Sex With Doctor Swati

Hi, all this is Raj from Mumbai. I am back with another story about sex with doctor. This is about my family doctor and me. Her name is Swati, and she is aged 35. She has very fair skin with beautiful eyes and lips and a sexy figure.

This happened when I was a bit sick and went to her clinic for medicines. I was the last patient for her to attend. It was almost 9.30 pm, and she was about to leave after done with me. To ensure that she doesn’t have more patients, she asked me to pull close the main door and put a ‘Closed’ board there.

We knew each other very well as she has been treating my family for a long time. So I use to call her by her name. She asked me what is wrong. I told her about my health, and so she started diagnosing me. She confirmed that it is viral fever and should be better in a day or two.

She gave me some medicine and prescribed some from the store. We then sat for a while, talking about day-to-day life. She told me that the daily schedule is imbalanced due to a lot of work. She talked about her professional pressure, and so did I discuss my well-being with her.

While talking to me, she started removing her apron, gloves, mask. Soon she removed her mask, and I saw her face. She was looking more beautiful than before. I told her that, “You look more beautiful.”

She teasingly asked me when did I see her before. I admitted whenever I come to the clinic, I stare at her. She smilingly said, “Is that so?” She was wearing a green saree, loose hair, light lipstick. Her lips were looking sex in light pink color. She turned around to pick her bag and manage her stuff in the bag.

That’s when I went and stood behind her. Before she could sense anything and turn back, I hugged her tight and pressed myself hard on her. My hands were on her bare waist, and my chin touching her shoulder. I slowly started kissing her shoulder, neck, and ears.

She asked in a soft voice as to what am I doing. However, she did not stop me. I kept on kissing her bare shoulder and neck and ear. She closed her eyes and held my hands tight. After few minutes, she turned around with half of her hair on her face and eyes down.

I lifted her face a bit up and kissed her on her lips. She did not respond. Her eyes were still close. I moved her back for her to take support, and her back was touching the table. Both her hands were on the table. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at me, and smiled.

Without waiting for a second, I kissed her again. This time she responded. Soon we were into deep kissing, biting each other lips, rolling our tongue with each other.

We took a pause. I kissed her forehead, cheeks and then went down to her neck. I kissed her neck, gave a small bite, and she moaned softly. I then tried to take her blouse off her shoulder. However, it was too tight. I then took her pallu off her shoulder and then unhook her blouse from the back and took her blouse off.

Swati turned her face aside and was a bit shy. She was standing there in her green padded bra with half saree on her body. I could not wait, so I took my t-shirt off and hugged her tight with my bare chest.

I was kissing her shoulder and neck and rolling my hands on her bare back to feel her bra strap and her silky back. While doing so, I took off her saree slowly from her waist, which was stuck in her petticoat. She was only in her bra and petticoat now.

I then turned her around, rest her elbows on the table, and started kissing her back. She was so fair that even a little hard kiss made her body red and pink. She then stood up straight, and my chest was touching her back. I kept my hand on her navel and slowly pushed it inside her petticoat.

I was kissing and biting her neck while entering my hand in her petticoat. I landed my hand on her pussy over her panty. Swati was wet. Her panty was wet with her fluid. I then started rubbing her pussy over her panty. She started moaning softly and was enjoying.

I spread her leg a bit and then rubbed her pussy faster. Her moans got louder. I then untied her petticoat and let it fall on the floor. She was standing facing her back to me only in her green bra and panty. I rubbed her pussy for a while and then turned her around.

Swati loved every touch and move of mine. I then slowly slid her panty down and took her bra off. She was completely naked, her milky body made me crazy, and I started kissing her all over her naked body. I went down on my knees and started licking her pussy while she was standing.

She was moaning loud and pushing my head hard on her pussy. She was so excited that she had her first orgasm there. She felt relieved and then ask me to stand and started kissing me. She unzipped my jeans and made me sit on the chair.

She then pulled my undies down, took my penis in hand, and started jerking it. She then kissed my penis and took it in her mouth, and started blowing me. She was great in blowjob. Swati took my dick as much inside as she can. She also licked and suck my balls. She did this for a while and then sat on my lap.

Swati came closer and put her hands on the back of the chair, her boobs near my mouth. She started rubbing her pussy on my penis. I was sucking her boobs while she was rubbing her pussy on my penis. She then guided my penis inside her pussy and started riding on me.

She was slow first. As she enjoyed the deep fuck, she increased her pace and started riding as if she was riding horses. After doing so for a while, I stood up and took her in my arms. I ask her to hold my shoulder and wrap her legs around my waist.

I fucked her in a standing position. I moved toward the wall and fucker her hard by pushing my penis hard and deep inside her. She was moaning loud and screaming. Swati was kissing and biting my shoulder, neck, ears.

After doing this for a while, I made her sit at the table and kissed her naked body. We then moved to one of the beds she had in her clinic. I made Swati lie on the edge of the bed. I held her legs and put them on my shoulders. I inserted my penis deep inside her pussy.

Swati screamed and asked me to stop as it was paining her. I didn’t listen to her and started fucking her deep and hard. Swati soon started moaning and enjoying every push deep inside her. I did this for about 15-20 minutes. I then turned her around and made her stand in the doggy style. I fucked her from the back.

She was enjoying herself a lot, and her boobs were waving with every push. Swati, in a slow voice, asked me to fuck her hard and make her feel the pain. I fucked her more hard and fast. She was screaming and moaning loudly.

Swati wanted me to fill her pussy with my cum. So I made her lie on the bed and fucked her in a missionary position. I placed a pillow below her waist and fucked her as deep as I can. She was moaning loud. I fucked her for a while in the same position and was about to cum.

I told Swati that I am cumming. She asked me to load all my cum inside her pussy. I was surprised, but I did as she asked me to. I fucked her hard and finally loaded all my cum inside her pussy. She had her orgasm at the same time and so was looking relieved and relaxed.

My penis was still inside her pussy, and Swati was looking at me. I kissed her forehead and lips, and she said that she loved the way I love her. She was happy to be satisfied after a long time. She indicated that we may do this again sometime later.

We then got apart cleaned ourselves with wet tissues. I got dressed and helped Swati to wear her panty and hook her bra and blouse. It’s more exciting to make women wear the dress as it is to remove it.

We then left the clinic. I dropped Swati near her home and gave her a goodbye kiss. After this day, our behavior towards each other got changed, and we were more close to each other. Our text messages increase, and we were into an extramarital affair. We had more sessions where I fucked the horny lady doctor.

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