Trapped By Girlfriend’s NRI Wife Mom

Hello guys, this is my first story so pardon me if there are any grammatical mistakes. I hope you will enjoy.

Let me describe my girlfriend first. Her name is Jenny, 20 years of age with medium size boobs and ass. I really love my girlfriend and we use to have sessions 2 times a week. Her dad use to work in US and mom was a bank manager.

My girlfriend’s mom (I used to call her ‘aunty’), 44 years old, had a typical Indian aunty figure with big boobs and a not so tight ass. and I never saw her in any bad manner and always respected her.

One Monday, after our college at around 3 pm my girlfriend called me and asked me to come to her house as she was feeling horny. Our houses were just 8 km apart. So, I went to my girlfriend’s house like a flying beast.

I rang the doorbell. Jenny opened the door and quickly we started kissing each other passionately! Our tongues started to explore each other’s mouths. My hands started squeezing my girlfriend’s ass.

Then we went to her room. She removed her top and unbuttoned my shirt. I removed my gf’s bra and started sucking her medium-sized boobs like a small baby.

We were just about to get to the bed when her mom suddenly appeared! (When I entered the house, we forgot to lock the main door). My girlfriend’s mom stared at us for 3-4 seconds and then went from there.

I was shivering with fear and pushed Jenny back. After some time, her mom called us to the dining room and asked me to go home. I went home quickly.

At night, I messaged Jenny many times but she was not replying. The next day, I didn’t go to college. I got a call from my girlfriend’s mom. She asked me to come to her house. I was very afraid but still went there.

My girlfriend’s mother was waiting for me but Jenny was not there. I asked her where Jenny was and she told me that her daughter had gone to college.

Then she started shouting at me. “You are destroying yours as well as her daughter’s life. I am going to call your parents and tell everything!”

I started crying. “Aunty, please don’t do this. I will do anything but please don’t inform my parents”, I pleaded.

“Okay, I will not inform your parents but you will have to listen and follow every instruction that I give you.”

I quickly agreed as I didn’t have a choice. My gf’s mom went to her room and called me from there after some time.

My girlfriend’s mom was wearing a red pajama and a loose black top. She lied on the bed and removed her pajamas and her black pantie! I was shocked and asked what she was doing?

“Shut up, boy! Come here and just lick and suck my pussy.”

I was surprised to see a clean and shaved pussy (I must agree that her pussy was way better shaved than her daughter’s pussy).

I didn’t want to waste the opportunity of enjoying my girlfriend’s horny mom. So, I jumped on the bed and slowly started licking Jenny’s mom’s pussy. Both my hands grabbed her thighs and she started moaning.

I increased my licking speed and started to play with her clit and my tongue-licking her pussy walls. My girlfriend’s mom was moaning non-stop. Now I also started getting horny and got a hard-on.

After some time of licking, Jenny’s mom released all her salty juices and I drank it all in an instant. Then she opened her eyes and noticed my hard-on. She ordered me to remove my pants.

I removed my pants and my brief as well. My girlfriend’s mom looked at my 6-inch dick.

She then came closer, took my dick in her hands and started stroking it! It was way better than the way my girlfriend used to do and after 5 minutes, I cummed in her hands. She wiped it off and told me to go home. She also told me that she will call me and if I wouldn’t show up, then she will inform my parents about the previous day’s incident.

Everything was normal for the next two weeks. I and my girlfriend Jenny never talked about it. Then, one day again, I got a call from her mom.

I went to her house and this time, my girlfriend’s mom was wearing a pink transparent nighty. Her black bra and panty were clearly visible. That was the first time I was able to see Jenny’s mom’s big boobs clearly. I got an immediate hard-on.

She came near me, removed her nighty and hugged me. She felt my hard dick and removed my clothes and her bra and panty. Now we both were completely naked.

She started stroking my dick and I started squeezing my gf’s mom’s big melons (it was softer than my gf’s boobs). We were kissing passionately.

Then I started sucking her boobs and my hands were crushing her ass. After a few minutes, we went to her room. She lied there on the bed and spread her legs. She ordered me to fuck her.

I jumped onto her and put my hard dick inside her wet pussy. It was tight (as her husband was in US, she was sexually not active).

After some time, I increased my pace. My girlfriend’s mom was moaning so loudly. My hands were squeezing her boobs and my dick was thrusting her pussy.

Then she ordered me to stop. I asked, “What happened?” Then she ordered me to lick her pussy. I followed her orders and started licking her wet pussy.

My tongue was making to and fro motion in her pussy. Within 4-5 minutes, she released her juices and I drank it all. Then again, I inserted my hard dick in her pussy and fucked her hard. After 6-7 minutes, I cummed inside my girlfriend’s mom’s pussy.

She told me that she wanted this from a long time. She also told me that this should be between us and Jenny should not know about this secret affair.

I asked her whether I continue my relationship with Jenny. She told me I can but I should come whenever she calls me. I agreed.

After this incident, I use to have sessions with my gf like I used to have earlier and her mom use to call me once or twice in a month to satisfy her carnal needs.

Peace out.

Hope you like it.

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