The Cafe 1947 – Part 2

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Hey everyone, I’m Rahul. It’s been a long time, but I’m back with another story about Café 1947. I hope you like it and if you do. Please comment below. It helps a lot and encourages me to write more stories.

Iyanah took her phone out. Her friends kept messaging her about me, and she politely asked them not to disturb us. This was the signal for me. I didn’t waste a second. My fingers moved that waterfall of hair to the side. I bit her earlobe, slowly pulling it back with my teeth.

Her eyes got shut, and her fingers stopped in the middle of typing a message. I dropped my lips down onto her neck, planting soft and lustful kisses below her ear. Her breath started getting louder. I could hear the rhythm of her breathing increasing as my lips touched her body.

Fingers gripped her phone as the entire shivers that her body got, was transferred towards her fingers. I loved her struggle. Every cell of her body wanted more. But her mind was fighting a lost war against them, telling them to wait.

Meanwhile, I was covering every inch of her skin and finally was on her shoulder. The cab turned steamy. The temperature rose inside the closed doors. A lonely sweat drop made its way down her neck, leaving me a trail to follow. It finally came onto the shoulder as if asking me to climb her neck.

I obliged but with a twist. I started kissing and wiping that sweat trail off of her, going a bit wilder than before. But with one hand, I dragged her dress down her shoulder. Finally, when I reached the destination, the side of her neck, I gave a nice little kinky bite on her neck.

She moaned. She made a sound of approval. I made my mark, and the next step that was left was to take her to bed. Before that, I wanted to have some fun. I went wilder. I turned her towards me and pressed my body against her. She dropped the phone as I started digging over her chest.

Tracing her collarbone with the tip of my tongue, I grabbed her waist over her dress. She moaned, forgetting that it was a cab, and grabbed my hair, massaging it. She found comfort in my arms. As I got a taste of her body, she got a glimpse of how much she would have fun in the room.

I kissed just over her tits, occasionally giving her a bite. I loved how smooth her skin was and how quickly it got red as I turned rough on her. Hands moved towards her top. I stopped below her chest and used my thumb to trace the underside of her heavenly breasts.

As my hands were busy in their world, I gave a rest to that luscious body of hers and kissed her. Fucking hell, how sweet her lips were! It might be the taste of something she wore or the natural taste that her body gave out. But I couldn’t stop myself.

I kept taking more of her lips into my mouth and sucked her like I sucked a lollipop. Her saliva kept hitting my tongue. It reminded me of the sweet candy that I ate as a child. She poked her tongue into mine, and I received it with my own.

Our tongues danced rather than trying to wrap around each other as we explored how each other’s mouths were. Enough! I felt that was making me go crazy. I took my tongue out and gave a bite to her lips. A slap hit my face. It was playful but also a warning.

I got carried away and bit her lip a bit too hard. She had accumulated a cut. “Sorry,” I whispered as I got soothing that cut with my lips, making sure no teeth touched her this time. The tip of my tongue joined the first aid as I licked over the cut while my lips massaged hers.

All this while, her body was stuck to mine, her chest, as she breathed, was pressing against my hard chest. It was heavenly. We had to jump back to reality as the car halted. My hair was a mess, not more than her. Her dress was crumpled in places that gave the person watching the wrong ideas about what happened.

Her hair was messy as I made her lie on the door. Her lipstick smeared, and her lip cut. She quickly looked into her front cam and estimated the damage. I was horrified. I might have been too rough, I thought. She was a mind reader. She must be. Cause she knew what I was thinking and replied.

“Don’t worry. I like this look you gave me,” She got down saying those words, and I was left inside with a boner.

“What happened?” She was looking at me, even though the door was open. I was not moving an inch.

“Uh, nothing! You go ahead. I’ll catch up. My phone fell in the cab.” I was too embarrassed to tell the truth.

“Hahaha, you don’t need to lie, you know. You were constantly poking me in the cab. Don’t be late.” She left the cab and walked to the room. Her attitude was so fucking hot. She was walking as she owned the place, and trust me. Anyone would give her the keys to the place if they saw her in that dress.

The cab driver was looking at me with an annoyed face. I made a cheap show of searching for something, thinking of all the funny, sad, idiotic things in my life. I had to get the boner down, but that fucking beauty was making it tough. I did one thing that helped me get it down.

I looked at the cab driver’s angry face for five seconds. I walked into the hotel with no idea what her room number was. Fucking idiot. I never asked her which room, and I never told her mine. Stuck in my circle of thoughts, I did not move from my place.

“Excuse me, sir. Are you Rahul?” The bell boy was behind me, trying his best not to smile at me.

“Yeah,” I looked at him, curious, and he was about to crack up.

“Ma’am asked me to inform you that she would be in Room 104. Also, should you try to talk sometime?” He let out a smile. “Lucky Bastard!” it was speaking to me.

I smiled back and started for the lift. This girl was something else. She knew I was an idiot, and I liked that she still went with me. Legs were running up the stairs, tumbling against them. I couldn’t wait. Even the distance between the room that stood at the edge of the corridor seemed like a finish line.

I rushed towards it, something between a run and walk. The door stood before me. I felt like a gladiator walking into an area, ready to defeat anyone to impress the Queen. I knocked on the door twice. Only after I composed myself and made sure my breathing came back to normal.

“Come in,” she shouted. I went in, and she was already changed into more comfy clothes. A woolen crop top with comfy shorts. The room heater was on. But there were traces of the cold winter still lingering about the room. She looked even sexier in this attire.

The red dress deceived me. It grabbed my attention away from the things that were hidden – her curves. The crop top was barely covering anything on her body. Even the chest wasn’t covered very well. It did a bad job, and I could even sketch the curves inside it.

She was cleaning up her bed (maybe making it neat and clean for our workout there). After she was done and did a pretty decent job, she lifted her hands and tied her hair into the bun.

One should note that when a girl lifts her hands to play with her hair when wearing a crop top, two things happen.

1) The crop top goes even further up, showing off her waist and, if it’s short enough, the underlines of her breasts.

2) You get a boner.

I did get one, but I was too mesmerized to see her nakedness. Here, I meant that she wore a nightdress, quite contrasting to the red dress she wore. She smiled as she came towards me. To be noted, I was standing at almost the edge of a table, and there was a bottle on it.

Inches away from me, she stopped, and her hand reached for it. My hardness was doubled instantly. My pants were barely able to contain it. All this while, I was looking at the abs that she had and the crop top that constantly rose up and down with the movement of her hands.

She had no bra. She made a sudden movement of clenching her fingers, and I jerked back. Embarrassingly, she grabbed a water bottle and was drinking from it, smiling at my stupidity.

One thing to be noted is that I’m a guy who takes ridicule seriously. Even if it is from a sexy hot ass like her. She turned around, and it was my turn to do something. I grabbed her waist with one hand and snatched that bottle away from hers.

“I can still feel you poking me. Are you that weak, Mr. Rahul?” She smiled but did not leave my grip.

“You will find out, ” With those words, I emptied the entire bottle over her top. It went down like a river flowing its way between the mountains. In this case, a few streams were lucky to go over them.

As the cold water mixed with the chilly winds grazed her nipples, Iyanah moaned so sweetly. I stretched out my fingers and placed them on her waist. I started playing with her belly (as if she had one).

Fingering her belly button and grabbing that slender waist, and gently massaging it. I was laying the path for her towards heaven. Foreplay is the key, and my past experiences taught me.

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