Passionate Fuck With Married Mumbai Woman – Part 1

Hello, my dear readers, I am Rahul from Mumbai. I am 29 years old, fair and have an athletic build. So coming to this story – actually, this is not just a story, this is an incident that had happened in my life.

This happened when I was working in my hometown. I was 26 years old at that time. There was a woman residing nearby my home. The locality was nice and good and that’s why it used to be peaceful all the time, except for some occasions.

The first time when I saw this woman, I was lost in her. She was so hot and sexy. My cock got erect the moment I saw her! She was completely voluptuous with an incredible amount of flesh at all the right places.

She must be around 40 years old at that time. She had big breasts which I was dying to play with. Her hips were wide and fleshy. Her lips were thick and pouty and she was a fair and healthy woman. She always used to be in sarees, and man, she used to look so hot in that.

My mom knew her as they were friends. I used to just greet her whenever we used to come face to face, nothing more than that. But things were going to change very soon. I will have to hide her real name, so let’s call my mom’s friend Mrs. Vinitha.

Mrs. Vinitha used to come to our home even to have a chat with my home. By seeing this hot married woman every time, my cock used to salute her. Because of my mom, Mrs. Vinitha and I also started conversating. She was very friendly and nice and that’s the reason we got close very soon.

Now she does not just come to meet my mom, but also to meet me, and sometimes even just to meet me.

My mom was a socially active person so at least thrice a week my mom won’t be at home. She would be attending some or the other event. And this gave Mrs. Vinitha and me a golden chance to fuck the hell out of each other.

Mrs. Vinitha had very soon come to know that I was sexually attracted to her and was dying to fuck her. And a bit later, I too came to know that my mom’s friend Mrs. Vinitha too was eager to allow my hard cock into her hot and moist pussy.

Very soon, she started to invite me to her house. Her husband used to be busy and on official tours almost all the time. Her kids were studying out of the city. Mrs. Vinitha was 40 years old but still, she was so hot that my cock never used to stay down after seeing her.

One day, she came to my home. I think she knew that I was alone at home because my mom and she were good friends and she knew my mom’s timetable very well. So she came around 12:30 in the afternoon. She asked me about my lunch. I said that I already had my lunch.

Then she suggested to stay with me at my home and spend some time with me as she was getting bored. I happily obliged and agreed.

We both sat on the sofa together and she was half facing me and sitting. We were talking like that. My eyes were wandering all around her sexy body and she too noticed it very well.

Mrs. Vinitha was wearing a light green chiffon saree that afternoon. She was looking so hot in that saree. Her half-naked hips were temptingly visible in her saree, and her deep navel was peeping from behind her saree pallu. All these things were arousing me more and more.

Things were completely clear between us till that time that we both were hungry for each other. The only thing left was to break the ice. And we both were no way going to delay and miss this super easy opportunity.

While talking, I placed my hand just above her knees. She looked at me, not with a shocked expression, but with a kind of expression that said why did I wait so much to do this.

She was looking at me with horny eyes. I moved my hand further up towards her thighs and squeezed her thighs. She closed her eyes and exhaled heavily. I kept on squeezing her thighs and very soon, the intensity increased. Now I was massaging her thighs on her saree itself. She started moaning and my cock was raging with blood.

I went closer to her and took hold of her face. We both looked at each other’s eyes. There were lust and desire in both of our eyes. With those horny eyes, we locked our lips and got drowned into a deep and passionate kiss.

Her lips tasted soo fucking hot and sweet. I went on tasting her delicious lips and she kept on hungrily kissing me back.

We both were extremely horny by then. I broke the kiss and knelt before her. She was sitting on the sofa and I was kneeling right in front of her. I caught the hem of her saree and slowly kept on raising her saree.

When the saree was lifted till knees, I started kissing her calves and knees. Then I was going on lifting her saree and kissing the exposed flesh. I was licking and kissing her fleshy legs.

After lifting her saree further, I started licking her hot and fleshy thighs. The married Indian woman was going nuts and was moaning hornily. Her horny moaning was making me more horny and crazy.

Then I lifted her saree almost up to her hips and saw her super wet black panties. She was looking so sexy in that condition. Her saree was raised up to her hips and her wet panty was visible. Oh my gosh! What a sexy sight it was.

I got crazy and caught her panties and pulled them down. Her completely drenched panty was in my hand. It was a sexy hot honor to smell a wet panty of a married woman and no way I was going to miss it.

I smelt her panty and went straightaway to a sexual heaven. Her panty smelt incredible. I parted her thighs and kissed her inner thighs. I licked and bit her fleshy thighs.

I then parted her legs and looked at a delicious looking wet pussy. I looked at Mrs. Vinitha and she just caught my hair and pulled my face right on to her pussy. Her pussy was smelling incredible.

I started kissing and licking her wet pussy. It tasted heavenly. My hands were gripping her bunched up saree and my mouth was savoring one the most delicious pussy in the world. I ate her pussy very well and after torturing her clitoris for many minutes, Mrs. Vinitha burst into a powerful orgasm! I licked and sucked all her juices clean.

We both were getting crazy by every passing minute. I raised my head and Mrs. Vinitha immediately pounced on my lips and started hungrily kissing me. I kissed her back and we both were groping each other and passionately kissing.

While kissing, I dropped her saree pallu and then started kissing and licking her neck. I unhooked her blouse and spread it open without removing it. I buried my face into her massive cleavage and licked her cleavage.

I then stood up and lifted my mom’s married friend in my arms. She hugged me and locked her thighs around my hips tightly. She started kissing me hard and kept kissing me till I took her to my bedroom.

I threw her on my bed and immediately got between her legs and started kissing her hard. Mrs. Vinitha started fumbling with my shorts button. I helped her unbutton my shorts and hurriedly we both made myself naked.

Mrs. Vinitha looked into my eyes and just said one sentence, “Rahul..Fuck me hard…Take me to heaven..” Who was I to deny this hot married Indian woman? I placed my cock at her pussy and rubbed my cock head on her wet pussy slit. She started moaning lustily and started bucking her lips.

Then I just plunged my hard steel rod into her burning hot pussy. We both moaned loudly.

I started fucking her deep and hard. Mrs. Vinitha urged me to fuck her like anything. I started ramming her pussy hard, harder and more harder. She started screaming. Her fingernails dug into my back.

I was fucking her mercilessly. We both had drowned into some other world, I kept on fucking her like crazy.

Then she screamed at the top of her voice and experienced the hardest and most intense orgasm of her life (she said this to me late).

We both felt completely exhausted. We were holding each other and breathing hard. Then we kissed and savored each other’s lips for minutes.

Mrs. Vinitha was happy, I was happy. It was just awesome.

We took a shower together and got dressed. We then sat on the sofa again, she was leaning back on my chest. I was slowly caressing her body on her saree itself. I was kissing her neck and we were talking. This was the start of our mind-boggling sex encounters.

So, for now, this is it. I hope I would get genuine feedback. Till next time, bye and take care.

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