My Wife’s Hot Cousin Sister Madhu In Mumbai

After that incident on the train, I and my wife’s cousin sister Madhu were very close. We chatted all night long. Sometimes we had sex chat – she played with her pussy and I played with my tool.

One day while chatting, we decided to meet again in Mumbai. We fixed a date and I booked a resort in the outskirts of Mumbai where generally couples go.

So, we met there in the lobby and wow, my wife’s cousin sister was looking like a sex goddess in a body-clinging red saree with a sleeveless blouse. My dick started rising watching her. (Thank god, there were comparatively fewer people in the lobby).

I had taken the room keys before she came in. We were so excited that we couldn’t hold for a second. We quickly boarded the lift and the moment the life started, we were kissing each other and hugging so tightly without caring about the CCTV camera inside the lift.

Madhu was pressing my buttocks and I was pressing her. We were still french kissing each other, playing with each other’s tongue, licking sensuously.

Then the lift stopped and we walked toward our room. While walking towards the room, I had my hand on her shoulder, holding one of her boobs. She was caressing my full-grown penis with her soft hands.

We quickly came to our room. While I was opening the door standing opposite to the door, she had already started unzipping my pants. Actually, she was hornier than me.

I barely managed to open the door as she pulled my cock out and was playing with it. The moment we entered the room, we shut the door and started kissing again.

My one hand was squeezing her boobs and the other hand was squeezing her full round ass. Our lips were locked and tongues were traveling into each other’s mouth and tasting the saliva.

Then I removed my hand from her ass and brought it up. I searched for the hooks of my wife’s cousin sister’s sexy sleeveless blouse. She stopped me and asked me to open it using my mouth.

I understood that she wanted it rough too. So I just turned her around and held her tightly from behind. I was grinding her ass and at the same time, biting on her bareback.

“Ooohhhhh! Jijuuuuu kyaaaaaaa karrrrrrrr rahe ho..It’s paining”, Madhu was moaning. I didn’t utter a word and started sucking the bare skin of her back hard. I left some love marks there.

Then I came down to her hooks and started opening it one by one with my mouth. Madhu said, “Jiju, itna dheere kryun faad do yaar, doosara hai mere pass”.

I got her message and holding her blouse with my teeth, I pulled it and tore it off from the back.

I started sucking the bareback and the shoulder again, leaving more love marks. Then came her bra. I took the strap in between my teeth and opened it in a second. I grabbed Madhu’s huge jugs with my both hands, squeezed them hard while grinding her from behind.

Then my fingers reached her erect nipples. I pinched them hard till they turned red along with Madhu’s face. She couldn’t control it anymore and was in desperate need of my cock in one of her holes at least.

“Pleaseeeeeee Mohittttt.. Pleasseeeeee I can’ttttttt take it any moreeeee ohhhhhhhh please..”

I know she was at her peak, but I had something else in my mind. I wanted to tease her more and wanted to play with her for some more time. I wanted her to come at least a couple of times just with the mere foreplay before I could enter her.

So I slowly inserted my one hand inside her petticoat and then inside her panties. Finally, I placed my fingers near her already wet pussy. And I whispered in Madhu’s ear, “Wow, sexy! You are already wet. I want o to taste your wet pussy”. Saying this, I started to unwind the saree and within seconds, I managed to throw it on the sofa near us.

Then I took my hand to her front side of her petticoat where my hand tried to find the knot. I quickly pulled the string of the petticoat and it fell down instantly leaving her in her panties.

I then knelt on my knees from behind and started licking her ass over panties, putting a finger in her cracks and then licking the cracks. Then I held the elastic of the panty with my teeth and pulled it down lik a dog.

I kept pulling it down till it reached her feet. Then I asked her to remove it completely.

Now she was completely naked from head to toe. I spread her legs and started inserting my tongue into her anus.

I licked it for some time and then I started licking her pussy from the bottom. That was when when she tried to stop me and complained, “Jiju pleaseeeee yaarrrrrrrrrrrr.. Mujheeeeee bhiiii kuchhhhhh chaiyeee” (Please also give me something to play with).

I got her signal. I carried her naked body and kissed her on the lips while she was in my arms. I took her already-erect nipple in my mouth, between my teeth and bit her lightly and then threw her on the bed.

I started removing my clothes and within a movement, got rid of it and climbed on top of her in 69 position. I held my dick over her mouth for her to suck and I started spreading her pussy with my one hand and then put my two fingers in her pussy.

Madhu’s pussy was tight and she moaned in pain. But then she spread her legs, loosening the hole. She started licking my dick like a lollipop, first the dick head with her mischievous tongue and then then took my balls into her mouth and started sucking them.

She was moving her tongue like a professional and licking my dick like an ice cream, side by side. I was busy eating her juicy little dripping pussy. Suddenly, I felt she was taking all of my cocks into her mouth and also moaning at the same time.

Her grip on my tool had also been tightened.Now she was also squeezing my balls hard. Then she held my hair, pushed my mouth deeper into her pussy along and with a loud moan, she came on my face.

I was also losing control and her mouth was still on my dick. With a big moan, I came right in her mouth. I was worried that she would be angry at me on coming in her mouth unannounced but instead, she gulped everything and was licking my dick for the leftovers.

After this, we were exhausted and sat on the bed. We were watching each other as we were in love with each other.

I had met her for the first time alone and we did find time to greet each other till now. We greeted each other and the first words that came out of her mouth was “jiju, I love you”.

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