Unexpected Meeting My School Mate And Getting Fucked By Him

Hello guys and girls, this is Varshini Shetty. This is my first real story that I am going to share. Hope you all like it.

I am from a rich background and a single father who never gave a shit about me. Naturally, I am blessed with a great body (36-26-36). You can imagine Shruthi Hassan. It happened when I was 21 and I planned a Goa trip with my boyfriend.

Everything went as planned. Our travel was as expected with blowjobs and handjobs from Bangalore to Goa. We reached Goa at night. We both were tired as hell and I slept as soon as I reached the room. The next day morning my boyfriend got a call from his parents saying that something important has come up.

He: Hey babe, I am sorry I have to go.

Me: WTF, what happened?

He: My parents are not explaining anything.

Me: What about this trip?

He: I am sorry, we have to go before they find out. I am not in the hostel.

Me: Fuck your parents already, (pissed at him) I don’t care about them. If you are with me then forget them. Tell them to fuck off and deal with those issues themselves.

He: (slaps me hard) Don’t you dare talk about them like that, bitch.

He slapped so hard that I saw birds flying around my head. I started crying and he didn’t even try to calm me down. He took the car key and his luggage and went away. I was like, “WTF just happened? Did he just bail over me with my fucking car.”

I cried even harder for some time. And suddenly something hit me, “Why should I care about that fucker if he didn’t? Why can’t I enjoy my trip on my own?” I became instantly cheered and checked my bag for money. I had my debit card.

I washed my face and got ready and left the place. I reached Baga beach and I was happy to see people around there. I instantly took off my top and got rid of my pants. I was in my red bikini. Instantly I started to notice men ogling at my boobs and butt which was cheering me up.

I got on a chair and was getting suntanned. A few minutes later, I noticed a well-toned guy in his underwear approaching me.

Guy: Hey sexy!

Me: (surprised and confused) Hey, do we know each other?

Guy: Did you forget your school mate, Hari?

Me: (shocked) what? You are that fat, Hari?

Hari: Come on Varshini. I wasn’t that fat

I was still staring at him in shock that he was so hot now. All I remember was his pot belly in the10th grade.

Hari: (waving his hand) Hey, you alive?

Me: (back to the present) Omg, look at you now. You have changed. Wow!

Hari: Actually yes, I am gymming regularly.

Me: You are fucking hot, Goddammit.

Hari: (laughing hard)  Ok stop now.

Me: Who did you come with?

Hari: To be honest I came alone. Do you know India bike week? It’s like an exhibition of exotic bikes. I came for that alone. I felt bored so I came to the beach and I found my sexy school mate. I am lucky

Me: Hahaha. You have become bold with your words too I like it. (smirking)

Hari: What about you then? Don’t tell me you came alone!

I told him the entire story and wept a little He hugged me and I responded. His warm body was really good that I didn’t leave him for a few good seconds and felt wetness at my vagina. He suddenly pulled me to the beach and pushed me to the water.

We were playing with each other in the water and trying to catch each other. His every catch of me was too strong and dominant. I cannot deny the fact of submitting to him. He just pulls my hand and catches me from behind. He hugs and pulls me off the ground so that his hands are around me.

My boobs would be over his forearm and butt used to feel his cock whenever he catches me like that. We played for an hour or so and came out of the water. We both were breathing heavily. He started to stare at my cleavage moving due to my breathing. I got shy and horny at the same time.

Me: Hari, my eyes are up here. (laughing)

Hari: You are so sexy, Varshini. I can’t help looking at your body. Look at your breasts moving up and down like its a trap for men around here. If anyone doesn’t look at breasts then they must gay. Trust me you look so sexy.

His words made me horny and I could feel my pussy getting hungry for his cock. My nipples started to poke out my bra. We both were staring at each other. He suddenly caught me by my waist and pulled me and gave me a lip lock. I was shocked. But eventually, I started responding well.

He was sucking my lips and giving the best french kiss I ever had. I can feel his hands going down at my butt and grabbing it while still sucking my lips. His grip over me was strong and which I never felt before. We both shared saliva and I kept forgetting my boyfriend by each second.

I started to moan while kissing. When he released me there was a small string of saliva from our mouths.

Hari: That was the most amazing kiss I ever had.

Me: (noticing his bulge over his underwear) Someone is trying hard to come out.

Hari was trying to correct his bulge. I caught his hand and placed my hand over his bulge. I said, “I want more from you.” I could see him in joy and he started to pull me out of the beach. We both ran like horny couples who never had sex for a long time.

He rode his bike to my place. As soon as we entered the room, he pushed me to bed, “I am going to fuck you like never before.”

“I am yours, fat Hari.”

He pulled off my bra in one go and started to take my right boob in his mouth while playing my left boob. He was like a fucking monster, biting my nipple, pinching the other and sucking them like there was no tomorrow. I lost control and started to moan loudly.

He then shifted his mouth to my left boob and started to attack it. While crushing, pinching, pulling and giving little slaps on the other boob.  I was moaning loud enough for people outside the room can hear. He then went down and pulled my panties down. He saw my already wet pussy.

He started to lick my pussy like a hungry dog licking milk. I was all this time pushing him more to my pussy. I was locking his head by my thighs. He was giving a good tongue fuck as he inserted his tongue inside me and licking my walls. I lost total control and I started to arch my back.

He came up to me, “Wanna taste your juices sexy?” And started to french kiss me. He inserted one finger inside of me and fucking me and whilst still kissing me. I could taste my pussy juices from his mouth. I realized he found my g-spot. He inserted another finger, giving me hell and heaven at the same time.

Suddenly I started to squirt, which I never did in my life. It was so fucking sexy. It was like I peed on my bed. I came so much and started to breathe heavily. I was really happy. I then pushed him to bed and went down. I pulled his undies and then his cock sprung out. It was a decent size (6.5 inches, I asked him).

I started to give him a handjob using my left hand. I started by sucking his balls and pulling his balls using my mouth like a fucking vacuum cleaner. I then went on top slowly licking from his balls. Teasing him for showing me heaven like that. I licked off his salty pre-cum and gave him a blowjob.

He then grabbed my hair and started to push me aggressively up and down blowing his cock. I started to make heavy sounds. He was moving my head deeper and deeper that each thrust inside my mouth going deeper. The saliva was dripping out like tap water.

Suddenly he pushed even further in that I could feel his cock too much inside. He cum a huge load inside my mouth that started to gag and cough with his huge cum. As soon as he left my head and stood up giving a huge breath. His cum was dripping out of my mouth.

He had a huge grin on his face looking at me. I swallowed his cum and was breathing heavily.

Me: You are one tough mother fucker.

Hari: You deserved it, hot stuff!

Me: BTW Hari, didn’t you notice your cock go soft now that you released your entire load in my mouth?

I started to laugh which pissed him off. He pulled me to the bed suddenly and pushed my hands up and spread my legs like a chicken. He started to rub his soft cock against my pussy while his hands pinned my hands over my head. He started to get harder and harder rubbing my pussy.

It felt soo good. He positioned his cock on my pussy and gave a sudden thrust inside that I shouted, “You asshole, that was painful.” He never cared and started to fuck me moving his hips and his cock going in and out of my horny and painful pussy.

Pains started to vanish as my boyfriend did and I started to submit to him. He was fucking my pussy harder and harder, each thrust inside me was sending huge pulses of waves. I started to shout and moan louder, “Fuck me, Hari, fuck me harder like my boyfriend never did.”

We both were about to cum and I locked him not leaving him to cum outside. I wanted to feel his load inside me. He understood and gave a final thrust and he came. I could feel my womb filling with his cum. That was a lot, I mean a lot of cum that my pussy was dripping out.

He then laid next to me.

Hari: (breathing heavily) That was awesome!

Me: (putting my hands over him) You are the best fucker in the world, Hari. I mean it.

Hari: Thanks for taking my virginity, Varshini.

Me: (literal shocked) What? You were a virgin till now?

Hari: Anything wrong?

Me: No, I mean you fucked me like an experienced pornstar

Hari: Hahaha.

We both slept on each other’s arms for that entire day and got up at night. We ordered some food and then continued fucking and fucking. There was no stop between us. We partied a lot for three days, roaming around places and fucking each other whenever we got a chance. I still get wet thinking of those days.

If you liked my story please mail me about what you felt.

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