Beautiful Best Friend Akshatha Fucked During Lockdown

This is Kedhar. It’s my first story here. It’s an incident that happened with my friend during the lockdown. Without any further delay, let’s get into the story.

As we all know, due to lockdown, most of us who could not go home had to stay back. Even my best friend, Akshatha (name changed), had to stay back. After a couple of months, both of us started feeling lonely and decided to stay together.

One day, after taking a bath, she came out of the bathroom wearing just a towel around her body. Akshatha has an extremely fair body. She had taken a head bath on that day, and she was looking too gorgeous and hot at the same time. She caught me staring at her, but she did not say anything.

Later that day, I risked our friendship and asked for a date. Surprisingly, she agreed. Although she mentioned that it would be short-term, I was ok with it. We decided on the weekend for our first date.

Since we did not want to go out, both of us decided we will cook and have a home date. We cooked our favorite food during the evening time. For the date, she wore a red saree, and light pink lipstick. Her lips were so attractive. I could have kissed them the whole night! But, I controlled as I had some romantic plans for her.

Once we were done with our dinner, we went to the terrace. It was very chilled out there.

I hugged my cute best friend, holding her waist, and planted a kiss on her lips. It was extremely magical. Then, we both started to open up and our tongue started the work. I held her naked waist and started kissing her hard.

We lost track of time about how long we were kissing. We separated ourselves to catch our breath. We decided to go to our room and continue the action.

While going down, I was holding her waist from the back, and I was not able to control looking at her.

As soon as we reached the room, I pinned my bestie to the wall and started kissing her. She was taken aback at this and after some seconds, she started enjoying it.

I lifted her and took to the bedroom and threw her on the bed. And there she was, lying like a doll to be fucked by me!

Seeing my sexy best friend in that position, I could not control myself and jumped on the bed. I started kissing her again and removed her pallu. I was able to see her fair cleavage, and it made me hornier.

I made her stand up and removed her clothes. While removing my best friend’s clothes, I was intentionally taking time and touching her body, waist, neck, face, and lips. This was making Akshatha hornier.

Once I removed all her clothes, it was her turn. She removed all her clothes one by one, and when it was time to remove my boxers, she used her lips to remove it. Frankly speaking, that was the most intimate moment for me.

After that, we both were completely naked. We got on the bed and started kissing again. This time, I started kissing her neck and she started moaning heavily. After that, I started kissing my best friend’s boobs and chewing her pink nipples.

This went on for 20-30 minutes. She started moaning loudly and had her first orgasm!

Then, it was my turn, she started tying her hair for the blowjob, and it looked damn sexy. She made me stand up and took my dick.

In the beginning, my best friend was struggling, but after some time, she started to get the hang of it.

After a few minutes, I was on the verge of climaxing, she noticed this and increased the pace. I came in her mouth and she swallowed all of it. Both of us had a big smile as we were very happy.

Then we started the real action. We took a few minutes’ break, and we were sleeping side by side. She was playing with my dick. So, it made me horny and I started kissing her. After a few minutes, when my dick regained energy, we were ready for the major action.

I applied a lubricant to my dick and since she was wet, I did not apply it to her. I started to push my dick inside her pussy. In the first attempt, I was not able to push completely. But in the second attempt, half of my dick went inside her, and she gave the loudest moan.

I covered her mouth as I was afraid that the neighbours will hear her. I gave her a few seconds to relax, then I completely pushed my dick inside her. She screamed again, but since my hand was covering her mouth, she could not make much noise.

Then I started fucking her, her cries turned into moans, and she started enjoying it. While fucking her, I started to play with her boobs. This went on for 20-25 minutes. She has cummed twice during that time.

I was also on the verge of climax, I told the same to Akshatha. She asked me to take out my dick. I did. She took my dick into her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. I cummed in her mouth and she drank all of it.

Both of us were extremely happy. This did not end here, after resting for 20 minutes, I took her to the shower. I made her sit on the floor and pinned her hand above her head. Then I took my dick and put it in her mouth. She started enjoying it as I was controlling her.

My best friend started giving me a blow job. It was more like me fucking her mouth. Once my dick was hard enough, I made her stand up and switched on the shower.

I made her stand below the shower and cleaned her up. After that, I started licking her entire body with my tongue. She was liking it very much, and she reached her orgasm quite early.

After this, both of us entered the bathtub, and we cleaned our bodies. She was lying on me the whole time, and I was playing with her pussy and kissing her lips and neck.


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