Virgin Girl Roam Without Panty And Fucked

Hi sex cravers, this is Derek Gupta (name changed) here to tell you a story about how my friend who I seduced for sex. Let me first introduce myself. I live in Delhi, a university student, 21 years, 5.8 height and 8-inch-long, 3-inch width dick.

The heroine of this story is Prerna (name changed). Her assets are 36-30-38. She is fair and has flesh in the correct places. She looks like a bomb in western dresses.

Prerna is one of my college batchmates and a friend of mine. She looks like a bomb and most of the boys in our batch usually flirt with her trying to get her in bed.

Once while casually talking after college, she challenged me to do a task which she supposed I can’t. We had a dare that if I completed it, she will go on a date with me and will do whatever I say.

At first, I hesitated to do it but since I got some dirty plans, I decided to go for it risking a bit.

The next day, I completed the task easily despite being a bit difficult but I had other plans that made me do it with ease.

So, as planned, she now had to go on a date with me and do as I say. So I picked her up on Sunday from her home. As soon as she came out, I saw her and couldn’t take my eyes off her. She looked like a bomb.

Prerna was wearing a one-piece that gave me a hard-on. We hugged tightly and her melons gave me a feel on my chest!

We sat in my car and headed towards the Punjabi Bagh café. We started usually chit-chatting and she thought it was just a usual date but she didn’t know what was about to happen until I told her to give me her panty. Prerna was shocked and couldn’t believe what she just heard. I repeated it, asking her to give me her panties.

Prerna got confused and wasn’t able to decide to resist or go with the flow. I again said, ‘It was part of the dare and you promised to obey it.”

She then took her panty and handed over it to me. I smelled it, it was awesome. My dick got hard smelling that and I kept it in my pocket.

I then started rubbing her thighs and she instantly smooched me as soon as we stopped at a red light! I got a green signal and started rubbing her pussy while she was giving me a blowjob while driving.

We reached the café and she was feeling awkward walking like that. She didn’t believe it till then and it was a new experience for her which gave her a thrill.

We ordered food and she ate it quickly as she was already oozing precum. I occasionally rubbed my hands on her thighs and she shivered each time I did so. We moved back to our car and she kissed me passionately like it was the best kiss of her life.

Prerna then started expressing her experience and what she felt and the thrill she had. As we started our car and moved out, we ended up landing in an Oyo room and checked in. I undressed her in no time and I was amazed to see such an awesome body.

I instantly started sucking her boobs and rubbed her pussy. Then I switched position and move to the other boob. I bit her boobs with my teeth and she jumped a bit. We then got into 69 positions and she was the best sucker I had met till now. I came within minutes.

She was afraid to drink it but I held her face and she couldn’t take it away and was forced to drink it all. It was a heavenly feeling.

She cleaned my dick completely by sucking and a few moments later, my dick again got erect. I placed it on her pussy entrance. She told me that she was a virgin and I should go slowly.

It gave me shock and excitement at the same time that such a hot girl wasn’t being fucked till then and I was the first one to open it. I placed my dick on the opening and rubbed it a bit. She was in pleasure and begged me to go in.

I got into missionary position and gave a push inside. The tip of the dick went in and she screamed. Without listening, I again gave a hard push and almost 75% of my dick went inside. She was begging to pull it out and she was unable to take it any further.

I started moving a bit and kissed her so that she could relax a bit. After fucking my batchmate slowly for a few minutes, her pain got at ease. She started enjoying it and asked me to go deep and deep and tear her apart.

I increased my pace and fucked Prerna like an animal that day, tearing her pussy completely. She came several times during that and I kept on fucking her. She kept moaning and I called her bitch and spanked her hard.

After 20 minutes later, I cummed and lay on her. We cleaned all the blood and the cum oozing out of her pussy. We again fucked in doggy style and we tried several positions that day, having 4-5 rounds of sex.

We left and she was having a bit of pain and difficulty in walking but she was completed satisfied and tired.

I dropped her home and we had many more sessions in the past two months exploring more and more things that we could. We also tried car sex and having a vibrator in her panty in a class which I will narrate in my next story.

I hope you all enjoyed it. Can you share your feedback on [email protected]

Based on your feedback, I will come up with more of my incidents. Feel free to ping me.

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