Amazing Affair With My Sexy Reader

Hello to all readers. This is Kumar writing from Bangalore once again about my sexy reader. Feels good to be writing one more story after a long time. This one happened much before the lockdowns. As always, I would appreciate the support from the readers who share the feedback and comments via my email.

This story involves one of the readers who wrote to me with nice feedback after reading my previous story. Her name is Sonali (name changed), also from Bangalore, and we started chatting regularly.

She was married but willing to have affairs with other men too. She needed that extra spice in her love life. That was one of the reasons why she ended up reading stories on this site.

We initially talk about our experiences and fantasies. Once she gave me the challenge to try and make her wet with dirty talking. We went for a role play, and I was able to seduce the sex-starved married woman.

At the end of the session, she made a video call on hangouts and showed herself masturbating with a cucumber. She was as well moaning my name while she was making love to herself. This chatting went on for some days.

Though she was working professionally, she used to message me from the office during her free time. But we would not talk dirty when either of us was at work. I was desperate to meet her, and even she was equally desperate.

On a Friday, she messaged me asking, “What are your plans for the weekend?” I somehow felt that there is something good on the way. I replied instantly, “I am free for the weekend, but we both could get busy together.”

Sonali’s reply was the icing on the cake, “We can get busy this Saturday at my place post lunch.”

After spending a sleepless night of excitement, I went to her place the next day by afternoon and rang the bell. The sexy-looking lady opened the door for me with a huge smile. She was wearing a nighty that was revealing her boobs nicely.

She was not a lean person and had the right amount of curves. That was exactly to my imagination after having seen her photos and also on video calls. She bolted the door and took me to the bedroom. I grabbed her quickly and pressed over her ass. Then I climbed over her and looked at her.

She took a deep breath and started biting her lips. The smell of her perfume was driving even more nuts. We got into kissing each other deeply, and that went on for few minutes. Then I started kissing her wildly over the neck, earlobes and also started squeezing her breasts one by one.

After the kissing and squeezing, I took off her nighty, and she was completely naked inside. Though she was a middle-aged woman, her boobs were firm for the size and her age. Sonali’s nipples were erect with the foreplay so far.

I sucked her boobs nicely and left bite marks on them. This married woman was curvy with a round ass and almost clean-shaven pussy with small hair. I licked all over her navel and then went down to the gateway of heaven. I made her spread her legs.

I started to feel her pussy with my fingers. Then I inserted my fingers into her pussy and pushed a little deep into her love hole. I continued to finger her pussy for some more time, and she let out her juices within few minutes. I licked all the juices.

She returned the favor by giving me an intense blowjob which she was doing like a porn star. After putting on the condom, I started teasing her by keeping my dick over her pussy. Sonali begged me to fuck her right away and to tear her pussy.

I inserted my dick into her pussy, and she adjusted herself to allow me to go deep into her. I started fucking her in a missionary position. Her boobs were bouncing like jelly while I was pumping her from down below.

I grabbed those bouncing boobs and squeezed them hard, as well as pulling her nipples. She used to scratch over my back in return. It was a nice feeling to feel her pussy wrapping my dick. The pleasure and the warmth were making the experience a different level of a pleasure trip.

We both were in heaven while fucking each other. She asked me to increase the speed of fucking. Sonali closed her eyes, started pressing the bed with her hands, and hugged me tightly to have her orgasm. I was also about to have my orgasm, and we had the protection. So she allowed me to cum inside her pussy.

We took a break for some time, and she noticed my dick getting erect again. She climbed over me and placed my dick carefully into her pussy. Then she was riding over my cock from above. She was trying to arouse me by pinching my nipples.

I held her boobs which were bouncing while she was fucking me from above. She had her orgasm first this time and fell over me once she hit her second orgasm.

As I was not yet done, I got her to be in the doggy style. I went from behind and started banging her wildly. She was requesting to slow down, and I did the same. I was about to hit my orgasm, and once again, I let out all my juices inside her pussy itself.

We both were tired and went to take some rest. When we woke up, it was already late evening by that time. She wanted to have few more rounds of sex, but we both were hungry, so we ordered food from outside.

After eating the food, we proceeded to have another round of fucking. We both took turns to be the dominant partner in bed. Then we went to the shower together and helped to clean each other. Sonali was a great pleasure in bed, which I informed her, and she told the same to me.

That was the beginning of a great affair with a reader. She told me it was the best decision that she made to write to me after reading my previous story published on this site. We met a couple of times again to have great pleasure trips.

Please feel free to share your comments and feedback with me via email or hangouts – [email protected] Any girl or woman willing to have good times or to share secrets can reach out to me as well.

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