Mingled With A Married Friend

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Coming to the story. It’s about a married lady I met on a social networking site mingle. This was the 1st time that I got a message from the other side. Usually, I would message online females. Here is how the chat went:

She: Hello, are you in Goa?
Me: Yeah.what are you looking for?
S: Sex. Do you stay alone?
M: No. I stay with my family.

S: Oh! We would have enjoyed this entire week if you were staying alone.
M: That’s not a problem, I can arrange a place for us.
S: Great. But there is one more problem
M: What is that?

S: I am married and have a 2-year-old child.
M: That is not a problem. I don’t mind. Where is your husband?
S: He’s at Vadodara. I have come for a vacation to my dad’s place.

M: So should I book a room?
S:  I am scared that someone might identify us.

After I saw a chance to fuck this 28-year-old married lady, I somehow convinced her that I will book a safe place for us. She then agreed. I used the Airbnb app and booked a flat for us. The flat belonged to a Christian family. They are more open-minded and don’t mind couples having sex at their place.

The next day I took the keys to the flat and the owner showed me his flat and left. After that, I called the lady Neha. (not her actual name) I still don’t know her actual name). She asked me to wait for her at a kid’s school near the flat so that no one doubts us.

I waiting for her for 5 minutes and there she comes on a bike with a scarf around her face. I could make out that she’s the one and was excited to see flesh at the right places. She had 36 sized boobs and was on the plump side. She parked her bike near the school and came to my car.

I opened the passenger side door and she sat inside. Before I could say anything, she asked me to drive the car towards the flat which I did. I was desperately waiting to see her face. So I asked her to remove the scarf saying that security personnel at the society gate may feel suspicious if you put a scarf on the face in the car.

She removed her scarf and I was like ‘yippy’, I am getting to fuck this fair beauty this entire week. As soon as we reached the flat, she asked me to turn on the AC and sat on the bed. She told me that she’s doing this for 1st time with anyone other than her hubby.

She was shy and I would have to make the first move. I went close to her, held her in arms and planted a kiss on her lips. She was a pro at it and kissed me as if she was hungry for it for years. I slowly removed her top and there they came out, big 36 sized melons full of milk.

She gave a naughty smile looking at my eyes. I just kissed her again and removed her bra. Now she was half-naked. She tried lowering my jeans which she found difficult and I came to the rescue. Once jeans were removed, she put her hand issue my undie and pulled out my 6.5″ cock.

She was shocked to see it’s thickness more than its length. She instantly took my cock in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. That awesome feeling of her hot saliva on my dick was awesome. I was on cloud nine. I just held her head and stroked it to feel the depth of her mouth.

I was moaning. She was looking at my eyes from down, how satisfied I was. My stroking of her head made her gasp for her breath a few times. Even I was enjoying the pain that I gave to the bitch. Now was my turn to give her pleasure. I removed her jeans and panty.

Her pussy was clean and the aroma of her wet juices was making me go mad. I brought my head between her legs and started sucking her pussy. She was moaning so loudly that the neighbor would have heard. She was moaning and pushing my face deep into her pussy.

I felt she was taking revenge for making her gasp for breath when she gave me oral. I simultaneously started finger fucking her. Her love juices were oozing out of her love hole. It was salty and sexy. After doing this for 10 min, she started begging before me to penetrate her with my cock.

I was teasing her and she started giving bad words in Konkani, to which I was surprised since she was originally from Delhi. She cummed because of my finger fucking. She caught hold of my dick and placed it on her love hole. I knew this is the time that we should play the main game.

I just rubbed my cock in her clitoris and then put it on the entrance of her hole. It was all wet there and my small stroke made my dick go half inside. She was in pain and I was in heaving. Her pussy was tight even though she was the mother of a 2-year-old.

Later I came to know that her hubby didn’t fuck her after her childbirth. I felt I was lucky and increased my speed. The entire room was now full of love juice aroma and the sound of our friction. I lip locked her and kept fucking her for 15 minutes. I was about to cum.

I asked her where to cum and she told me to release it inside her vagina. Before she could finish her words, I exploded my cum inside her vagina with a loud moan and collapsed on her. After 15 minutes, we gained our senses and found out cum oozing out of her pussy.

We dressed up quickly since her parents were waiting at home. We had a long kiss and I dropped her near the school. She has promised me to have similar sex sessions when she’s back to Goa on the next vacation. I am waiting.

Thanks for reading my story guys. Girls can contact me on hangout at [email protected]

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