The Cafe 1947 – Part 1

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It was a chilly night. Chilly was a small word compared to the shivering weather that the winter presented. I was fortunate enough to wear a leather jacket. It did not help much, but it did provide some solace from the drop in temperature.

My friends and I were in Manali, a beautiful place that came at a price of negative temperatures in the night. Scotch, we thought, was the best solution to this problem. And so, we set out to the famous cafe of all, Cafe 1947. It was a hotspot in Manali, a must-visit place.

We reached there, and ‘live’ music was playing by then. I liked having a good drink and listening to good music, but something caught my eye. It was a beautiful curve of the back of a beautiful woman who sat at the next table. It was an all-girls table.

Fortunately, that meant that she had no male company. A gorgeous red dress that hugged her body and crept to above her knees. She could make one drool for her. I did not get to see the face of the hotness before me, but I did not need it. Her back was enough to keep me entertained for hours.

I kept checking her out and kept enjoying my drink. As the glass got emptier, the thoughts in my mind grew dirtier. And then it happened. She turned towards me to call the waiter. Black waves of hair fell onto her face. She looked more like a Goddess who was on vacation.

White as snow and her cheeks red as a rose, she gave me a desire that burned my heart. The thought that ran in my mind, “I need to have here tonight.”
The alcohol started acting up, and I made a bold move.

“Excuse me,” I called one of the waiters. “Do you have a pen?” I started scribbling on one of the paper napkins arranged neatly in the middle of the table. They came as a blessing to me.

“Can you hand this over to the girl with a drink, red wine, the finest?” I instructed the waiter and waited for the magic to happen.

My eyes followed the waiter’s feet, and he came to a stop at the girl’s table. She looked at him with surprise and excitement as he handed the red wine to her with the message scribbled on the delicate paper napkin. I could see the side profile of her face, and the expressions changed from surprise to blushing.

A big “ooo” came from the table. The message had worked. The napkin spoke these words to the girl in front of me, “I’m down half a bottle of finest scotch, but you were more intoxicating than this. To a gorgeous lady in red, he is a red wine from my side. I’m Rahul, and I’m hoping I get something in response.”

I could see her lips moving, and she mumbled something to the waiter. It was clear what she said because the next minute, the waiter was pointing towards me. She looked into my eyes. Rather her whole table was checking me out. I raised the glass as a toast and got a very sexy smile in reply.

“Worth it,” my mind reassured me for my bold move. Her hands were moving, and soon, I got a reply.

“I didn’t know Manali had such handsome men. Iyanah.” That was her reply. Subtle but provocative. Ambiguous yet inviting. I had to make the next move before some other guy swept her away from me.

I called in the services of the waiter again. “Would you like to join me?” I wrote another and passed on the note. The reply that came was unexpected. She stood up and started walking towards me. My first instinct was to nudge my friends to move to another table. They saw the lust in my eyes and the girl before me.

They made a wise choice. The table was empty, except for Iyanah and me. She walked, swaying her hips in her high heels, her neck decorated with an elegant, minimalistic necklace and her hand clutching her purse. The red dress did a great job of perfectly sticking to her breasts.

The dress came from the bottom, splitting itself into a ‘V’ as soon as it reached her breasts. The V kept getting wider, exposing a very good amount of her chest, and ended at the edge of her shoulders. A small jerk was enough to bring down that whole dress, and I was looking forward to it.

She sat down, crossing her legs, and looked at me with her hand under her chin. Her stare was piercing. She gave the vibe of a tigress, making you become cautious and imagine what she was like in bed. Was she dominating? Do you have to impress her to get a taste of her luscious body?

The thoughts kept running in my mind as I watched her smile at me. Finally, she broke the ice.

“Are you going to keep staring at me, or are you going to talk?” Straight to the point, I loved that about her instantly.

“Chivalry was never my strong point. I savor the beauty before me. I don’t rush into things.” I might have made a mistake there.

“Well, then let me know. I’ll be by my friend’s table,” She liked to play.

“Haha, you’re going to give me a hard time.”


“So, Iyanah, where did you find this beauty?”

“That’s one way to ask me where I’m from. Pakistan, if you’re curious.”

“Ahh, that settles it. I heard rumors, but it’s true,” I took another sip from my drink while the waiter brought a Long Island Iced Tea for her.

“What were the rumors?” She had the look of a person searching for all possible answers that might come next.

“I heard that Pakistani girls were so fucking hot. I can verify that now.” I ended that with a wink. She tried hard, but her cheeks got red. She blushed.

“By the way, why is there a LIIT here? I thought you liked red wine for your women.” She took a sip from it and realized it was loaded with alcohol.

“I usually do, but you seem to be a tough one to crack. This might help me in my trials.” I didn’t know why but that worked. She took a long sip and did not even flinch.

“You underestimate me, darling, “ She winked at me.

“Never again will I do that,”  I smiled, and the conversation went on. We talked about life, our countries, and the sexcapades that we each had in our lives. She was bisexual, and she also warned me to keep my girlfriends away from her. They were straight, but it didn’t matter before her.

That was cocky. I have to admit. But you can’t help but be amused by how she said it to me and the confidence she had in her words. Half an hour went by, and we decided to leave the place. It turns out we were staying at the same hotel. “Let’s walk, “ She suggested.

I called for a taxi but asked him to come to a common point to where we were heading. We were silent halfway through the walk, and she was comfortable in that silence. She kept glancing at me, and my face kept going near her. It was coming, and we both knew it.

The pickup point came, and we stood there waiting for the taxi, facing each other. I swam in her eyes, and finally, I made a move. My hands grabbed hold of her waist, and I pulled her body towards me. Her hands were on my chest, and my lips met with hers.

I kissed her with the desperation of a wild animal, sucking on her lips and pushing my tongue in her. Her fingers dug into my chest, and she reciprocated back with the same intensity. It was a good ten minutes, at least, before we broke the kiss. A single strand of saliva extended between our lips.

“Sir, room pe jaake kariye na. Mereko late ho raha hai. “ The taxi driver was behind us. We laughed as we found his trouble hilarious.

We sat in the car, and the entire vibe between us changed. It transformed into something urgent, a craving that needed to be fulfilled, a thirst that made our bodies dry.

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