Banged Mrs Reena In Lonavala

Hi, guys, I am Raj age 22 from Mumbai. I am a big fan of stories here. I always had a dream of being with an older woman. I found them very attractive. Also since I never had a girlfriend as I was a little shy. I used to study at a college near my home.

I had plenty of Milfs living near my home. Some were in their mid-30s and some in mid-40s. But I never got the courage to speak to anyone of them. I had a friend name Sharad who used to tease me with his affairs with older women as he was a real flirt.

One day there was an event in our college in which I was participating. Our coordinator for the event was Mrs. Reena. She was around 45 years of age with a slight dusky complexion but a very attractive figure of 36-34-38. She didn’t look old by her appearance.

The way she used to wear sari her navel would often get me goosebumps. Soon we started interacting with each other. To my luck, she used to stay near my home. While chatting with her we became good friends. Many times I would pick her from her home on my bike to go to college.

She had a son aged 19 and a daughter aged 14. Later I came to know that she was a divorcee and used to stay with her kids. Soon we started chatting on WhatsApp.  Many of my friends used to find her attractive. I often used to tease them by saying how she holds me while riding my bike just to make them jealous.

One day our college planned a trip. I messaged her if she will come with us to which she said, “Sorry Raj but what will I do with the kids.” I said, “But mam if you won’t come I too won’t go.” She said, “Raj but won’t you feel bored in my company.”

I said, “Mam I feel happy whenever I am with you,” and sent a love sticker. She smiled back and said you are so nice Raj.  I was happy that she would join me on the trip. I had started to have a feeling for her which I didn’t know was lust or just my thinking that I could convince her.

The day came when we started our trip to Lonavala. She was wearing a beautiful red sari and she sat with me in the last seat of the bus. No one else was sitting in the last seat of the bus. During the journey, I kept on talking to her and even occasionally flirted with her.

Within half an hour, I saw she had slept. In sleep, she kept her head on my shoulder and her hands were holding my hand. I could see her cleavage in her blouse. She was holding my hands and her head on my shoulder made me nervous and excited at the same time.

I took some courage and put my hand on her waist and felt her skin. She didn’t move a bit. I was enjoying the journey. I would slowly move my hand over her milky tummy and even fingered her navel. Suddenly I saw her staring at me but with a smile. Oh my god, her smile gave me a positive sign.

She slowly whispered in my ears, “Raj, can I keep my head on your shoulder and sleep?” I said yes mam. A little time later I felt that she is giving me a positive signal. So I started to take the feel of her body but with caution as everyone was there on the bus.

I slowly inserted my hand inside her petticoat. I could feel her panty and slowly I inserted my hand inside her panty. Oh my god, I finally was touching her pussy. I slowly rubbed her clit she got excited. She whispered in my ears, “Raj please stop I am getting excited.”

I said, “Mam, please let me feel you. I love you.” She whispered in my ears, “Raj I love you too but not on the bus please.” I understood her point and now I was excited. I knew once I reach Lonavala I will get the opportunity to make out with her. We all reached Lonavala.

Time passed by I had my eyes on her. But I was not able to get alone time with her as everyone was around. To my bad luck, she was given a room with a college girl. At night I saw her going towards the college bus. As soon she entered the bus to get her purse I realized no one was there near the bus.

The party was going on the other side and not even the driver was there. I quickly got on the bus. Seeing me she got frightened and said, “Raj, what happened?” I said, “Reena mam I want to make love to you.” She said Raj, “But it’s not right. What happened on the bus was wrong.”

I made her sit on one seat and I sat on the other. I told her about being a virgin and wanted to feel real pussy. She said, “Raj you are a good boy you will get many girls.” I said, “Mam, I want you.” After convincing her she agreed finally. I didn’t waste time. I pulled her towards me and started kissing her on lips.

I could feel her lovely lips. She was feeling a little awkward with me. But this was my only chance to feel her. I forgot everything and without wasting any time I opened her blouse. Omg, she was wearing a white color bra which I unhooked. Her melons were out.

I jumped on them and started pressing her nipples and sucking her breasts. She was also moaning with pleasure. I opened my shorts and took out my cock and asked her to go down and suck my balls and cock. She opened her mouth. Omg, once my cock was in her mouth I felt completely heavenly.

She sucked it for me like my girlfriend. I was pulling her by her hair. Soon she got up and I lifted her petticoat and with my hands pulled down her panty. It was completely wet. I made her stand with her face towards glasses of the bus and bent down behind her.

I buried my face on her pussy and kept on licking her pussy juices and playing with her cunt. Suddenly we heard someone coming the way we got scared. She got completely dressed. I too wore my pants but everything was clear within a minute. She had got scared and was about to leave the bus.

But I knew this was my only chance. I pulled her towards me and asked her to stand facing the walls of the bus. I lifted her petticoat and pulled down her panty again. She said, “Raj, please let us leave. Else someone will catch us.” But I told her, “Mam, we will do a quickie and go.”

I did not waste any time and spat on my cock to lubricate it a bit. With a single push penetrated her pussy. Omg, it was complete heaven feeling a mature pussy. I was stroking hard and I could even see her in pleasure. She was enjoying it. I too was vigorously pumping her love hole.

My cock was not ready to die soon. So I made her lie in missionary and with both her legs on my shoulder. Her hands hugging me tightly. I started pumping her pussy harder and making her moan in pleasure. Within a few minutes of hard stroking, I cummed inside her pussy.

Then we both got up and dressed up and left for the party.

Guys in the next part, I will tell you how I convinced her for anal at her home.  For feedback mail at [email protected]

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