The Doctor With Cat Eyes

Hello everyone, I am back again with yet another experience. But this time, it is from one of the readers about a doctor with cat eyes. You can read my other experiences by clicking here and have a good time. Let me know how horny do they make you.

I received a request from a reader of this site to publish his story, and I did oblige to the request. Over to Vikram to narrate his experience to you guys now.

Hello everyone, I am Vikram. A 6 feet tall guy who is active in various sports. It has helped me maintain a nice athletic physique. Tanned in skin tone, but my height and my physique add charm to it. Couple it up with a decent package down there and some good stamina to keep going for a nice time.

This is an experience that took place a couple of years ago. One of my close relatives had fallen ill and was admitted to a well-known hospital in the city. The relative and my family stay close by. Hence, it was decided that I would be staying at the hospital for night duties.

I was fine with it as I didn’t have much work to do at night. I would just surf the net or chat with friends. Besides, I thought it would be better to be at the hospital and eye those hot doctors and nurses at work.

A couple of nights had passed by. All I had seen were old nurses and male doctors at work in the private ward. It was a Friday night. I had the entire weekend off. So I was not sleepy and was simply scrolling the internet. Then it was time for the doctor’s round for a regular check-up.

The doctor entered the room while talking to someone at the door with her back towards me. From the backside, I guessed the doctor is a female doctor, for the first time in days.

She came inside, and I sat straight on the couch. I was lying down till now. She greeted me with a smile, and I was lost in my own thoughts. She was a perfect score. Looked like a 5.10 feet tall girl with milky white glowing skin into her mid-20s, maybe.

She was wearing a body-hugging Punjabi suit with the traditional white doctor overcoat. She was wearing a mask. But the most striking feature was her cat-eyed green hazel eyes. I was lost in them with my lusty thoughts. She completed her round with the relative in 5 minutes, noting the details as required.

While returning, she said to me, “I am done with my work,” and turned around giggling a bit. That gave me the signal that she understood where I was lost. She swayed her ass out of the room, and I was lost in my thoughts of lust for her.

It was around 2 a.m. I was browsing through some stories on this website when the female doctor entered the room again. I was unaware of any such rounds but quickly sat up. I knew if she observed me properly, she would be able to see a tent. She saw me sitting and smiled and asked, “Not able to sleep?”

I just nodded my head, and she got back to her work. I was observing her curves while she moved around, taking note of the readings. Once done with work, this time, she swayed her ass to the door as if to move out. She stood at the door and looked towards me.

Our eyes met, and she directed me towards the table next to my couch with her eyes and left the room. I looked at the table. There was a folded paper on it. I quickly opened it up and saw a mobile number written on it. I was thanking my stars and quickly saved the number for messaging her on WhatsApp.

Me: Hello, Doctor.

Her: Hello Chocolate Boy.

This line from her gave me indications that she is open to some flirting. I thanked my stars that at least tonight’s gonna be a good night.

Me: What should I call you gorgeous?

Her: You can call me Sana.

Me: Hey, Sana. How are you?

Sana: I am good. What about you?

Me: I am good too. Just bored for the night.

Sana: Bored because at the hospital with nothing to do, right?

Me: Rightly said. Friday night, and instead of clubbing, I am out here.

Sana: Haha. What’s the intention behind the clubbing? Scoring some hot chick for the night.

Me: Of course. That’s the ultimate goal. Should be able to relax for the night with some hardcore fun.

Sana: Looks like you were missing it so badly that you were watching some hot stuff.

Me: Yea. But how did you understand it?

Sana: The tent in your trouser said it all. What were you watching?

Me: I wasn’t watching but was actually reading.

Sana: What was such a hot read that got you aroused?

Me: It was a sexual narration of how a nurse seduces the patient for some hardcore night.

Sana: Oh! Fancy such seduction at the hospital for yourself?

Me: Of course. Would like to enjoy some hot nurse/doctor while at the hospital. Have heard there are plenty of kinky ones out there.

Sana: Well, of course. Doctors/nurses also feel aroused by some good patients and their relatives. They would like to satisfy their kink.

Me: Can you set me up with someone good to satisfy my kink?

Sana: Hmmm. Go to the last room in your lobby and make yourself comfortable. Would send in someone horny to help you out.

Me: Waiting.

I quickly freshened up myself and moved towards the last room. The room was an empty one, and I made myself comfortable on the couch. I just crossed my fingers, hoping that it is someone hot-looking nurse or doctor and not some old one.

After about 10 minutes, the door opened and closed quickly. A young girl was facing her back towards me, standing at the door. I walked towards her and placed my hands on her shoulder to turn her around. The girl turned and pulled me towards herself by my waist and planted her lips onto my lips.

I was a bit surprised but then calmed myself down. I pushed my hands onto her waist, pulled her closer, and started responding to her kiss. I was sucking her lower lips. In between would bite her lower lip while spanking her ass at times so that she moans in ecstasy.

I had not seen her face clearly. But by the height and curves, I knew that Sana did not miss out on this chance. I grabbed her by her ass and lifted her, all the while kissing her and enjoying those delicious juicy lips of hers. I pushed her onto the couch. Her eyes were starlit and were ogling at me from top to bottom.

I removed my t-shirt and showed her my bare chest. She kneeled on the couch, pushed her fingers into my hair. I pulled my head back with her grip, starting sucking my neck. She was sucking and giving me hickeys in between. Fuck, that was turning me more on.

Slowly she glided herself from the neck to the collarbone and down to the nipples. She had a fetish for the nipples, it seems. She started tickling them with her tongue, and that made me moan like anything. Was a different feeling when she was making them wet and sucked them in between hard.

Slowly she undid my trousers and let them fall onto the floor. I was standing there in front of her, only in my undies which had a nice tent. She was licking my nipples from left to right. She ran her fingers onto my cock. My cock sprang to life, making movement in the undies.

She quickly pushed her hands inside and felt the rock-solid cock. She looked into my eyes from the bottom with glitter in her eyes. She removed my cock out of the undies and pushed me onto the couch. She stood up and tied her hair into a bun and kneeled herself in front of me, and pushed herself between my legs.

She held my cock into her hands and gave it a nice lick from my balls till the tip of the cock. I was in for a nice treat. I relaxed on the couch and enjoyed her wonderful play. She then rubbed her tongue all around the cock, making it wet, and rubbed her tongue in the ass crack in between.

This bitch was more horny and wild than my thoughts. She slipped my cock into her mouth and started blowing me through the roof. The way she was blowing me, she seemed to have tons of experience. I was at the receiving end of it.

She would gulp down my cock deep inside. The next second, she would be sucking my balls and giving my ass hole a nice lick. Her blowing skills didn’t take me long. I came unannounced into her mouth. Like a good girl, she swallowed all the cum and licked me clean till her content.

I was lying on the couch and was reeling in the pleasure of her lips. Sana just got up and removed all her clothes, revealing her milky white skin. She threw her bra and panty onto me. I soaked in the aroma of her wet cunt from her panty.

I pulled her onto me with her hand, making her fall onto me and crush her melons onto my chest. Her ear was near my mouth, and I quickly inserted my tongue into the ear to tingle her and send a current down her spine. She was trying to resist the lick and wanted to move out from my grip.

But I did not allow her to do that. I continued softly licking her ear and down to her neck to her shoulder and would, in between, give her some hickeys as well. Once I reached her shoulder, I pushed her onto the couch and got on top of her.

I started to lick her from the shoulder through her collarbone and down to her cleavage. I licked her milky white valley wet till my heart contents. Then I slowly started to move my tongue from one nipple to the other. I made them go erect and started sucking them one by one.

All this while, Sana was reeling in pleasure. One hand of hers was in my hair, forcing me onto her boobs, and the other hand was running around her own body. Slowly I moved down from her boobs and licked her milky navel, and that was a treasure. One of the milkiest navels tasted by me in recent times.

Once I licked her navel to my heart’s content, I moved down to her honey pot. Then without any signal, I licked her pussy from bottom to top slowly. I looked into her eyes while doing so. She was surprised as it came unannounced and was staring at my eyes. It sent shivers down her spine.

I spread her legs apart and bent down to give her a nice tongue massage. I inserted two fingers inside her already dripping cunt. I was fingering her pussy and licking her clit at the same time. She was in another world of pleasure and was moaning like anything.

She was moaning, “Aah, lick it to your heart’s content, you fucker. Been so many days that I haven’t had a tongue down there so good. You are so damn fucking good with your tongue. Feels like to keep your tongue out there only.”

Those words by her were magical. I increased my speed, and this led to her having her first orgasm in no time. She sprayed her juices onto me. I licked her clean. Saving some cum in the end, I moved up towards her lips to give her a taste of her own cum and kissed her passionately.

She had a taste of herself mixed with our saliva and enjoyed having it for the first time. I pulled her onto myself, and we were both lying down for a bit from the intense orgasm we both just had. Sana got up to make me hard again and ride me, but just then, her phone rang.

It was her colleague who called her up for an emergency. Sana quickly dressed up and left for work and winked me to be ready for more fun.

I dressed myself up and quietly retracted to my relative’s room and lay down, recollecting about the events that just unfolded and the time ahead in the hospital that would be a hot time, unlike till now.

I had many quick and good episodes with her at the hospital and outside as well. But those for some other time.

Hope you liked the story and enjoyed reading the narrative about sex with doctor Sana. I would like to hear your feedback on [email protected] Also, let me know what part of the experience you enjoyed reading the most and made you horny for masturbation. Till then, ciao!

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