostly after work, I used to crash at his place. His flat was on the third floor and Arti’s flat was on the second floor. She was living with her flatmate. Every time I used to go there, we usually exchanged smiles but that was all that ever happened.

But one fine day as I was going up, Aarti was having a hard time moving stuff in the flat and she was blocking my way up. So I asked her shall I help and she nodded her head. That day was the first time we had a conversation.

I told her if she needed any help with other stuff, I can help her. She said that she will call me whenever she was in need of help and that was how we exchanged numbers. But we never talked!

I followed the hot girl on Instagram and used to look at her stories and that was how I came to know that she was a queen and had great pair of big boobs!

One day it was raining heavily. So I thought of going to my friend’s place. While walking up the door of Aarti’s flat, I noticed that it was open. So I just turned my head to see what was going on. Aarti was sitting in her living room and watching tv and she saw me walking up.

We both waved at each other but didn’t talk and I went upstairs. It was already 10 pm and it was still raining. So I thought of going home in the rain but I didn’t know that the night had its own plans!

While walking down when I was in front of Aarti’s gate, I saw her and she was taking out the garbage bag. She waved to me and said, “Hey.”

I said hey too and we started talking about normal stuff like how are things going and all. After 15 minutes of the conversation, I interrupted her saying that I have to reach home and she said it was raining heavily outside.

She – How will you go?

Me – I have my bike.

She – Why don’t you come for a cup of coffee and wait until the rain stopped.

I hesitated at first but agreed later. The hot girl was wearing shorts and a V-neck t-shirt which gave me a good view of her legs and collarbone.

I went in and sat on the couch and came to know that her flatmate had gone to her hometown so she was all alone and bored.

We were sitting on the couch and talking. She went to the kitchen to make coffee and I was checking out her house. After a few minutes, she called me to the kitchen and asked me to join her there!

So I went in and sat on the kitchen slab and we were talking about work and hobbies. And suddenly, the conversation got intense that we were looking into each other’s eyes and talking. Out of nowhere, she kissed me for a straight 20-30 seconds!

Aarti then broke the kiss and moved back a few steps and was smiling. I still couldn’t process what just happened and the hot girl was like, take your time! And kept smiling!

After a couple of minutes, I said, “If that’s what you want, then so be it.” I moved down from the kitchen counter, went close to her, and picked her up. Aarti crossed her legs around me and we kissed like hungry animals for straight 2 minutes. Then I broke the kiss and she was like, “What happened??”

I turned off the gas stove. And we kept laughing and started our game again. I started kissing the hot girl there was no tomorrow!

We kept kissing each other’s ears, neck, collarbone, cheeks, and then she said, “Let’s go inside!”

I took her to the hall and made her lie on the couch. I locked her apartment door and jumped on her. I kept kissing her neck and collarbone and gave her some hickeys too! And she was moaning like crazy!

I took a pause and we were looking into each other’s eyes. We were excited about what was about to happen!

I took off the hot girl’s t-shirt and there she was, wearing a black bra on her white milky body. Her lovely boobs were caged. I exclaimed, “Wow” and she was like, “I know!”

And again I went on her and started kissing and licking her chest, and shoulders. Her hands were in my hairs. moving. Then I moved up on her lips and started biting her lips and earlobes. She said, “Let’s go inside”.

I picked her up and she crossed her legs again. We went into her bedroom while kissing. She closed the door and turned on the AC. I then pinned the hot babe against the wall and my penis was against her crotch! We smooched there for a while and then I threw her on the bed and jumped on her and took off her shorts. I took off mine too.

Now both of us were in our inners! I unhooked Aarti’s bra. That was when my mind was blown. Seeing those melons, I started licking and sucking those tits vigorously. She was like, Go easy tiger. Those are all yours!”

I was eating one and pressing the other one and Aarti was moaning in pleasure and moving her hands through my hairs!

I started from the bottom and kept licking her toes, legs, thighs and sniffed her hole. Suddenly, I pulled the horny hot girl’s undies down and there it was! Her fully shaved sexy pussy! I looked at her in the eyes! And she was like, “How is the josh?!”

And I shouted, “High sir” and went down on her and started licking her love hole. Aarti kept moaning, “Ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yea baby!!!” and pressing my head more deeper in between her legs.

After a few minutes of pussy licking, she said that she was about to cum. I stopped and moved back from the bed. She was shocked and angry and asked why did I stop. I said nothing and she shouted., “Come back and finish this business” in anger and frustration. But I went out of the room and she kept shouting at me!

I came back after a couple of minutes and what she saw made her shout, “Wohoooo!”

There was Nutella jar in my hand! The hot girl spread her legs wider and I applied the Nutella on her shaved pussy, thighs, nipples, and neck! I kept clearing it off from the top and now it was time to get back in her hole. I was looking at her hole. It was all chocolaty. She kept on saying, “Don’t you dare leave this time!”

I started licking the hot girl’s pussy again, eating all the Nutella left. Her moans were so high and could wake up all the neighbour. Luckily, the flat was in the outskirts of the city nearby Jagatpura so there was no one around and it was pretty empty.

And after 15 minutes of work, Aarti came and all the juices were on me. I drank it all and she had a different kind of smile on her face.

I lied beside her and after about 10 minutes, she said that it was payback time.

She made me lie and pulled my undies, making me all nude. She looked at my dick and said, “Now you’re in for a rough ride”. The hit girl took my dick in her mouth and started giving me a head. The way she was moving her tongue all over my dick made me moan and die for her! It was too amazing.

The feeling of her warm saliva soon brought me close to cumming. But I didn’t say anything. But I guess she understood it from my face and she stopped too.

I was angry but I understood she was going to tease me like I did to her. She waited till my tool started shrinking and then she applied all the nutella on it and took it in. She was licking, slurping and chewing my dick. It was damn awesome – a sexy hot girl going down and her big melons jiggling can make anyone go crazy.

After almost 10 minutes of the blowjob, I was about to cum. I got hold of her head and started mouth fucking her. And she was out of breath, taking all of it in.

Suddenly, I cummed inside the hot girl’s mouth. She drank it all and licked her lips. We both were exhausted.

I will continue in part 2.

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