Sex With Conservative Middle-Eastern Muslim Woman In Texas

This is a story of my brief affair with a highly conservative, highly educated Muslim woman. She was of middle-eastern background and I had fun with her like a toy. I lived in Dallas, Texas for a while and was always looking to cheat, being the horny dog that I am.

I came across a site and posted an ad there and wondering whether it would get a hit or a miss. I got a response from a Muslim woman, and I was excited.

They are like unicorns being very conservative people and all that. I responded to her, and then we met at Starbucks for a quick chat.

She was highly educated and married to a doofus who doesn’t appreciate her. She was looking for some fun outside, and I was willing to oblige.

It was the first time for her, and she covered her face in a hijab. She’s not a BBW (Big, Beautiful Woman), but a little curvy with a pretty face and wanted to try something exciting.

She was very nervous though, as it was her first time, and she was asking me about how the whole thing works as if I am a pro!

Even I didn’t have that much experience and told her that we will take things as they go along. Since both of us didn’t have a lot of time, I booked a nearby hotel room.

We drove in my car and I started groping her while driving her and making her wild. Once we got into the hotel room, she jumped on me and started making out, and lots of saliva was being exchanged between us.

In Telugu, there is an idiom saying that ‘Tulam bangaram itchi aiyna thuraka danni dengali’ which translates to, “Even if it costs you an ounce of gold, you need to fuck a Muslim woman”.

We slowly started stripping each other. Taking off the hijab and all other heavy covering stuff were exciting. I started spanking her over clothes and her face was fully flushed.

She would go crazy when I touched her nipples and groped her and was not able to stand. She wanted to talk and take it slowly, but I would just keep groping her and teasing her, and she was getting breathless.

Being a germ freak, I asked her if we can shower together as it was summer in Texas which gets pretty hot, and she was too shy and said, “Maybe next time.”

We settled on the bed and I started sucking those puppies alternating between them, licking all over her body, making out. We both were getting out of breath, but it felt like heaven.

She was a moaner and was moaning loudly, and I was worried that somebody in the next room would hear us though it was afternoon.

I took my hand to her pussy and started fingering her over her clitoris first and then inserted my index finger into her vagina.

She was very wet and literally slithering on the bed trying to close her legs at the same time which locked my hand between her legs, as I increased my fingering speed.

I was kissing her body all over and worshipping, licking, fingering, and making her crazy and in the meanwhile, my action was going on downstairs.

This went on for a while. I am hard as a rock, and she started playing with my dick, just touching it at first and then slowly giving me a handjob. But I wanted more and wanted to see how far she’ll go if I stop giving her the pleasure. I stopped for a minute, and she was like WTF are you doing, and get back to what you were doing?

I went to the minibar in the room and picked up a beer. I was watching her, and she had covered her face with a pillow and was begging me to come back.

I wanted to see how far I can go to deny her the pleasure she wanted. Within a couple of minutes, she jumped out of the bed and got on her knees.

She started sucking my cock and begging me to fuck her. I told her that she’s not doing it properly and using a lot of teeth which is hurting me. She started googling to find out how to give a proper BJ. She tried again, and I told her that she was not doing it right. She called a friend.

I told her to put the speaker on, and she asked her for directions on giving a BJ. Her friend was talking about how to hold the dick and lick it, to avoid teeth, etc. It was super hot.

I was like imagining a threesome with these 2 bitches. She was begging me to fuck, otherwise, she would feel hot throughout the day and won’t be able to sleep at all.

Her face was fully flushed. It was like a fun game to me as you have so much control over an ultra-conservative woman sexually.

After she sucked me for some time, I lied to her that I forgot the condom, and she was super mad. She said I can raw-dog (fuck without the condoms) her, and she’ll take a pill later.

I slapped her face with my dick, calling her a slut. I made her spread her legs and show me all her holes, and crawl on her knees, begging me to fuck her.

This went on for 30-40 minutes, and I decided to reward the slut with some good old fucking with a cover. She was reasonably tight.

I started in a missionary position for a while, holding on to her tits. I flipped her and fucked her in doggy style while slapping her ass till it became red.

Then I brought her to the edge of the bed and started fucking faster. I could go on for 15-20 minutes easily, but it was too much for her.

She was moaning like crazy, which was a tonic for me and I kept going. She came a couple of times and I could feel the warm squirt all around my cock.

I came too, a few minutes later. We took a shower together and left the hotel. We did it a couple more times before she left the town.

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