The Doctor And The Housewife

Hey, I’m Amit, back with another story. This is not my own story but was narrated to me by the doctor who is the protagonist. This is a story about a wealthy doctor and an ordinary housewife.

Now coming to the story, Rajesh is a doctor in his mid-forties but has a well-built body. As he is a wealthy man, he hired a CA (Naman) to look after his tax returns. Naman was a man in his late thirties, and his wife Neetu was around 35 years old.

While Naman had let himself go, Neetu had maintained herself quite well. She was quite a milf, curvy at all the right places. Naman and Neetu had an 8-year-old son.

One day Naman had gone to see Rajesh about his tax returns. He promoted his wife’s hand-made pickles to him. Rajesh liked the pickles and asked Naman to get him one of each variety. In fact, he wanted to invest in his wife’s business.

Naman was very happy to hear this and invited him to his house to discuss this proposition. The day of the meeting arrived. Naman and Neetu were very happy as they could finally have some financial stability.

Rajesh reached Naman’s house on time and was impressed by the quality and business model of Naman’s wife’s company. He decided to invest in their business to upscale it.

As Rajesh was now Neetu’s business partner, he frequently visited her home even when Naman was not there. Naman was a workaholic, and Naman’s and Rajesh’s schedules rarely matched. Everything was going well, and the company was growing.

As Rajesh made frequent visits, he started noticing the sexy curvy body of Neetu and how she seemed sexually frustrated. As days went on, he became more and more attracted to Neetu until he decided to act.

One day he went to Neetu and Naman’s home early in the morning, around 10 am. He knew that Neetu would be alone at that time. Neetu was surprised to see him, but she invited him in and asked him to sit down on the sofa. She sat opposite him.

Rajesh’s eyes were fixated on her hot body, which looked even better as she was covered in sweat doing housework. Neetu was wearing a saree. But as her blouse was dripped in sweat, her bra outline was visible, making Rajesh hornier.

After talking to Rajesh for some time, she went to the kitchen to make some tea. Rajesh went behind her as he could no longer control himself. Neetu was busy making tea in the kitchen when she realized that someone was standing right behind her.

Before she could turn, Rajesh grabbed her hand from behind and planted a kiss on her neck. Neetu tried to push him away but could not as Rajesh had a good built and held her firmly. Then he started kissing her back over her blouse.

Those kisses were making Neetu horny as she hadn’t had sex in a long time. She slowly started losing control over her body. Rajesh realized this. He turned her around towards himself and planted a kiss on her lips while he removed her pallu with his hand.

After kissing for some time, Neetu pushed him away. This created some separation between them. Neetu was looking like a sex goddess in just her blouse and petticoat dripped in sweat. Rajesh told her that he wants her now.

Neetu was not able to think straight. She replied that although what they are doing is wrong, she wants it, too. On hearing this, Rajesh put his hands on her waist and started kissing he neck area and her boobs.

Neetu got hornier and opened his shirt, forcefully breaking all the buttons and exposing his hot body. She started kissing his body wildly. Rajesh then grabbed her blouse and tore it apart, exposing her well-rounded boobs. He started kissing Neetu’s boobs and chewing her nipples.

Neetu was moaning pretty heavily as she was immersed in deep pleasure. Rajesh could no longer control himself. He opened his pants zip and took his cock out. It was a thick 6-inch dick hard as a rock. On seeing his cock Neetu got close to him. She whispered in his ear to fuck her like a whore she is.

On hearing this, Rajesh kissed her briefly. Then he turned her around, bent her on the kitchen slab, and tore her sari and petticoat off near her ass and pussy. He removed her panties and pushed all of his dick inside Neetu’s pussy in a single thrust.

Neetu wanted to moan loudly. But he put his hand over her mouth and started fucking her like a mad dog. He pulled her hand back over her ass while fucking her vigorously. The kitchen was filled with loud thrusting noises as their bodies slammed against each other.

Neetu’s hands were at the back. Her nipples were rubbing against the kitchen slab as her body moved in a to and fro motion. But she was lost in the pleasures of sex. After fucking her for some time on the slab, he picked her up, laid her down on the kitchen floor.

She was on her stomach and boobs and asked to push her ass in the air. Then he got on top of her and started ramming her again. Neetu’s moans filled the kitchen as she was having the time of her life completely lost in the pleasure.

Rajesh was fucking Neetu very hard and was also slapping her ass in between, making them red. Finally, after fucking for some good 15 minutes, they both released their cum.

Rajesh released his load on her ass, kissed her, and lay down on the floor with Neetu. They both were completely exhausted and drenched in sweat. Suddenly Rajesh realized that something was burning. Neetu realized that tea was still on the gas.

She told Rajesh to check the gas. Rajesh got up and saw that the whole teapot had burned out. He turned off the gas as he took his eyes off the gas stove. I saw Neetu lying on the kitchen floor in a torn-off dress, drenched in sweat. Neetu looks even hotter, which made Rajesh hard again.

He fucked Neetu one more time till they were completely exhausted. It was already noon, and Neetu realized that her son would be on his way home soon. She gave Rajesh one of Naman’s shirts and kissed him goodbye after exchanging numbers with him.

After Rajesh left, she took a quick bath and started arranging her messed-up kitchen. But what went on was still going on in her mind. Soon her son was home, and she got busy with the daily activities.

This was just the start of the housewife’s first affair. What happened next will be in parts to come. For feedback and anything, you can mail me at [email protected]

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