There’s Always A Hope In Goa

Hello once again to all the pussies and dicks out there hope this quarantine you all are getting a good fuck. My name is Rohan and I am from Pune.

First of all, I want to thank all the readers who read my previous story ‘An Instagram Request That Leads To Sex’ and sent emails and messages. With the feedback that I got, I am writing this story. This had actually happened with me 2 years ago when I was on a solo trip to Goa.

Let’s get to the story directly. I had just finished my exams. All of our group discussed that there should be a small trip to Goa. Everyone agreed but then on the day of departure nobody arrived. I was pissed off so much that I decided to travel solo and thus my journey began.

I booked a seat on A/C sleeper bus and reached Goa in the morning. Then I booked an 1BHK apartment in Calangute. Later, I decided to visit the beach and drink beer. Then comes the entry of the heroine of this story. She was actually a masseur girl working for a massage parlor.

As soon as I headed out to the beach I saw this girl in the balcony in our neighborhood. She was a North Indian girl mainly in her 30’s having a body stat of 34-26-34. Height of about 5 feet 2 inches, long hair and fair complexion. She had applied kajal on her eyes which made her look very sexy.

Apart from her sexy body, her dressing sense was kind of seductive. She was wearing tight t-shirt in which her round boobs were clearly visible and shorts in which her thighs were seductive. It was like a sex goddess appealing to be fucked.

The moment I saw her my jaws dropped seeing such a beauty. I decided that I should try to fuck her. Then after reaching the beach I sat on a shack and ordered a beer. I sat there drinking while thoughts of the lady I just saw were all over my mind.

I was thinking about how should I approach her. Then after drinking some beer I decided that I should go back to my apartment to see the beauty. While going I took a whiskey bottle and then went to my apartment. I was once again lucky to see the sex goddess. But this time she was leaving her apartment.

She looked at me. I smiled to which she also smiled and left. My heart started beating rapidly. It was like the first thing that went in my favor. I thought that there is a possibility of getting her in my bed. Then I drank some whiskey and slept.

The next day I decided to spend my time in a swimming pool in our apartment. After an hour in the swimming pool, my eyes caught the attention of this sex goddess. She was looking at me and smiling, I guess looking at my body. At that time I was a well built regular gym going guy.

I also started looking at her and was smiling. This was a kind of green signal for me that she was also interested in me. After some time of smiling and blushing she went inside and so did I. I changed and headed out. Thoughts were running in my mind as how to approach her.

Then I came up with an idea. I rang the doorbell of her apartment and she opened the door. My god, she was looking so appealing. She was wearing a night gown. There was an instant boner but somehow I controlled and asked her for some sugar.

I told her that I love drinking coffee but I forgot to buy sugar. Which was a very silly idea at that time, I neither had to drink coffee nor I had a cup to make it. I guess she understood that. But still, she went inside and brought me some sugar with a smile on her face.

I asked her name and she replied, “My name is Sapna.” I replied, “Thank you sapna ji for this sugar.” She blushed and closed the door. I was like in heaven after seeing her blushing. A sexy wicked smile that I sensed, as if inviting me to fuck her.

Then I returned to my apartment thinking about her I masturbated two times. The next day was also the same. Deliberately I didn’t go elsewhere but instead headed straight to the swimming pool. but this time it was different, she was looking at me just like a girlfriend sees her boyfriend.

She was giving me signals and I was returning them. It all went smoothly. In evening, I invited her to my apartment to drink with me which she readily accepted. I knew now I stand a chance of fucking. After another 10 minutes there was a knock on my door.

I opened it and, wow, the sex goddess was standing in front of me in a tank top and shorts. Her milky thighs were inviting to be touched but I controlled myself. Then we sat on the sofa and our normal chit chat started. We started drinking and along with it I was playing some music which she was also enjoying.

After 4-5 peg each we started getting a bit high. Everything was normal except we were sitting a bit far from each other. I wanted to touch her somehow then I got an idea. I invited her to dance with me. First, she was not into it but after my consistent efforts she agreed.

I played some music and we were dancing. Not so close but was not too far either. Now after another peg she was like totally drunk. I changed the music and also the mood. Now she was in my arms facing me and dancing. After another 5 minutes, I put my one hand on her waist and started caressing it.

She smiled at me and took my both hands and put them onto her ass. It was like a green signal for me. We both came closer. I could feel her breath getting heavy and then I planted a kiss. That was one of the most wonderful kiss I had. My both hands were on her ass caressing them.

Suddenly I grabbed them and she moaned lightly. My hands were still on her ass as we were dancing to the beats. Then again I kissed her but this was a passionate kiss. As if inviting me to fuck her. After another 5 minutes of kissing I held her hand and we headed towards the bedroom.

After entering the bedroom she pushed me onto the bed. She came down on me, removed my shorts, and started stroking the dick. She was happy by seeing such an enormous dick. She said, “Today I will suck you like nobody has ever sucked you before.”

And trust me guys she was doing it like a pro, just like a pornstar. She was giving me a blowjob which was the best I had ever had. I came within 5 minutes and she drank all up like a hungry cat. After the blowjob it was my time to return the favor.

I also told her that “Today I’m going to suck and lick your pussy as no one has ever done before.” Saying this I jumped on her, removed all her clothes made her nude. I started finger fucking her while I was licking and sucking her boobs. She was enjoying it and so did I.

Then I completely went down on her. I started licking her thighs while I was still finger-fucking her. Her soft moans were making me even hornier. Then after licking her thighs I decided to suck her pinkish pussy. I separated her pussy lips with my fingers and inserted my tongue inside her pussy.

I was sucking and licking her pussy. She was moaning like hell. I continued sucking for further 30 minutes or so in which she had came 2 times. I wanted more but now she was hungry as a lioness. Screaming, “Please fuck me now. I can’t resist any more. I want that big cock of yours inside my pussy.”

Listening to those words I quickly moved her in the doggy position and inserted my dick her in pussy within a push. She moaned loudly. With every passing second I increased my speed slowly and gradually. After 5 minutes of grinding, I increased my speed to the fullest.

She was also supporting me by moving her ass to the rhythm of fucking. After 10 minutes of fucking in the doggy style, she came on top of me and sat on my dick while I was sucking her milky boobs. Now she was fucking me while the only job I was doing was kissing her and sucking her boobs.

After another 10 minutes, I came inside her. We both were tired and slept there on the bed. After another half an hour she came on me and started giving me another blowjob. But now all I wanted was to fuck her more. So I lifted her up and pushed her to the bed.

We were now in the missionary style. I positioned my dick near her pussy and with a stroke it was all inside her. I started fucking her, ramming her pussy, and was enjoying every bit of it again. After 10 minutes I came inside her. As I removed my dick I could see juices dripping from her pussy.

She then took her hand inserted inside her pussy and started licking her hand tasting my cum. It was the best scene of all. Then we again enjoyed the whole night and more than 2 days just fucking sucking each other. It was my most memorable trip to Goa.

So that was it from the story but it’s not over. In the next part I’ll tell you about my next trip to Goa and how I enjoyed. Till then enjoy fucking and don’t forget to send a feedback on below mentioned email address. You can also text me on hangout. [email protected]

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