A Lot Can Happen Over A Simple Tattoo – Part 1

Hello everyone! I’m Vihan, back with my new story about a simple tattoo. The second wave and a lot of work kept me busy. So I couldn’t get back to the stories early. But now I’m back for you all. I hope you like it!

I’m from Pune. I’m a tattoo artist and have a tattoo parlor here. I have been doing this for a living for a while now. Word of mouth spread, and I started getting many tattoo jobs for boys, girls, and women.

I had a lot of requests from older ladies to get tattoos. What surprised me more was how open they were to get tattoos from a young guy like me, and that too on some very interesting body parts.

I was famous among the older women in town. My professional attitude, creativity, skill, and ability to keep secrets got me a lot of popularity among older women.

This story is about my Vahini (bhabhi) Samidha. Samidha is 32 years old. She has been married to my elder cousin Akash for 5 years now. She has a kid too. She was working in a tech firm.

But after her pregnancy, she decided to take a career break and looked after her kid and house. Her husband Akash is in Merchant Navy and is on the ship for six months.

Samidha and I had a cordial relationship. But we were not too close to each other. We used to chat with each other. Whenever we met at family functions, she used to enquire about me and my life. It was all good. But this relationship was set to change. None of us knew what fate had planned for us.

So this happened last year after the first wave of the pandemic. Akash had spent most of the year home because all his ships were canceled. Finally, when things started opening up and Akash was set to travel. I had gone to drop him off along with Samidha.

Samidha was feeling a bit low that day. I told her not to worry and that Akash will be back soon.

Me – Vahini, tula kai hava asel tar saang. Mi yein tuzhya madatila. (Let me know if you need any help.)

Vahini – Okay Vihan, thanks!

Me – Also, you can come to visit me at my tattoo parlor anytime if you feel bored.

Vahini – That’s a good idea, Vihan. I’ll visit you soon.

After 2-3 weeks, she came to my parlor. Another older woman had an appointment with me to get a tattoo. She requested a private tattoo session. So I had sent all my colleagues home. I was not expecting Samidha to show up. Once she visited, I told her to hang around for a while till I got the tattoo done.

So Vahini was waiting in the lobby. I was inside the parlor painting the tattoo. Now, this woman had a special request. She needed a tattoo on her butt cheek. Her husband was very fond of her ass. That’s the reason she wanted to get his name tattooed on her butt cheek.

The woman was in her 40s. She came to the parlor wearing a salwar kameez. I asked her to hop on the chair and sleep on her left side. Once she was on the chair, I asked her to lift her kameez and unite her salwar. I asked if she was comfortable getting a tattoo from me or she wanted a female artist.

She told me that she heard a lot about my talents and wanted the best in business. She said, “Do not hesitate, please go ahead and get me the tattoo.”

Once she gave me the go-ahead, I started my work. I was trying to make her comfortable by talking to her

Me – So ma’am, why is the tattoo so special

Ma’am – I love my husband a lot. He is a great guy. It’s his birthday next week, and I wanted to give him a surprise.

While she was talking, I pulled her salwar down. I was now able to see her panties. If you want to judge how modern a woman is, I guess the best test is to see what kind of panties she uses. This woman was wearing old-style panties. Those were black with pink flowers on them.

Me – Ma’am, I want you to pull down your panties a bit.

Without hesitation, she pulled her panties down.

Ma’am – Is that enough?

Me – A bit more would be helpful!

She pulled her panties further down. Now her butt crack was completely visible. I was ready for my work.

Me – Yes, so you told me why this tattoo is special and why you want to place it here.

Ma’am – Well, my husband spends a lot of time in this area.

While she was talking, I cleaned her cheek with alcohol, used the razor to shave any hair, and used the stencil to get the design on her cheek. After getting the design, I started to use my needle.

Me – Ma’am, it’ll pain a little, so please bear with me. If you want me to stop, just let me know!

I started using the needle on her butt cheeks. It was a bit painful, and that’s why the woman started moaning in pain.

Ma’am – Ahh. It’s hurting a bit.

Me – Do you want me to stop?

Ma’am – No, keep going.

For someone who didn’t know what exactly was going inside the room, it seemed as if I was having sex with the woman. Her ass was a sensitive and soft part. She was moaning a bit louder.

That’s when my Vahini entered the room to check what was happening. My back was facing the door. What my Vahini saw was me bent down on the woman’s naked ass and the woman moaning loudly. She misunderstood the situation and shouted

Vahini – Vihan, what the hell is happening here?

Ma’am – (aghast) Who the hell is she? I told you I wanted a private session?

Vahini – Private session? Is this what you do here? Shame on you?

Me – Stop, stop! It’s not what you think it is, Vahini. Step outside, please I’ll come and talk to you. You’re making my client uncomfortable.

Vahini – I can’t believe this. (she stormed outside the room)

Me – Ma’am, I’m sorry, that’s my Vahini. She came to visit me today. I knew this was a private session, but please be assured no one would know about this. Please give me 5 minutes. I’ll talk to her come back and finish your tattoo

Ma’am – Okay. you better be quick

I came out and started talking to Vahini

Me – Vahini, it’s not what you think it is.

Vahini – Oh, is it? I saw what you were doing in there? Is this what the parlor is about? You bring an older woman into the parlor and do all such things?

Me – Nahi nahi Vahini, aik tar mazha (No Vahini, please listen to me.)

Vahini – Ajun kai aikaychay rahilay, Vihan? (What’s there to explain)

Me – Just have a seat and listen to me

Vahini – Tell me, what explanation do you have for this behavior?

Me – Just calm down and hear me out

She calmed down a bit. I gave her some water and started telling her about my profession

Me – Vahini, I’m a tattoo artist. That’s the only thing I am, nothing more. I have clients ranging from teenagers to older people. Older women come to my parlor to get a tattoo. At times their requests are weird. They want a tattoo done on the private parts of their body, mostly to surprise their partners and make them happy.

Me – This started a few years ago. I was discreet, private, and, most importantly, professional. Word of mouth spread, and I started getting a lot of requests. These women want to impress their loved ones, and I help them with it. That’s it.

Vahini – This is beyond my belief, Vihan. Aat kaay chalu hota? (What was going on inside?)

Me – Vahini, tya ma’am na tyanchya husband la impress karaycha hota mhnun tyanni dhungnavr tattoo kadhayla lavla. (She wanted to impress her husband, and hence she asked me to draw a tattoo on her ass.)

Vahini – Asa ka pan? (Why on the ass, though?)

Me – Because her husband likes her ass a lot. (I blushed a little)

Vahini – What? (She raised her eyebrows)

Me – hoy mhnun tyanni sangitla ki tithe tattoo kadh. Mhnun mi tyanna salwar khali gheun tyancha dhungnavr tattoo kadhat hoto. (Yes, that’s why I had her salwar pulled down)

Vahini was silent. She didn’t know what to respond

Me – Vahini tu ghari ja ata. Apan sandhyakali boluya. My client is waiting (I think you should go home. We can talk about this in the evening.)

Vahini went home. I got to my client’s ass. She had worn her salwar back and was lying on the chair.

I went to her apologized.

Ma’am – It’s okay. Who was she?

Me – My cousin’s wife

Ma’am – Oh! I thought she was your girlfriend. She looks very pretty though

I had never noticed my Vahini being pretty. I got lost in the thought of Vahini’s looks for a while.

I asked my client to loosen her salwar a bit. I asked to sleep on her stomach this time. She obeyed. I pulled her salwar down. All this time, I was thinking of my Vahini. This had never happened to me before, but my client’s words made me think a different way. Soon my dick started rising, thinking of my Vahini.

And here I was in front of a naked bum. I couldn’t control myself. Very sensually, I removed my client’s salwar and pulled down her panties. Even though I was aware I was not supposed to cross my line, I was still trying to enjoy this time.

This 40-year-old naked bum in front of me was so soft and big. I started moving my hands over it. I was trying to get a grip of it. Now I started making tattoos. She was feeling the pain. But to have fun, I was also breathing on her butt. I’m sure she was able to feel my breath on her asshole.

She started moaning. I was caressing her butt cheeks and making the tattoo. This went on for a while.  Now I was done with making the tattoo. I was exhaling breath over her ass. I could see goosebumps on her naked butt. She was enjoying it too.

I had no control over myself. The lust for my Vahini took me over. So much so that I pulled panties up and slapped her butt, and asked her to dress up and come out.

She was shocked but a bit happy at the same time. This was probably the only time someone other than her husband had spanked her. Biting her lips and blushing, she stood up. Tied her nada and came out.

Ma’am – You have good hands.

Me – Thanks, ma’am.

Ma’am – I loved the tattoo and also your other services. You give a very wholesome package. (With a wink)

Me – I’m glad you enjoyed it. (no idea about what she was referring to.)

Ma’am – these are your fees. I would definitely recommend my friends to your parlor. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it.

Me – Thanks, ma’am!

She went home. I closed my shop for the day and decided to pay a visit to my Vahini. I was expecting her to be furious. I thought she would lash out at me. But as soon as I went to talk to her

Me – Vahini, what you saw…

Vahini – I want a tattoo too. I want to impress my husband too. Will you help me, Vihan?

Me – I didn’t know what to say. I just nodded in agreement

Vahini – And I want it to be a private affair, just like your client today

Me – Sure! But why? And where do you want to get your tattoo?

Vahini (she looked towards me, then bowed down her head)

I thought she was blushing.

Me – Where Vahini?

She looked at me, blushed a little, and pointed her finger towards the place. It was right above her vagina. I kept looking at her in pure shock!

That’s it for now, to know whether I will agree to do this? Will Vahini get her tattoo done? One thing leads to another. Will this end up into something it’s not supposed to? Just stay tuned. I’ll be right back.

I hope you liked how the tattoos turn erotic. I’m Vihan from Pune. If any girl or a woman wants to chat or meet up, you can ping me either in the mail or my hangouts. My mail id is – [email protected]

See you soon!

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