A Rebound Sex With A Junior

Hi guys. Long-time. How are you guys?

I had a junior named Gisna. She was a tall beautiful girl with 34C boobs with spongy nature and pink nipples. they were the best I have sucked and 36 plump milky ass which suited her body. She was wheatish in complexion with a curvy figure, with shaven long legs.

Her shaven arms and smell of her armpits used to turn me on. She was an energetic girl. She was about 5’6 tall and she was a little flirty around me. It was the time of my breakup. I was deep in a depression not talking to anyone. One day I found a message from Gisna but I didn’t care to reply much.

Then she used to leave me a million messages. When it was uncontrollable I started to reply back. At first, I was irritated when she was consoling me. Helping me become an extrovert again. One day she asked me about our breakup. I told her about Sara. Our relationship grew. We used to chat a lot.

I knew she liked me a little bit. She used to send me sexy selfies in the morning with an under quote good morning. I used to share my shirtless pics to test her. This continued for a few weeks until the exam time came. I decided to visit her home to write up my reappearance exams. She was a good tutor.

One day. I went to her house, as usual, to get tutored. I rang the bell. But heard no noise. After ringing it a few times I got to know that power was out. So I slammed the door. Gisna came and opened the door. She was in a sports bra and tight pajamas. She welcomed me in.

As she walked I could see her ass lining which made me gulp. I wanted to taste it. But I threw away my thoughts and told myself she didn’t see it that way. I must be straightforward. She then started to teach me. As she bent before me I could her sweat flow into her cleavage onto her wheatish boob skin.

My mouth had started to water. My eyes staring deep into her cleavage. She was extremely sweaty as the power was out. So was I. I asked her when would power be back on. She replied in a few hours. Then the pen had fallen down while she was explaining a theorem.

She picked it up while she pressed on my bulge. I felt a jolt in my body. I asked her for a glass of water with a low voice. She smiled at me and went to the kitchen. I could see her ass bouncing around. She was seducing me. But I couldn’t do this. She brought me back little of grape juice. It was cold.

I was drinking it. She stared at me as I gulped the juice down. I was on the brink of losing control. Her sweat had made her bra wet at sides and near her cleavage. I put down the glass after drinking the juice. I asked her where was everyone else.

She replied they had gone for a wedding quite far away and would only return in the night.  After some time she went into her room to freshen up. I had a doubt in my studies. I knocked on the bathroom door. She opened the door in a bathroom red towel.

Her hair was wet and water dripping down her collarbone making the towel wet.  I asked her the doubt. While she was explaining to me, I lost my attention in her body and was staring again at her cleavage. I was having a bulge. She got to know my attention was going.

She took the book from my hand and threw it into her bed. She pulled me into the bathroom and closed the door. She threw her towel and made herself nude. I covered my eyes with my hand. I asked what you are doing.

Gisna: Don’t act like you don’t want it.

Me: No. We can’t do it. You consider me as your brother.

Gisna: No. I wanted you like my boyfriend and lover.

She slowly moved towards me running her wet hands over my body. Then run it through my face and removing my hands from my eyes.

Gisna: I have loved you. I didn’t know how to tell you this. Don’t say no. I love you.

Me: You know I can’t do this. Sara (my bitch ex) made me a fool. I can’t do this again

Gisna: It’s ok. I promise you I won’t.

She then kissed me I didn’t resist kissed her back. My hands raised and I pushed them on her shoulders as we both got drowned in that kiss. She removed my t-shirt and threw it away. I knew I was in over my head.

So I was like what the fuck lets go with the flow. I picked her up on my hands and placed her against the bathroom wall. I started licking her neck as she moaned. I gave her a deep kiss as my hands dug into her breasts. They were soft cotton-like. I moved my hands lower to her pussy rubbing it.

Our hands intertangled in pleasure. As my tongue moved all over her body. And my dick rubbed over her wet pussy and hands juggling her boobs. In that height of pleasure, the shower got switched on. I removed all my dress. I started to suck her pussy.

I dug deep into her insides and was making her moans. Her fingernails dug into my hair. I squeezed her clitoris and moved into her g-spot. Rubbing made her jump. We dried ourselves after she came and I then carried her into the bed. I made her lie on it and started to kiss her from toe to head.

My hand moved on to her boobs pressing it. She moaned. I circled her nipples with my tongue and rubbed red nipples in my hand. taking her boobs in my hand started to suck them. Her hands stretched to pull the sheets out of pleasure. She entangled her legs and was wrapped around me.

My dick was rubbing her pussy. There were only sweet romantic moans in the air. I sucked her boobs like an infant. Her moans drowning in pleasure. She wanted to feel my cock. I then kept on sucking her boobs one by one as my hands kept on fingering her. It didn’t take her long to cum.

She pulled the sheets to maximum moaning. Then I kissed her deeply. I kissed her as I slowly entered my dick into her pussy. At first, it was half my dick. Then slowly pushed in the rest. I then broke the kiss. She was gasping for breaths. After a minute, I started to fuck her.

I played with and sucked on her boobs. My pumps were slow and romantic with occasional kissing, and sucking her neck, her face, lips. We both fucked for some time. Allowing her to cum as well as me. I then lay down on along with her nude on the bed.

We cuddled for some time, kissing each other talking. She asked me if I wanna do something naughty. I replied yes.

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