Fair College Beauty Fucked By A Stranger

Let me introduce you to the main character of the story, ‘The girl.’ Her name is Akanksha.

She is a damn hot goddess. The type of girl every guy dreams of. She is 36-26-34, very fair in skin color, and 5’7 height. Her eyes and her smile is the next attractive thing about her which wins everyone’s hearts. The boys fantasize about her, and the girls envy her. She is 21 and studies in a college.

One evening she and her college friends made a plan for outdoor dining at a nice restaurant. They were all excited about this. They have free time after such a long duration of hectic college examinations. The girls picked up their best outfits from their closets as if they would make the whole city crazy for them.

From the hostel gate to the main college gate, they astonished all the guys they encountered with their beautiful and sexy dresses. They made sure a good amount and appropriate amount of exposure of their fair skin.

The most attractive, Akanksha, was wearing an off-shoulder top that was just covering her boobs. They were appearing so firm, big, and round and also jiggled with her every move. The top ended above her navel. She wore a mini skirt that landed slightly above her thighs, exposing her milky legs.

How can a guy resist those! It is always an enjoyable sight to see such an innocent, beautiful-looking girl dressed in a sexy but yet classy outfit.

They reached the restaurant and ordered the food. They were having fun seeing all the attention they were getting. There was a guy in his 30s sitting on the table beside theirs. Akanksha noticed he was constantly gazing at her. First, she enjoyed it, knowing how hot she is to attract a man.

After some time, she got lost in the conversations with her friends. They started having the meal. After that, Akanksha went to the washroom. On her way, to her surprise, she met the same stranger guy who was gazing at her earlier.

Stranger: Hey!

Akanksha: Hi!

Stranger: I noticed you and wanted to say that you are very beautiful.

Akanksha: Thanks for your compliment. I am Akanksha.

They were done with the introduction, but this guy wanted to take things further.

Stranger: Akanksha, do you have any boyfriends?

Akanksha (surprised): None

Stranger: Surprising! You have such a nice body and still do not have a boyfriend.

Akanksha (slightly nervous): I think I should go now.

Stranger: You can always enjoy yourself with your friends. But I think you should also enjoy what your beautiful body can provide. You may not know how exciting it could be.

Akanksha was now finding this conversation interesting. She was thinking of spending some more time with him.

Akanksha (slight smile on lips): I didn’t understand what you mean?

Stranger: Follow me.

They were still standing in the area near the gates of the toilet. Then suddenly, the stranger took her by the waist and brought her inside the men’s washroom, which was luckily vacant.

Akanksha: Hey, what are you doing? What if anyone saw it!

Akanksha was a conservative and innocent-natured girl. She was a shy type of girl and has never been into any sexual incidents before in her life. What was happening right now startled her, but she was also thrilled at the same time.

Hormones were charging inside her body which made her follow the stranger’s words and actions. There was a shine in the stranger’s eyes as he got what he wanted. He has got his prey and will enjoy the feast with pleasure.

Stranger whispered in her ears: I am going to make you my whore, baby!

This statement trembled her but also excited at the same time. She was lost in the thoughts showing no resistance. This only made the stranger continue what he wanted.

He grabbed her hands with one hand and pinned her against the wall, and ran his other hand from her hairs to the neck, then through the curvature of her boobs till her navel. He said to her, “Omg! You are so juicy, baby.”

She was overwhelmed by the appreciation of the stranger. The innocent nature of hers was now dominated by the thrill of being touched by a stranger. Slowly the stranger took his hand behind her and inside her off-shoulder top. She was really in his control now.

The stranger felt the bra strap and appreciated the choice of her green-colored bra, feeling it from the inside. Then, in a rapid motion, unclasped the hook and removed it in one go in an impressive way. It was like a relief for both her boobs as they got freed from the tight bra she was wearing.

Introducing you to the nature of the stranger, he has erotic fetishes for girls. He likes to make out with them in a humiliating but yet erotic way. If the girls are shy and innocent, he likes it even more.

The stranger was now kissing her neck from behind. His hands were busy fondling those round and busty tits from over the top. He knows how to tease a girl to make her surrender by licking the perfect pleasure points.

He then unzipped his pants and took out his dick, and made her stroke it. She has never seen a penis until now and was now stroking one. He turned her to face him and then pulled the top up to view her tits. “So delicious!”

He complimented and then started sucking and pinching the nipples. “I have never seen such a nice pair before, perfect shape and milky with brown nipples.” Hearing those even made her blush.

The stranger saw her blushing and said, “You enjoy it, no. I already knew you are such a slut.” Being called by names like these and that too from a stranger were a turn-on for her. He was squeezing her boobs like big spongy balls.

Those whitish and milky melons were now his property, and he was feeding them like a hungry animal. He then stared into her eyes and started sucking her nipples. Akanksha felt embarrassed by that eye contact which made her think that what a nasty girl she is.

That dominant move is the power of that stranger to control the minds of ladies. For some time, he kept on sucking her nipples, licking and roughly squeezing her boobs. He placed his hand over the tip of her and then pulled her skirt up to her ass. He was surprised to find out there was a black-colored thong.

He placed his index finger between the bare skin and the thong. “Ready Slut!” saying this, he slides down her panties till her knee. Akanksha became very wet from the inside as the magic of the stranger was taking control.

He kept his hand over her sweet pussy and started fingering the clit and her pussy simultaneously. His other hand was massaging her big titties.

Stranger: You like being fingered down there, Slut?

Getting no response, he slapped her ass.

Stranger: I have asked you something, reply like a nice little girl. Do you like it?

Akanksha: Yes.

Stranger: Nice, but you will enjoy it even more.

With that, he increased the pace of his fingering motion and started rubbing the clit more vigorously. Her whole body was shaking and her boobs were jiggling like anything. It was a great sight to see.

She was about to cum, and he increased the pace more. She cummed so much like a waterfall. It was her first orgasm. She had never felt such before and was confused to escape from there or stay enjoying the first experience of having an orgasm. She chose the latter.

He knelt and licked her. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth opens to gasp for air. Then suddenly felt a finger inside her mouth. The stranger made her taste her juices. His fingers were fucking her mouth and mixing her pussy juices with that of her mouth saliva.

While doing that, he used to make strings of that drool and rub it on her face.

Stranger: Taste it, you filthy fucking whore.

He again placed his hand on her pussy. He took an ample amount of her juice and rubbed it on her face, neck, and boobs and massaged them with that. He ordered her to bend over the sink. His dick was now completely hard, and he lubricated it with her saliva.

Stranger: I am going to give you the real fuck, slut!

With that, he kept the tip of the penis near her pussy hole, with one push inserted inside her. He knew it was going to hurt her and made sure to keep the pace slow. She was moaning from the pain. Little did she know her moans were just encouragement for the stranger to fuck her harder.

He was pumping her doggy style. Her boobs were swinging in resonance with the thrusts inside her top. The stranger brought his hands over the top to grab her tits. Her nipples were so hard and long by now.

He placed his hand over the elastic and tried to pull it off completely. She resisted this by grabbing with her hand.

Akanksha: Please, don’t.

Stranger: Are you removing it, or should I rip it off, slut?

Akanksha: No, please don’t do that.

He then removed her top and dropped it on the floor.

He would pull her hair and manhandle her body. Whenever on edge, he used to slow down and start again. She was moaning loud, not from the pain but from the pleasure this time. She was enjoying the thrusts, rough handling of her boobs by strangers at the same time.

He increased the pace. The thrusts were now deeper and faster. Akanksha noticed him growling and understood he was about to come. Akanksha was feeling thrilled by the voice of her moans in sync with that of the strangers. She has never heard that type of sound from herself before.

She was now a complete slut who moans while getting fucked by the stranger. She was now on edge and then finally. Her second orgasm came. He stopped and made final two to three deep thrusts inside her before pulling his weapon out. The stranger slapped her ass hard.

Stranger: You cum so hard, bitch!

Akanksha thought he would again make her lick the juices with his fingers. But suddenly, she has turned around and pushed on the knees. She saw a huge 9-inch cock wet and slimy in front of her.

Stranger: Suck that cock with your filthy mouth, you slut.

She was hesitant but wanted to return the favor to the man who gave her the most satisfying pleasure. She opened her mouth and then took the whole dick in one go. The stranger grabbed her head and moved it faster on his cock. The sounds of her gagging on the cock were so erotic for him.

Akanksha heard him growling and opened her eyes to have a look. His cock was out from her mouth and in front of her face again. White jelly-like strands of cum sprayed on her face, and she was surprised to see this.

Stranger: This is my gift for tonight, slut.

He then spooned the cum from her face with his fingers and pushed it inside her mouth. He took some tissue papers to clean her body and helped in dressing her up.

Akanksha then prepared to leave and started walking towards the door, thinking in her mind what a nasty thing she was indulged in, but also satisfied inside.

Suddenly something stuck in the stranger’s mind. He got hold of her hand and bent her. She was again startled by this unexpected move. He got his hands inside her skirt, grabbed the panties, and slid them down.

They were rolled to her ankle and then caught in her heels. He lifted her one leg and then the other to get that panty. He waved it in front of her eyes. She was giggling at his gesture.

Stranger: I will keep these as a token.

Akanksha (blushing): Sure.

Stranger: You are a great fuck, slut. But you will be more amazing on my bed.

They exchanged the numbers and then went on their way.

Akanksha joined her friends and then departed from there. Her friends were making fun of where she would have been for so long. Akanksha didn’t know she could enjoy steamy sex and being slutty and dominated by a stranger.

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