Bindu, The Beauty

I was new to the locality and didn’t know any of my neighbors. I expected to spend most of my time in the office. I am from the modern age, a generation that rarely meets their neighbors. It changed when I saw her.

I was in my first-floor window, getting ready to work when I saw her walk out of the home. She wasn’t busty. She wasn’t unbelievably beautiful. She was none of that. But, she had an aura around her. She was like a magnet and I was powerless in front of it. Her name was Bindu.

From that day on, I started waiting near that window to see her. If I heard the sound of her gate being opened, I would quickly run there and check. When it wasn’t Bindu, I would feel disappointed.

She did notice me checking her out once. She was wearing a light yellow churidar and was closing her gate after taking her scooter out. My eyes were on her. She quickly turned towards my window. Beautiful women have that sense in them to understand when guys look at them.

She saw me, but she didn’t even care to react. She just drove her scooter and went away from there. Maybe, she took me as one among the hundreds attracted to her. Her attitude only made her more attractive. She always used to roam around with free hair at home.

Once I noticed that she didn’t care about me checking her out, I stayed longer near my window. She looked slim and juicy at the same time. Every time I saw her face, I had a strong urge to kiss her forehead, nose ring and finally her cute lips. Soon, I found the chance to talk to her.

I was returning from my morning jog when she was trying to kick her scooter. It had some problems with the button start. I took that chance. I went to her. She didn’t take her eyes off her scooter though she knew I was coming near.

“Hi, can I help?”

“No, it’s ok,” she denied and tried kicking again but to no success.

“Just move,” I went near the scooter and she moved out of the way. In 2 kicks, I made it come alive. My relationship with her came alive too.

“Thank you,” she smiled, a beautiful smile enough to stop my heart.

“Call me anytime you want help.” She didn’t reply and just rode away.

From that day on, every day I returned from a jog at the same time that she left for office. As she starts her scooter, I smile at her, she smiles back and no more talk.

Two days later, I saw her in a supermarket nearby. She was in a yellow churidar. I was right behind her in the line for billing. She was dressed up neatly. But her black bra strap on her shoulders was visible when we came under the bright lights above us.

I wanted to kiss her neck right there, right at that moment. I knew it wasn’t possible but my urge made me do something else. I bent near her and whispered in her ears, “Bindu, you are so sexy today.”

I was afraid of how she would react but she didn’t utter a word. She finished her billing and walked out calmly. I had nothing much to bill. So, I completed my billing and ran behind her.

“Hey,” I called out to her but she kept walking.

“Bindu,” I called again. She didn’t stop but she slowed down without saying a word.

“You won’t speak to me?”

“Mmmm,” she replied

“Thank God! It isn’t Mmm hmmm. Just mmm,” I turned to the sky and told a loud thanks to the creator. She giggled but didn’t stop walking.

That day, God was definitely on my side. I walked till the scooter with her. And the scooter’s button start didn’t work again. She tried kick-starting twice. It didn’t start. She moved out of the way. I tried kicking and it started immediately.

“I didn’t bring my bike. Can you drop me home?” she didn’t say anything but she sat on the bike and didn’t start moving. I took it as her consent and sat behind. We started moving and I took it as a chance and kept my hands on her shoulder.

She didn’t react. My heart was beating so strongly that I could hear it in my ears. I decided to take the next step. I slowly moved my through her back and kept both hands on her hips. I could feel the emotion inside her too. She didn’t stop the bike.

It kept moving but her whole body was shaking and I could feel her taking long breaths. Slowly, I started moving my fingers towards her belly button. I wanted to press it over her churidar. But, she stopped the bike there. It was less than 100 meters from home.

“You can walk the remaining. You are good at running, anyway.”

“I have to walk back to the supermarket and need to pick my bike back,” her lips smiled though her eyes tried to act angry. She knew I lied to get behind her on the bike.

The next morning, I had to run back from my morning jog as it was raining heavily. It wasn’t raining when I started but it was raining halfway through the jog. I was drenched to the core, but so was Bindu.

Unlike yesterday, the wet dress made her white bra completely visible inside her white churidar. She was trying to kick her scooter which was not reacting. I went closer to her scooter and she moved away for me to kick. I didn’t kick the scooter. Instead, I told her.

“Bindu, go inside. Don’t go to the office today. Stay at home,” I knew she will be alone at home if she didn’t go to the office.

Our eyes met and she didn’t utter a word. She saw the lust in my eyes. She replied, “Move away.” I gave the scooter to her and moved away. I thought she was going to kick it again. Instead, she moved it inside her home as I asked. I went to my home and stood near the window, the spot I always stood to see her.

I waited there. Even I didn’t know what I waited for but my intuition was right. She opened the window of her bedroom which was always closed. The rain didn’t allow me to see much but I could see slightly inside. She opened the window and walked inside again. I could only see the floor from there.

And then, it happened. The moment I had been wishing for days. A wet white shawl which she was wearing was thrown from a distance. It fell on the floor near the window. A few seconds later, a white top fell over it. Soon, a pant was thrown over the white top.

My heartbeat raced like hell. Time seemed to pass in slow motion. A few seconds later, a white bra, followed by a white panty fell over the dresses. I knew Bindu was standing nude inside her home and she wanted me there. I didn’t wait any longer.

I ran outside my home but once I reached the gate, I started walking slowly. The rain gave me a good cover from all the neighbors. I walked through the rain, quickly entered her gate, opened her door and walked in. I know she would leave the door open for me without locking.

I went inside and closed the door behind. I could hear movement in the bedroom and went there. I wanted to see her naked but she was dressed in a brown nightie. She wore nothing within. I went to her. She had seen me coming and had already closed the bedroom window.

I went near Bindu, took her cheek in my wet hands and gently bent down and kissed her lips. My hands gently held her butt while her hands went through my hair. She gently lifted her one leg to my hip while our tongues fought inside her mouth.

Even when we finished the kiss, I pulled at her lower lip in passion while her nails pressed on my back. I pushed her on the bed there. I went near her but she extended her leg not allowing me to come near. I could see her fleshy thighs.

“You are wet. If you get on the bed, you will spoil the bed. So, you are allowed to enter only if you take that all off.”

She giggled, her leg still extended. I took my T-shirt off quickly but Bindu said, “Slowly.”

So, I gently took my T-shirt off. I thanked God for giving me the discipline to work out. I was happy to go shirtless in front of a woman so beautiful like Bindu. I slowly pushed my track pant down. I was standing just in underwear.

“Is this enough? May I come near you?”

“Are you shy to take it off in front of me?” she giggled again. I slowly pulled my underwear down. My tool stood rock hard extended in front of her.

“Nice,” she commented enjoying the view. All this foreplay made me so excited that I caught hold of her and pulled her towards me. I kissed her beautiful fingers in her legs, moved to her calf and quickly to her thighs. I bit it a little and she gave a mild, “Ahhh.”

I didn’t care. I slowly went in more inside her nightie and caressed her clit with my nose. It was wet with all the foreplay. The awesome smell from her clit made me even hornier.

“Seems Bindu is loving this.”

“It’s because of the rain,” She tried to defend.

“Yeah yeah, it’s Bindu waterfalls,” I punished her gently pulling her clit with my teeth.

I started playing with her clit with my lips and tongue and the occasional “Mmmm” from Bindu told me to continue without stopping. Bindu kept both her legs extended as though she wanted me to enter as much inside as I possibly can. I could feel the excitement of her body on her vagina itself.

I played there while my hands pushed her nightie up and up with my hands. It was above her belly button but was still covering her breast.

“Bindu, I can’t see you with dress anymore,” I pulled her nightie above her head and threw it on the floor. Her 34-inch mangoes were a feast to my eyes. She enjoyed seeing my eyes watching her nude. Her sharp nipples stood tall calling me to have a bite at them.

I bent down and gently pulled at her nipples with my lips while I played with the other breast with my hand. Her whole body was shaking in pleasure. Even on such a rainy day, we were bathing in sweat. I kissed her for some time, then stopped and silently looked at her eyes for a few seconds.

We both knew it was time for the final act.

“Bindu,” I called her passionately, kissed her on her neck once and inserted my tool inside her pussy. She held me tight with her fingers. I slowly started moving forward and back inside her. Her grip on me became stronger and stronger. I started fucking her faster and faster till I shot my cum inside her.

She closed her eyes for a few seconds enjoying the feeling. I laid down next to her holding each other’s hand.

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