The Frustrated Engineer

I’m an amateur writer and this is my first attempt at writing to express myself. Please pardon me if there are any mistakes.

I am Sanjay Raamasaami, a 24-year old frustrated engineer. I graduated from a decent engineering college and now working in an IT company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I am not a handsome hunk with an athletic body or perfect abs. But I’m just a normal guy with a normally built body.

Being brought up in a conventional family, the concept of sex has always been a taboo for me, until recent times. Every time I felt low, this website has provided me the required relief. Now, I’m going to return the same favor. I plan to compile all my experiences in the form of a short series.

I hope you like it. You can feel free to share your comments through email: [email protected] Any unsatisfied girls or aunties looking for a company, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally, can always reach out to me. Happy reading.

This particular incident happened in May 2016, when I was in my 3rd year at college. Our family lived in an individual house in one of the very good localities in Chennai. The heroine of the story is the aunty that lived next to our house. Let me call her ‘aunty’, without specifying any names.

Aunty is in her mid-40s and is a mother of 3 girls (all elder to me). But when you see her, you wouldn’t estimate her age to be above 30. She has a very young appearance and has very good body stats, which a mere set of 3 numbers would not be able to describe.

Every time she walks on the streets, her boobs jiggle up and down, her bums sway from right to left. These movements are more than enough to steal your heart. She has broad boobs and broad bums, but her waist is pretty narrow. Her overall figure is worth taking a risk.

Her husband passed away in an accident about 8 years ago. So she lived all by herself and managed to raise all her daughters. My mom and aunty were both homemakers. So they used to hang out very often, in either of our houses. We have been neighbors with aunty ever since my childhood. Her house is like my second home.

Every single day, I used to spend about an hour or so in her house, talking to her daughters or to her. I have never had any bad intentions towards her or her daughters because they treated me with so much love and affection. But fate (or the ladies) had other plans. Coz I ended up fucking all the 4 ladies of the house.

I was in my semester vacations. My parents had gone to Mumbai to attend some marriage function. Before leaving, my mom had somehow informed aunty to take care of me as they would be back only after about a week. I was angry because despite being a grown-up, my mom had asked another person to babysit me.

My parents left on day 0 evening. I had my dinner, read some stories on XIS, watched some porn clips and dozed off. The next day morning, aunty came with her breakfast. She asked me to stay at their place coz she was also going to be alone for the next week.

2 of her daughters were out-of-town for some work and one of her daughters had gone for a trip with her friends. Reluctantly, I agreed. I went to her home around lunchtime and she was very interestingly cooking. I switched on the TV and was watching some Hollywood movie.

I don’t know why, but whenever we watch a movie alone, nothing will come up. But just when some elder comes by, a nice romantic scene comes up all of a sudden. The same happened that day also when aunty came to the hall. A very good romantic scene came up.

Not knowing what to do, I started searching for the remote. But couldn’t find it near me. Then aunty took the remote from the nearby table, handed it over to me. She left without asking me what she came to ask me. I was very embarrassed but after a while, something struck me.

When the scene was playing, aunty had the remote near her. But she waited for the entire scene to get over, and also, amidst this situation, when I saw her, she was blushing. Thinking about these, I went to the loo but aunty was bathing there.

After a while, she came out of the bathroom in just a petticoat, which merely covered her boobs and her thunderous thighs. As she wasn’t expecting me there, she was surprised and tried to immediately cover her upper torso with her hands. I rushed inside the washroom to ease myself.

But I heard her locking the door from the outside. She asked me to stay inside for a couple of minutes until she changes her clothes. Inside, I found her soiled dresses and the devil inside me woke up. I took her bra and panty but found that her panty had a pale white patch on it.

Uncontrollably, I started sniffing it, the aroma was very strong and attractive. I ended up licking her bra and panty. After about a minute or two, I took my dick out, started stroking it with her panty wrapped around it and cummed on it. But out of fear of being caught, I dropped it into the nearby bucket with water.

I started to knock on the door. As soon as she opened the door, I rushed outside and went straight to my room. I lay down and started abusing myself for doing such a thing. But whom has the horny trap spared? From that moment, my attitude towards her changed. I decided that no matter what, I should fuck her brains out.

Then, the next day, she came with coffee to wake me up. Seeing her in her nightgown, I got a morning hard-on. She noticed it, kept the glass on the table and went back to the kitchen. God, waking up to see her swinging ass is a wish come true. Then after a while, she told me that breakfast is ready.

She is going to take a bath and asked me to go ahead with breakfast. I was hungry, but not for food, for making out with her. When she left to take a bath, I quickly went around the house. I went near the bathroom window and slowly started peeping inside it. Man, what a sight it was.

She started undressing slowly. When her body became more and more visible, I was feeling like my purpose in life was getting fulfilled. She had such huge tits, round and firm, with medium-sized areolas. As soon as she poured the first mug of water over herself, her nipples started becoming erect, pointing out like a cannon.

Her pussy was hairy but still, I like the sight of it. After soaping her body, she slowly started bringing her hands down her waist and finally to her pussy. She started spreading her legs a bit wide. She started inserting her right hand middle finger inside her pussy and giving it gentle strokes.

Her left hand was busy rubbing her clit and occasionally squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Seeing this, I started wanking myself and shortly, I came. I shot a huge amount of cum on the floor. This was the most intense experience I had until then.

By the time I was done, I could hear a loud moan and saw that her legs were shaking now. I understood that she is done with the session. She started finishing her bath and came into the bedroom to change. I quickly went back to the hall and resumed watching TV.

She came out after a few minutes and asked me why I didn’t have my breakfast. I told her that I didn’t want her to feel alone anymore, not even while eating. Her eyes started gleaming with happiness. She told me that she had never felt this happy and safe after the death of her husband.

Despite 3 other ladies in the house, she always felt lonely because none of her daughters cared much about her. I took her hand, slowly caressed it and assured her that I will always be there to keep her company. After this bit of drama, we went to eat.

And this holy darshan of mine continued for a couple of days more. But by now, I wanted a bit more of something. I was becoming hornier and impatient. Finally, to try my luck, I asked her if we can watch a movie together. She agreed, and we started watching a random romantic movie on the TV.

She was wearing a bright-red color saree and a matching blouse. Her blouse was kind of translucent. I was able to see that she was not wearing a bra. I slowly started caressing her hand and continued going up. She had switched on the AC and by now, the room was pretty cold.

Due to this, I was able to see her nipples sprouting out. Seeing that, I started feeling high as on some drugs. I got an idea. I told her that there’s something inside her blouse, probably an insect. She got scared and started checking out her dress.

She then told me that she couldn’t find anything and asked me where I saw what. I pointed out to her erect nipples that were protruding out of her blouse. After a few seconds, I started pinching them. For a moment, she lost control of herself, felt ecstasy and left out a loud moan.

It made me even hornier and I started pinching both her nipples hard. Then I asked her if she wanted my help in checking why were these struggling inside her blouse. But suddenly she came back to her senses. She gave me a tight slap and rushed inside and locked her room.

I got frightened, thinking about what might happen if she complains to my parents. This thought kept me awake the entire night.  Then, the next morning, when I woke up, she was busy cooking in the kitchen. Seeing her ass swing when she moved around, I went crazy.

I was like, “I live only once, so why not I try my chances with her?” So this time, I went and hugged her tightly from behind. She was shocked by this and started scolding me. She even told me that she is going to complain to my parents about this. But I was in no mood to listen to her or stop the action.

I continued hugging her, then slowly went near her ears and slowly started blowing air into her ears. Gradually, her scoldings started becoming soft moans. But she tried her best to control those moans because she didn’t want me to hear them and use them to my advantage.

I continued blowing softly into her ears, occasionally whispering her name into her ears. I started to kiss and lick her earlobes and by this time. Her breathing became heavy and her moans, a bit louder. I continued kissing and slowly started going down, kissing her neck, shoulders and so on.

My hands started moving up from her waist and I started squeezing her breasts gently. I could feel that it was very difficult for her to resist me at this point. But with the very little resistance within her, she started telling me that this is not right. But I told her that this doesn’t feel wrong at all.

I told her that it was her husband’s mistake for leaving such a wonderful lady not satisfied completely and alone in this world. Saying this, I slowly started undressing her. I started removing her saree, petticoat, and blouse. Within no time, she was just in her bra and panty.

I was continuously moving my hands all over her body, over her breasts, her stomach, navel, inner thighs, and her bums. At this point, my conscience suddenly struck me. The previous day’s drama came to my mind. I started feeling bad because she told me that she felt safe with me around.

But I was making sexual advances on her, questioning the entire fact of her safety. For the sake of my physical satisfaction, I felt that I was selfishly going against her wishes, which was wrong. So, I stopped the action and started moving away from her.

Suddenly, she gave me a very tight slap that my cheeks turned red and she started scolding me badly. I was on the verge of crying. I apologized to her for behaving like such a jerk and pleaded her not to inform anyone of this misbehavior of mine.

In a firm voice, she told me that she is definitely going to complain to my parents. Feeling like my life has ended, I started leaving her house. But to my surprise, she held my hand and asked me where was I leaving? I told her that I’m going back home.

She smiled seductively and asked me if this is the way how I should treat women. I felt ashamed, put my head down. But slowly, she lifted my face and told me that it’s not about what I did to her but what I didn’t do. Puzzled, I stood there not understanding what she was meaning to tell me.

She continued, asking me if I rang the calling bell of some house, will I wait for the person to come out or would I just leave halfway through. I started understanding what she meant. My sad face started to lighten up like some 1000-watts bulb.

For a guy who was expecting to have a tiffin, I was happy that I had the chance to have some snacks at least. But little did I know that an entire meal was waiting in front of me, to be eaten by me.

Let me continue the story in the next part.

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