A Housewife’s First Affair – Part 1

Hey everyone. I’ll try to keep it as detailed as possible about how Indian housewife Ankita turned into a slut.

This happened around Oct 2019.

Let’s call her Ankita. She is a housewife to a very successful businessman of Meerut and mother of 2 kids, 16F and 17M.

Her age at that time was in the early 40’s. She was a curvy hot MILF with decent boobs and a bubble butt. I was around 22 that time, average build and a good 7 inch erect dick.

Ankita has been one of my very few consistent readers. We were good friends over the phone for almost 4-5 months. From normal chats to hot nude video calls and more. We both used to flirt and hint at each other on how madly we would fuck if we had a chance.

One day I complimented her food platter pics on WhatsApp status.

Me – This looks yummy, just like you.

Her – Hehe! Thank you. It does not taste that good, though.

Me – How will I know? I haven’t tasted them.

Her – I’ll cook for you then when we meet.

Me – When should I come over?

Her – Um. Do you want to meet me?

Me – Sure. Pack it for lunch, and we can meet at a restaurant, mall, or a Hotel room?

Her – A hotel room with just you and me? Haha! You just want me. Not the food. Don’t fool me. I know your plans.

Me – And? Don’t you want it?

Her – I never said I didn’t. I feel hotels are not safe.

Me – Then?

Her – Um? Can you come over to my house this Friday morning?

Me – What about your kids and hubby?

Her – My kids will be at school, and hubby will leave by 8 AM. So we will have some time till 3 before the kids come back.

Me – Sounds good. Excited?

Her – Very much. I know you want more than a breakfast.

Me – You’re smart. See you then.

Friday comes around, and I drive almost two and a half hours straight in the morning. I arrived around 9 AM sharp at her place. She guided me over call to her flat. The moment I reach her door, she pulls me in by the collar and locks the door.

Finally, we saw each other for the first time and hugged each other. She was wearing a bright red lacy nighty and matching lipstick with smoked eyeliner. She didn’t look a day over 40, and I had a visible boner.

She chuckled and then guided me to her master bedroom. Then she served me tea and snacks. I could see her hard nipples under her clothes and the amazing cleavage made by her big boobs. The best part she wasn’t even wearing a bra but still managed it.

I could see her get nervousness increase as I tried to flirt with her. Ankita was too shy to make a move, so she collected the plates and excused herself towards the kitchen. I waited for some time but then followed her. The poor girl was acting to clean the same dish for a couple of minutes in the sink.

I knew time was running, and it’s now or never. I stood behind her and turned her towards me.

Me – You okay?

Her – I-I was umm doing. I don’t know how to say it. I want you. But-

Before she could complete her sentence, our lips were inches away, and we maintained intense eye contact. I slowly pulled her nighty above her waist and lifted her. I placed her on the kitchen counter, and we kissed so passionately. Her hands are running all over my back and in my hair.

The kiss turned into smooching and French kisses in no time. My hands explored her body and ran all over her back, waist, over her soft boobs, neck, legs, and inner thighs. Ankita moaned between kisses as she felt my hand freeze at her thighs, then slowly move forward towards her forbidden fruit.

A well-shaved pussy with puffy lips and a sweet fragrance. I slid my fingers between her pussy lips, teasing her clit with my thumb. She unbuckled my belt and opened my jeans, then pulled my rock-hard dick out. I was moving her hand all over its shaft, feeling it. It got her even hornier, wild, and wet.

Me – So what were you going to say after “But”?

Her – I just. I am not like the women you meet and have fun with, plus you’re so young made me so awkward.

Me – It looks like someone is super wet and needy for me.

Her – Ah! Yes, I’m. You’re so hard for me too.

Me – You want me to fuck you with it?

Her – (shakes head in approval)

Me – (I stop fingering her) If you want it, then say it, baby! ( kissing on her neck and cleavage)

Her – Oh God! What are you making me do? AH! Okay! Aman, I want you to F-Fu-Fuck me! Shit.

I pulled her off the counter and took her to the bedroom. Layed her on the bed, and I removed my jeans then unbuttoned my shirt as she watched me with shock and lust. The boxer barely contained my dick.

Ankita pulled me close and pulled the boxers down to my knees. I let them fall on the floor. I love how she covered her eyes as she saw my dick saluting her beauty. She held my dick by the base and gave me a handjob while she tried not to look at it.

Her – I still cannot believe it’s going to happen. It feels so big in my hand. You must be making ladies crazy with it.

Me – Why don’t you look at it or maybe suck it?

Her – It’s making me feel so excited. If I look at it, then I’ll go mad. But I never sucked it in my life. I don’t know how.

Me – Just try. It will happen naturally.

Ankita turned her face towards it. Then slowly kisses the dick tip before sucking on it with her lips tightly wrapped around it. She tried and gave a decent blowjob for a beginner. My lips couldn’t wait to taste her.

She happily laid back on the bed and invited me to come between her legs. I asked her to spread her legs for me. She did it slowly while the nighty kept sliding up her thighs, exposing her milky thighs, bubbly ass cheeks. Her gorgeous wet pussy.

I slowly made my way on top of her and kissed all over from her inner thighs to an area near pussy. But didn’t touch her clit or pussy lips. I could see her pussy throbbing and leaking as I teased her even more.

Left some decent love bites on her inner thighs before locking my lips with her pussy to push my tongue inside her. I kissed and sucked her pussy lips.

Ankita was moaning so loud. She tried to stop me with her hands as she couldn’t stop moving around, enjoying herself from feeling my warm tongue fucking her pussy. She tried her best to remove me from her pussy. But I kept making out with her pussy till she cummed and moaned a couple of times loudly.

Then we cuddled a little as we removed every last clothing item on us. I moved up her body to her tummy and then towards her boobs. I sucked, squeezed, and nibbled on her nipples and boobs to my heart’s content. All while my dick tip rubbed and poked her pussy.

This was making her go crazy and needy for me to fuck her. She tried to push her pussy on my dick. But I didn’t push it in even though I wanted to fuck her to oblivion. I fondled her tits, and we made out some more as we kept dry humping with just the dick tip inside her.

She bit my lower lip and whispered in my ears.

Ankita – Did you come all the way just to insert the tip? Please don’t make me slap you. Come here and give all of it to me like a man.

I place my dick tip between her pussy lips. I pinned her to the bed and slid my dick inside her pussy in one swift motion. Ankita closes her eyes and gasps in pleasure and pain as she feels me enter her.

Her pussy was surprisingly tight and slimy wet, gripped my dick shaft so tightly that any movement was making me feel like nearing ejaculation. It was tough to control. But I stayed still for some time and felt her pussy walls on my dick shaft.

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