Dad’s Friend’s Wife

Hi everyone I am Rahul. I am 21 years old and live in Kochi. I am interested in satisfying unsatisfied aunties. Those who want to have an unforgettable sexual experience can email me [email protected]

Coming to the story. I am going to narrate my first sexual encounter. The heroine of the story is my father’s friend’s wife Shobha (name changed). It happened when I was 20 years old. She was the lady of my dreams. Whenever I used to go with my parents to her place I would always admire her figure.

Then on reaching back home I would masturbate thinking of her. She was 37, a mother of 3. She was a true MILF. Her bra size was 36 D. She was chubby wherever you wanted her to be. The incident happened during summer vacation. Her husband was always away from home because of his job.

As it was summer vacation her children had gone to her mother’s place in Kottayam. The sex goddess was all alone in her flat. It was a Thursday evening, my father had told me to go to their house and collect a pen drive. It was something to do with their college reunion.

I saw this as an opportunity to meet my dream lady and without any hesitations rushed to their place. Since we were very close to their family I did not even bother to knock the door. I straight away opened the door and went in. When I reached the living room itself I could hear some moaning sound.

When I went to the master bedroom I saw a sight I saw only in my dreams. My sex goddess was only in her white saree blouse and was masturbating with the help of a dildo. My dick got erected the very moment. Without making any noise I watched her masturbate till she cummed. She had a nice shaved pussy.

Without making any noise I moved outside the flat and rang the calling bell. Shobha aunty in her white saree opened the door. She was sweating profusely. I smiled and asked her whether everything was alright. She said she was fine and that she just got back from work.

She was sweating because she had climbed all the way to the 11th floor of the flat. She asked me to come inside and sit. I asked her for the pen drive and she gave it to me. I asked her where had the kids gone. She replied that they had gone to Kottayam and that they would come only next week.

She also told that her husband had gone to Dubai for a business meeting. She told me that she was all alone for the weekend. This sparked an idea in my brain. I left her place after that. On my way back I planned that I would lie to my parents that I was going to Munnar with friends. Then go to Shobha aunty’s house, Friday night. I slept that night thinking of the next day and my goddess.

The next day I went to the medical shop and bought a set of anti-pregnancy pills and pack of moods ultra-thin condoms. I went to her place at around 7 pm. She had just returned from work. She was in a red saree. Since Shobha aunty had completed her studies in Bangalore she often dressed boldly highlighting her assets.

Her way of wearing saree was so sexy. He hips and naval were visible partially. I could also see sweat patches in her red blouse. She wore matte red lipstick and had black nail polish. Her bra strap was also visible. On seeing me she gave me a tight hug. During this time I got her smell.

The scent of the perfume along with her sweat had created a sexy aroma. She invited me in and gave me tea. I told her that I had come to relieve her of her loneliness, and gave her a naughty smile. She also smiled back and she went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. I gathered all my courage and made my move.

I went to the kitchen and hugged her from behind and kissed her below her neck. To my surprise, she did not even resist. I told her to say goodbye to the dildo and that I would satisfy all her desires. She turned and looked at me straight into the eye. Slowly her juicy red lips approached mine.

I was in heaven. We kissed passionately for a couple of minutes. At the same time, I was rubbing my hands over her saree blouse. I kissed her neck and bit her ears, she moaned lightly. Then she led me to the master bedroom. She locked the door of the master bedroom and pushed me onto the bed.

She stood in front of me and began to tease me by stripping her saree. In under a minute there she was in a red blouse and black laced panty. This was the best sight I had seen in my life. Then she tied her hair and sat near me and undressed me. I was naked with my dick fully erect.

She climbed on top of me. She removed the hook of her blouse and threw the bra at my face. I immediately got the smell I had described earlier. I lost my control I pulled her towards my chest. We started kissing like there’s no tomorrow. She licked my whole body and gave me a nice blowjob.

Now it was my turn. I started off with her big juicy boobs. I started massaging them. Oh, I was in heaven. Then she removed the hook of her bra and I helped her remove her panties. Her clean pussy was dripping with juices. She laid on the bed as for missionary style.

I inserted my 5.5-inch dick into her glory hole, from the first stroke onwards she was moaning. With each successive stroke, her moans became louder. But I did not stop. I wanted to make her feel what a real man is. In some time both of us reached our climax, unloaded my hot load on her pussy.

Both of us were exhausted and laid on the bed. After some time we went to the bathroom to clean ourselves. I told her that I will be spending the weekend with her. She was very delighted to hear this and she instantly wrapped her hand around my head and French kissed me.

This, in turn, led to us having another session in the bathroom. After that, we cleaned ourselves and laid on the bed. I was on her lap and she massaged my head and we slept off. The next day was also the same. This happened many more times also.

We also planned for a honeymoon to Goa during the Christmas break. Hope you all liked my story. All unsatisfied aunties in and around Kochi reading this don’t hesitate to email me.

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