The Cafe 1947 – Part 3

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Hey everyone, I’m Rahul. It’s been a long time, but I’m back with another story about Café 1947. I hope you like it and if you do. Please comment below. It helps a lot and encourages me to write more stories.

The crop top was drenched, and I grabbed it, lifting it. She lifted her hands like a good girl, and the instant it was at the edge of her fingers, I used the top to tie up both her hands. “Hey,” she said.

But before she could speak another word, she was already on the bed. I was on top of her. Kissing her hand and her armpits, slowly making my way down till my tongue could touch the edges of her breasts. She is looking down at me rather, struggling. Her tits are popping up against my face.

“You’re going to do something,” she mocks me. Fucking bitch, I might not last long with her, I think. I place my hands on those, and they fucking dissolve into my palms. So soft like marshmallows, I started massaging them. I started kissing the nape of her neck.

I was using my teeth to get small bits of her skin and leave behind marks of conquest. She kept moaning and grabbing the sheets. She opened her mouth wide, along with her eyes. My tricks were working. I used my fingertips on each of my hands, started circling her nipples, and pressed them against her tits.

She went crazy! Moaning, gasping, and playing with her hair. She pushed my head down. I stopped at her tits. Before my mouth could get a taste, she pushed me down again.

“You can come back later to them,” she said before finally stopping me between her legs. She unbuttoned her shorts and took them off. Her panties were ruined. I grabbed both sides of them and pulled them down. They were soaking wet and smelt like she put perfume in them.

“You owe me a new pair of panties,” She said to me and before I replied. “Now get to it.” She ordered me before pushing my head between her legs. I got to work and started eating her. I went in hard and opened my mouth wide enough for her pussy, and took it all in.

She let out a big moan, arching her back, while I sucked on her clit like a vacuum. “Ah,” She moaned. Not a comfortable one but a cry for help. My nose swiped her down there like a credit card machine. I pushed my tongue forward, placed the entire length of it on her.

I started licking it up and down like a dog. Oh, she loved it! She loved it so good that she kept moaning without a stop. I slowly pushed my tongue into her. She was tight even for my tongue.

“Rahul, fuck, I didn’t know that you we-ere this goo—good, “ She had trouble speaking. I navigated my way in her, stiffening my tongue and using the tip of the tongue to press against the walls of her insides. She underestimated me.

I searched for the spot, twisting my tongue and drinking all those juices she let out like a dam. After a few minutes, I hit the spot.

“Fuck, Rahul, don’t stop!” She tried her best to say.

I spoke in a muffled voice. “Don’t want me to stop?” I was speaking into her pussy, my teeth rubbing her clit and her labia as words came out of my mouth. The tongue, not lagging, turned at her sweet spot, licking and poking at it.

“Oh my God! I’m going to cum soon!” She screamed, and I started speaking the alphabet. Each alphabet being drawn using my tongue inside her pussy, making sure it touched her sweet spot every time I did it.

She warned me as she grabbed my hair. She let out a big moan, jumping up on the bed like being possessed by an evil spirit. She cummed all over my face. It was like opening a dam. She squirted and did not let go of my head. Her legs shivered, and my face was hit with her juices which seemed never-ending.

She let go of me. I gulped those juices down, wiping my face as I saw her body exhausted. Her face was tired, her body sweaty. She curled her legs as the flow got lesser and lesser till she stopped cumming. Her eyes were already half shut. Her hands were still tied, but she did not care about it.

She was breathing heavily and looked at me. “Fuck, that was so good, Rahul, fuck, I forgot about this, ” I unbuckled my pants, letting my hard cock out as she talked to me. She knew what was coming next, and she wanted some rest.

Before she could say anything, I took off her hand ties and opened her legs. She asked me to wait. But as the tip of my cock touched her pussy and rubbed against it, her voice changed.

“You better be good,” And then the moaning started again. I placed my hands beside her face and adjusted my legs for the optimal position. I started thrusting my hips. It was not fast, but it was fucking hard. I took my hips back and shoved them in again.

It was deep, and it was more like being stabbed by my cock. As soon as the cock hit her deep, she looked into my eyes, half shut, letting out whimpers as she took the cock in her. I took my time, going slow and then slowly increasing my pace.

I went faster, faster than before. She took gasps sometimes and tried shouting, but no sound came out of her. The room turned warm with the heat we emanated. We were sweaty, looking at each other. Sometimes she squeezed her tits and kissed her nipples.

But the common thing was me looking at the beautiful sight below. Her reacting in the hottest way possible as she got fucked. The next hour went by, with us fucking like wild animals like it was the end of the world. We were so hot and steamy that we switched off the room heater and took off the sheets.

We continued with doggy, followed by her giving me a blowjob. She was a pro at it. I barely could stand as she cocked her forward and back, sideways wrapping her soft tongue around my cock and making sure her lips covered my head. I controlled myself to the very end, but she pushed her tongue into my slit.

I crumbled down before her and ended up busting my load in her mouth. She was left with no warning, even though I did not know when I would cum. She never knew how to move her tongue and how to suck me dry. It was so hot. The next part was again fingering.

I made her sit on the table, and she took me between her legs. My fingers went in her smooth. I started moving my hands so hard that my shoulders were cramping. I did not want to stop. She was making such a sexy face, moaning and moving her hips.

Her phone rang. I did not stop, nor did he. I was sucking on her upper chest, her collar bone, over her beautiful breasts. Kissing, licking, sucking like a baby, and she picked up the call.

“What?“ She spoke in a breathless voice, massaging my hair. It was her friends.

“Can we come now?” They were giggling as they knew what went on.

“Not for another 2 hours, “ She moaned into the phone itself as I twisted my finger in her.

“Wtf!? So long? Kaha rahenge hum?” They were genuinely pissed off.

“No, don– fuck, bye ttyl, ” At this time, I extended my thumb onto her clit. I took my face off of her and curled my fingers towards her stomach. I started fingering hard with the tips of my fingers rubbing against the roof of her insides. She wrapped her hands around me.

The fingering made my thumb rub her clit hard, pressing against her body while I spread my fingers, stretching her apart.

“Rahul, I’m cumming again!” This time it was more like a comfortable squirt. She cummed, digging her nails into my back and pulling my hips closer to her. My fingers vanished in her, deep into her till the knuckles. I took them out, and they were dripping with her juices. I licked them clean, looking at her.

“Another round,” I asked, holding my cock hard again.

“You never back down, do you?”

For the next hour, we fucked each other in different positions possible. I took her to the glass windows that gave a view of the valley on the other side of the room. She kept kissing me, biting my lips, teasing me throughout. I lifted her leg and held it in my hands.

“I can do better than that, “ She said to me in a cocky way. She lifted her legs, making them look so easy, and kept them on my shoulder. Fuck, she was dangerously flexible. My cock found her pussy, and I pushed myself in her. Her strong leg, resisting, pushed me back as I thrust my hips towards her.

We had been fucking for an hour or so, but she was still tight. Her pussy walls clenched on my cock, milking me as I went in. She knew I was facing a tough time, and she enjoyed my struggle. Her ass struck the glass wall, and it started shaking with each thrust.

She was busy moaning, biting my neck and my collarbone. She enjoyed having someone treat her body like it should be treated. The panes seemed delicate. I didn’t want to explain why the glass broke to the management. I stopped fucking her in midway.

“Mmmmm… why did you stop?” Her eyes were half shut. Her words were mixed up with her moans as they came out of her mouth.

“We will break the glass window if we keep doing this, darling,” I kissed her and took ourselves to a chair. She stood up, and by now, her hair was fully loose. It was stuck to her chest, with all the sweat making it soaking wet. She took it in her hands and again, tied it like a bun.

I sat there all the while. I fixed her hair up fully naked, with a cockiness that she knew that her body was sexy and tempting. My cock was rock hard already and wet with her juices. She smiled at me, sat on my lap, and adjusted my cock over her pussy. It was like pushing my cock into a knob of butter.

I went in so smoothly, and she adjusted herself, slowly bringing herself down onto me. I could see that the penetration was good. She opened her mouth and no sound came out of it, but she was gasping. A heavenly satisfaction was on her face as my cock went deep in her.

She took her hands off of me and placed them on the back of my head. She lifted herself and came down again. My eyes were closed as a reflex, and something went through my body. My cock felt like it was melting in her, and I was worried that I might cum already.

Her hips raised again. She fell onto me, covering my cock with her insides. This time I was the one moaning. She made whimpering sounds, squeezing her tits and kissing her nipples as she repeated the process in a perfect rhythm.

Slow and steady making sure we enjoy every inch of my hard cock spreading her and rubbing against her wet insides. As she got comfortable with my cock penetrating her deep, she increased her pace. She grabbed my head and shoved it between her tits.

Her hips were acting on their own, jumping up and down on me rather than slamming onto me. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting her in different spots each time. As the head touched her inside, she pressed me deeper between her tits, giving out a low moan that told me that she was having a good time.

I was suffocating in the meanwhile as my nose and mouth were covered between her tits. And I liked it. I liked being breathless between those soft breasts of hers. She went faster now, slamming her body onto my cock as hard and fast as she could.

The wet splashing sound of her dripping wet cunt filled up the room. I was coming close. I didn’t want to cum in her, and I said the same. “I’m close. Fuck, wait,” I tried getting up from the chair. But she pushed my shoulders down and made me sit in place.

“Shut up and sit,” She was getting close too, and she didn’t want to lose her orgasm at any cost. Her movement changed. She sat on me fully, taking my cock deep into her. No other girl that I was with before could take my cock in its entirety as she did.

A few seconds later, she composed herself. Her pussy got accustomed to being spread out widely, and she started moving her hips forward and back. My cock moved like a pendulum, my tip rubbing her insides in a semi-circular way. She loved it. It touched new spots, and it was constantly rubbing them.

She moaned slowly at the beginning, looking into my eyes as I sat there helpless. Her speed increased, and so did her moaning. A smile came across her face as she screamed at the top of her lungs while I watched her with my cum face. I couldn’t wait any longer and grabbed the arms. I exploded in her.

She did too, cause her hips were shaking as she did, smiling and looking up into the air. After making a mess on the chair, on our hips, and on the ground, she fell on me. Her sweat-covered tits gave a salty taste, but I loved it. She was like drugs. You can’t say no once you tasted them.

After some time had gone by, I think it might have been ten minutes. I took her to the bathroom, lifting her in my arms as she kissed my neck. Fuck, she was better than me in that too. I put her down into the bathtub and climbed into it. We sat at the edges as the warm water filled us up.

We were cleansing ourselves at the same time, making plans to get dirty. Our eyes were locked onto each other as our chests heaved up and down. “Come here,” I pulled her towards me. Her legs position beside my body. My cock was limp but throbbing, ready to get hard again.

It was one of those times where you are so horny that you can’t help but get hard even if it hurts. She reached for my cock and found that it was limp. “Ho gaya? Aur kuch baki hai tumhe?” She was teasing me. That’s what I thought, at least.

“Baki toh hai, par utna nahi.” I didn’t want to lie to this woman. She was stroking it as she was appreciated my honesty. What she did next was fucking hot.

“Acha, let me help you then,” With those words, she dived her head into the water and onto my cock.

“Oh fuck, “ I shouted out loud as her lips took in my cock. The warm water was grazing my exposed head along with her tip tracing the edges of my tip. I couldn’t help but moan. She sucked me so good.

I got hard instantly. If she went for one for a minute, I would have filled that bathtub with my cum. I was getting close, and her head came up. She wiped her mouth and composed her breathing.

“Looks like it’s ready to go now.” It was a struggle for domination, domination through pleasure. She was one step ahead of me, and as soon I crossed her, she did the same. I was in this bathtub already cummed twice, with a limp cock, exhausted.

This girl managed to make me hard in an instant. Her blowjob played its part in making me hard. The vision still runs in the back of my mind to this day. I am hard writing about it now.

She grabbed my cock with one hand and started stroking it. With the other hand, she guided mine towards her pussy. I loved the idea. I started rubbing her pussy from the bottom to the top, using my fingertip as the point of pressure. Her smile went away.

Her eyebrows were curved as she started breathing heavily. Her hand went up and down on me, twisting me slightly as she tried her best to keep that pace going. I pushed two fingers inside her. She gasped at my gesture. I guess she was expecting me to add one and then another later.

But I decided to go wild. I started fingering hard. She watched my shoulder moving forward and back with an insane speed. I could see that it was working cause her hand stopped moving on my cock. She gripped the bathtub and closed her eyes.

My cock was now being stroked once every few minutes. Her body was focussing its energies on controlling that pleasure that emanated from my fingering. I got a naughty thought, and I added another finger. She squeezed my cock as her pussy took three. Something told me that two was her maximum.

She was moaning at my face. Her chest was bouncing up and down as that music came out of her mouth. She took a while and then started stroking me hard. I clenched my teeth. She knew how to jerk off and how exactly I liked it. That moment was insane. It was one of the best memories I had.

She jerked me off as I fingered her. We both moaned, looking at each other and getting closer together. I had a great idea, and it was one of the best ideas of my life. I extended my thumb and pressed it on her clit. It moved forward and back, taking the clit along with it as I fingered her with three fingers.

This broke the dam. “Rahul, I’m going to cum,” She struggled to talk but somehow got those words out of her mouth. She was close, and in a few seconds, she was going to squirt. It was too late. She knew that, and I knew that too. She didn’t want to go down alone.

She used her thumb and pressed it on my head. That brought me down by half, and she pushed the fingertip into my slit. That was it. I pressed on the clit hard and shoved my fingers knuckles deep. She screamed, and so did I. We cummed at once. I should say we cummed till our bodies were dehydrated.

I shot my load high up into the air. She squirted and came from her pussy. My legs felt weak, and my vision got blurry. She was shivering waist down and continued cumming. Finally, fell onto the bathtub exhausted.

We lay there for some time, sweaty and exhausted on either end of the bathtub. We slept when I didn’t know. But I woke up and found her sleeping like a baby. I got out of the bathtub and woke her up with a kiss.

“It’s late. I’ll go. Your friends must be waiting outside,” I told her as I gave a peck again.

“Mmmmm… ok, jate waqt unko boldena ki andar aajye. I need some time to recover. Also, thank you, you were unbelievable.” She kissed me back. This was a comfortable kiss, a kiss of gratitude rather than lust.

I took a final look at that beautiful body, glistening in that water, and made for my room. I came outside and saw that her friends were waiting.

“You kept us waiting, “ It was a mix of anger and mockery.

“You can go in. She needs some more time,” I winked at them and got a mixed expression of shock and blush as a reply. I got into my room and slept on the bed, exhausted. She was in the bathroom, exhausted just like I was. We both knew that this was not the end.

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