Tuition Teacher Who Taught Me Valuable Lessons

Hello everyone, I am back again with another one of my long-time experiences with my tuition teacher.

You can read my other experiences by clicking here and have a good time. Thank you for your overwhelming responses to the previous experiences posted.

A bit of an introduction about me: I am a good-looking 6 feet tall lean guy with a decent package located in the western part of the country.

Coming to the experience. It was the time of junior college. To ace the exams, I had joined a revision batch of a close-by private tutor for some extra practice. I visited the center and completed all the formalities. I was allotted the batch scheduled to start the next day.

I was just curious and enquired about the teacher who would be teaching me. The attendant at the chair said, “She would be there tomorrow. She is not at class right now.” I left the class at that moment.

The next day, I was early to the class and grabbed the last bench as I knew no-one in the class. The class was full by 10, and in came the lady teacher who would be teaching us and introduced herself as Payal. To tell a brief about her, she was a tall lady, around 5.6 feet into her mid 30’s by the look.

She had a milky skin tone and coupled it with the specs she wore. It made her look a bit nerdy. All-in-all I had a crush on the teacher when I looked at her and thanked God for making me attend her class.

During the class, I would sit on the last bench all alone and pay close attention, sometimes to the board and most of the time to her slim curves and hot assets draped in the milky white skin. I would constantly make silly mistakes to call her for doubt solving and get myself acquainted with her.

The class got over rather in a jiffy, and we moved on. Fast forward to a couple of years later. I was done with my graduation and had reconnected with a couple of the classmates from the class. From one of the mates, I came to know that our teacher, Payal, is single now and went through a divorce last year.

This tingled inside me, and I could not resist sending her a friend request on Facebook. The Facebook request got accepted the next day, around the afternoon time. In the evening, when I was a bit free and relaxed, I sent in her ping, “Hello Mam, do you remember me?”

She seemed busy at that time and did not reply till around 10 in the night.

Payal: Hey, I do remember you from the revision batch long ago. How are you?

I was on cloud 9 by, seeing her message because she did remember me.

Me: Glad you remember me. I am good. How are you?

Payal: Who would forget a boy with so many doubts in my subject. I am good too. How are things at your end?

Me: Glad my doubt solving did help you remember me. Things are going well. I have been placed with a good job, so waiting for it to start next week.

Payal: Of course. Who would forget the boy who knew everything but still had loads of doubts?

Payal: Congratulations. That’s so nice to hear – calls in for a party time.

Seeing the first message, I thought she understood the reason for my doubts and thought of pulling her leg and enjoying my luck.

Me: Didn’t get you – the boy who knew everything.

Payal: Oh, come on. You do know what I am talking about.

Me: Nopes Payal Mam. I am not able to understand what you are trying to talk about.

Payal: First of all, stop calling me Mam. I am not your Mam anymore. And secondly, ping me on WhatsApp on 1234567890. Too many people online here. Creates a mess not replying to them while being online.

This was a positive move. A single lady I have a crush on ends up giving her number on her own, and the chat moves on there. I quickly saved her number and pinged her on Whatsapp. Didn’t want to lose out on the opportunity of chatting with her at any cost.

Me: Hey, Payal.

Payal: That was really quick. Looks like you were just simply waiting for the opportunity.

Me: Of course. Why miss out on a chance to talk with your favorite.

In the meantime, Payal saved my number. Her WhatsApp DP became available to be seen by me. I quickly opened it to see what she is up to these days. She was standing under a tree wearing a white shirt and denim jeans with her specs giving a glimpse of her hot curves to many dreamers like me.

Still the same hot teacher she was the last time I saw her.

Payal: Alright. I get that. It’s better to talk here. Too many people online on FB disturbing a lot.

Me: That’s better for me too. Payal still hasn’t understood your comment about the boy who knew everything but still had loads of doubts.

Payal: Still stuck on the comment. Thought you would move on by now.

Me: Haha, nopes. Wondering what you mean by it.

Payal: It means that you knew the subject well and solved everything faster than the rest of the class. But you still had loads of doubts that I find intriguing and unable to comprehend the reason for it.

Me: The reason was to be noticed in the class by you.

Payal: So much to grab my attention in class?

Me: Of course. You know how young boys would try and act in front of the person they have a crush on.

And I just pinched myself after pressing enter and was waiting for her reaction. Payal read the message immediately but took her own sweet time to respond.

Payal: You made it very evident at that time. All the doubt solving, and you would not even pay attention to my replies. You would keep on ogling at me all the while in a trance situation.

Me: Why is it that ladies always understand when someone is ogling at them?

Payal: Just a god-gifted sense at work.

Me: And did you enjoy the ogle?

Payal: Have you ever heard a lady not liking some attention?

Me: Well, of course not. Haven’t heard of that situation.

Payal: Then you have your answer.

Me: Glad you enjoyed the attention.

The reply from Payal got me smiling, but I did not know what’s in the store next for the night.

Payal: Was it just back then, or is it still there till now?

Me: Hmm. Difficult to answer. I think the love back then has been converted to love cum lust now.

I was very nervous after sending the last message. The thought of being too bold straight upfront with her in the first chat itself was eating me up as this can lead to the end of our chat forever.

It was around midnight when we were chatting and waiting for her reply for 2 minutes seemed like hours. But finally, her status turned to ‘Typing,’ and I was eagerly waiting for her reply.

Payal: That’s a bold statement. Why the change from love to love cum lust now?

I heaved a sigh of relief from her reply. This gave me the strength that the lady is open, and it’s time to be bold with her and try out my luck.

Me: Well, back then, during the class, I used to find you a gorgeous cute lady. But now, you seemed to have changed it completely and turned yourself into a hottie who can make anyone go mad for herself.

Payal: Is that so? And how did you arrive at this conclusion? Haven’t posted any pics anywhere in recent times.

Me: Payal, you forget about your whats app DP. Seems like a recent picture of yourself, and to me. Those curves are looking pretty damn hot.

Payal: Is it so. I thought I look like an oldie in the DP. Have also gained some fats, making me look fatter than before.

Payal, a classy lady, tried playing the classic trick of going negative to make me praise her like never before. I was damn sure that things would turn interesting from here on – something wild on the cards.

Me: Oh, come on, Payal. You have the fats at the right places. Despite being in your late 30s, I feel you can give any girl a run for money compared to your figure.
Payal: Really. I think I have lost the spark of igniting the male crowd by my looks. What do you think about that?

Me: Why would you think the opposite? You can give a hard boner to anyone you want to just with your seductive smile.

Payal: Is it the same effect I am having on you right now?

I was struck with lightning hearing this reply from her for a second. I thought to take it a bit ahead from this point of time and be a bit kinky with her. I clicked a picture of my boner tent over my boxer. I shared it with her, stating, “The effect of chatting with you. See it for yourself.”

Payal: That’s a hot effect.

Me: That’s a maddening effect. Been rock solid since the time we have started chatting and saw your hot assets in the DP.

Payal: How about I just enter your room right now and stand at the door in the DP dress, just leaning at the door bracket.

Me: Holy fuck, that would be. The monster would be screaming to tear the trouser and come out itself.

Payal: Slowly open the shirt buttons one by one and remove my shirt and then throw it over you.

Me: I would smell the aroma of yours from the shirt and be in a toxic trance.

Payal: I would slowly walk over to your bed in my bra and denim. Pop-out my bra at the edge of the bed and drop it down to reveal my melons to you.

Me: Holy fuck. That would drive me crazy. I would push myself onto the edge of the bed and pull you down onto my lap and make you sit there. Staring into your eyes, sliding my fingers from your finger onto your arm to your shoulder, all the while giving you a tingling feeling.

Payal: That would make me moan. Hold a tight grip on your t-shirt.

Me: I would slide my hand onto your back. Hold your hair in a bun and pull it down with force revealing your milky neck and kiss you onto the neck. Giving you a soft love bite onto it, turning it cherry red.

Payal: That would make me go crazy and moan out loud.

She couldn’t resist being aroused after a long time. It seemed and sent me a picture of herself standing in front of the mirror only in a white shirt and covered her face with the mobile.

The picture revealed she was not wearing anything inside and gave a glimpse of her poking horny nipples. As well and toned curves through the light are focused on her.

Me: That’s crazy. Those hot curves wrapped in the white shirt. Aah. I wish I was actually there enjoying the words being written by me.

Me: I would bend down and kiss you on the right boob. Been a fantasy to suck these melons for a long time. Slowly start sucking your right boob and let my tongue play with your nipple.

Payal: That’s making me go crazy and mad. Have inserted my fingers in my pussy here and fingering it slowly and moaning to your words.

Me: And here I am stroking my rock-hard cock for you. Would turn my attention to the left nipple and pull it with my hand to the highest point till you moan me to stop it. And then rub it onto your boob, feeling the pokiness of the nipple.

Payal: Aah. Craziness at its peak.

Me: I would lift you and push you onto the bed to remove your denim along with the panty in a go. I would come on top of you and kiss your delicious lips.

Me: Move down from your lips through your collar bone down to your cleavage to your navel, making it all wet through the way.  I keep licking your juicy navel to my heart’s content, making it all wet. Dreamed of licking your navel the first time I saw it in class.

Payal: Ah. You are driving me crazy now. Fucking wet to the core out here and fingering myself like there is no other day.

Me: That’s nice to hear. Move down from the navel and give your honey pot a nice lick from the bottom till your pubic hair region and look into your eyes.

Payal: Staring right back to you with a kinky smile. Never been licked so good by anyone. Dig yourself deep inside.

Me: Stretch your legs wide open and insert 2 fingers inside your dripping wet pussy reaching inside.
Payal: Holy fuck. That would make me go into an ecstasy mood. Fucking would moan like anything to that touch of yours.

Me: Slowly bend down and insert my tongue into your pussy and give it a nice stream of licks. Continuously licking your pussy with the tongue while the fingers working inside you at the deepest level.

Payal: I am restless on the bed with a different sensation in my body. I am enjoying it to the core. Holding your head with one hand and pushing it inside my pussy to go deeper.

Payal: I am pleasuring my boobs with the other hand and having a moaning time. Actually, I have had an orgasm out here, and the bedsheets are all wet now but not stopping for one more round.

Me: That’s good to hear. I am stroking my rock-solid cock slowly out here but enjoying every bit of sexting with you.

Payal: I wish I was there to blow you off and swallow you completely.

Me: Sometime soon, hottie. Meanwhile, I would remove my finger from the pussy, pick your legs up. I would roll you on the back and insert my tongue deep into your stretched pussy.

Payal: Fuck. That’s a hot move.

Me: I would like you to drain yourself more this time around. Taking my tongue deeper inside. I would slap your hot ass cheeks in between, making them go cherry red.

Payal: Ouch. That’s rough but worth it. Make it red so that I am not able to sit on a chair tomorrow properly.

Me: That would be a nice way to remember me throughout the day. Spanking your ass harder alternatively and making them go cherry red slowly. While the tongue is rolling inside your pussy till it is about to explode again.

Payal: Would you like to lick me clean?

Me: Of course, I would like to lick you clean and drink all your juices as much as possible, lady. Then would come up and kiss you, giving a taste of yourself to you.

Payal: I am about to cum here again.

Me: I am about to cum too. Draining it all out on the sheets here.

Payal: I wished I was there to swallow you and lick you clean.

Me: Aaah. Have fulfilled a long-lasting wish which still feels like a dream.

Payal: I hope you were satisfied for the time being.

Me: Oh, Payal, I am more than satisfied for the time being. Was a good move to message you on FB today and enjoy it with you.

We did chit-chat for an hour post the session, but all those talks were random kinky ones.

Thanks for bearing with me through this lengthy narration. I hope you like the story of erotic sex with my teacher. I would like to hear your feedback on [email protected] Also, let me know what part of the experience you enjoyed reading the most and made you horny for masturbation.

Till then, ciao!

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