My Best Friends And Bridegroom’s Friends

This incident happened seven years ago but I remember it very clearly because it was shocking at that time. It changed the way I looked at life forever.

I was only 28 years at that time. I had 3 best friends, Rita, Priyanka and Sneha. Rita was 3 years older than me, married and didn’t have kids. Sneha was 4 years older than me, married and had a 6-year-old girl.

I was married and I was 5 weeks pregnant. Priyanka was my age and she was about to get married in Goa. She had invited us. Our husbands were too busy to come with us to Goa, so we went without them.

Priyanka and her fiancée, Ravi, had booked rooms for us and their other friends and relatives in Holiday Inn. The wedding had also been organized in the same resort. Ravi introduced us to his friends – Praveen, Arun, David and a married couple, Rajesh and Hema.

We got along well with Ravi’s friends but during the wedding party, things went too far. We had grouped up with Ravi’s friends. We were drinking alcohol and chatting.

Sneha and Rita were getting along well with the men. They flirted with them like teen girls. They were not even trying to cover their exposed belly and waist with their Saree. The men also seemed to be having fun with them. There was a little bit of touching going on. I didn’t like it.

I realized, Rajesh had protectively taken his wife away from his friends. So, I quickly left the group and went to Rajesh and Hema. I picked up a conversation with them and got along with them.

When the dancing started, Sneha and Rita danced with the men. The men were touching their bare waist while dancing. I was ashamed and embarrassed by my friends’ behavior.

Before the party ended, I went to the room. I adjusted my saree and makeup. I put the TV on and relaxed on the sofa with a glass of wine. Fifteen minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and to my surprise, my friends and the men rushed into the room, laughing loudly.

The men took turns to kiss and grope Sneha and Rita. My friends were enjoying it.

“Sneha!! What are you doing?!!” I yelled.

Everybody became quiet. After a couple of seconds, Sneha said, “Urmila..just enjoy your holiday..just have fun with these handsome young men!”

Everybody laughed. I didn’t know what to do. They were sitting on the sofa and the beds. I didn’t know where to go. I just stood there, dumbstruck.

David looked at me from top to bottom and said, “Wow! She is hot!”

The other guys also checked me out.

“Yeah! She has big boobs and ass,” Arun said.

They all laughed.

“Yeah! She’s is pretty, curvy and very sexy!” Praveen added to their indecent description of my body.

“All of you want to make love to Urmila, huh?” Sneha asked.

“All of us want to make love to all of you,” Arun replied.

Everybody laughed.

I was very angry but I was too drunk and tried to talk to them anymore. I just picked up my glass from the tea table and sipped more wine. I avoided looking at them and tried to focus on the TV with my blurred vision.

After a few minutes, David came to me and said, “So, you don’t want to be my partner tonight?”

I didn’t say anything.

“Your glass is empty. Can I get you more wine?” he asked.

“No,” I said and turned around to keep the glass on the table and what I saw, shocked me.

Praveen was sitting on the sofa. Sneha was sitting next to him. She was bent down and she was sucking his penis. Rita was sitting on the bed without her blouse or a bra and Arun was sucking her nipple and kneading her breasts. I was shocked.

Just at that moment, David’s hands were around my bare waist. I was angry but I was afraid of falling if I turned around to slap him in my drunk state.

He hugged me even tighter and kissed me on the side of my neck, causing me to shiver. I could feel his penis on my bottom. It was hard and he was pressing on me intentionally. I could feel his fingers squeezing my breasts and his lips kissing the side of my neck, ears and cheeks. I felt weak. I stood motionless, confused by the way I was feeling.

Watching Sneha and Rita made me weaker. Sneha had sat on Praveen’s lap and taken his penis inside her vagina. Rita had bent over on the bed and Arun had penetrated his penis inside her.

Everything David was doing to me made me feel good and took away my ability to resist. I don’t know what happened to me that day. Maybe I didn’t resist because I was too drunk and David was a handsome man. I had just closed my eyes and stood still.

David removed my blouse and bra. He squeezed my breasts and sucked my nipple. He lifted my saree and removed my panty. He kissed my vagina, my inner thighs, my buttocks, and my anus. His fingers dug into my vagina and anus. He made his fingers wet with my vaginal secretion and inserted his wet fingers inside my anus.

I opened my eyes when David said, “Come, let’s do it doggy style.”

I went with him to bed. He kissed my lips and sucked my nipples. Then he asked me to kneel and bend forward. I lifted my saree above my knee and got on top of the bed. I knelt and bent forward as he had instructed.

David kissed and kneaded my bottom. Then, I felt his penis opening my vagina. His hard penis stretched my vaginal muscles as it made its way inside me. His penis went much deeper than my husband’s penis ever could. It was very fulfilling. I closed my eyes.

He pulled his penis out and pushed back inside me. He repeated the movement, harder and faster. I was really enjoying it when I heard Praveen say, “Guys! Let’s take turns.”

“Not so soon, guys!” David yelled.

“You can have her back later. I want to fuck her and cum inside her. She is hot!” Praveen yelled.

“Me too,” Arun said while having sex with Rita.

“Ok,” David said and pulled his penis out of my vagina.

I wanted to scream, “no!” but, I didn’t want to sound choosy so I didn’t say anything. I watched David going to Sneha and Praveen coming towards me.

“Beautiful big ass,” Praveen said and kissed my bottom.

That comment made me smile because that was what my husband had said the first time we had sex.

Praveen penetrated my vagina. His penis didn’t stretch my vagina as wide as David’s penis did, but it went deep like David’s penis did. Praveen grabbed my waist and rapidly pushed and pulled his penis in my vagina. His groin slammed on my bottom every time he pushed his penis inside me causing loud slapping sounds.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the intense, soaring pleasure. My clitoris tingled and the tingles spread throughout my body. The pleasure suddenly exploded in my head. It felt so good I laughed.

I was so caught up with so much pleasure that I had not realized that Praveen had ejaculated inside my vagina. For a moment I was scared, but I quickly remembered I was already pregnant. I lay my head on the bed, breathing heavily and smiling with satisfaction.

I opened my eyes hearing Arun say, “My turn!”

“Why?” I thought. I didn’t understand, why he wanted to have sex with me when he was already having sex with Rita.

I got the answer from Praveen when he said, “Sure, bro. Go for it. She has the best ass you’ll ever fuck.”

“Yeah?” Arun said and backed off from Rita.

I looked at Arun as he moved behind me.

“Wow! She’s got the sexiest ass I have ever seen!” he said.

“I told you,” Praveen said.

“Yeah. I am going to fuck her asshole,” Arun said, spreading apart the cheeks of my buttocks.

“No! It will hurt!” I protested.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure your asshole is lubricated,” he said.

I tried to look over my shoulder at him but I couldn’t see him. I could feel his breath on my anus. Then I felt liquid at the opening of my anus. I think he spat his saliva inside my anus.

His fingers scooped my vaginal secretion and Praveen’s semen from my vagina and pushed the liquid into my anus. His fingers dug into my rectum as deep as they could go.

I felt his lips kiss on my bottom. His fingers parted the cheeks of my bottom and the tip of his penis pressed on my anus. I closed my eyes and hoped it won’t hurt.

The crown of his penis slid into my anus and glided inside my rectum. I felt so stuffed. I adjusted my hip to accommodate his penis in my rectum.

Arun’s fingers grasped firmly on my waist and his penis glided outward, leaving an emptiness in the rectum. I wanted it back inside me and he gave it to me, thrusting his penis back inside me, in one long stroke.

My body jerked with the abrupt penetration but I was glad to feel complete with his penis inside my rectum. It hurt a bit as Arun began to penetrate me repeatedly, I saw Sneha sucking Praveen’s penis and Rita sucking David’s penis. David saw me and winked.

I smiled and closed my eyes. I focused on the satisfying rectum massage Arun’s penis was giving me. Almost a couple of minutes later, Arun slowed down and thrust his penis inside me. I felt his semen flow into my rectum. I was happy to hear his moans of relief as he ejaculated.

After Arun pulled his penis out of my rectum, I looked at David. He gave me an understanding smile and came over to me. He bent down and kissed my lower back and my bottom. He pressed the tip of his penis on my vagina.

His penis opened up my vagina and glided inside me. He pushed deep inside me and filled me up. I was very happy to have him back inside me.

David leaned over me and grabbed my breasts. Holding my breasts firmly, he thrust his penis inside me again and again till I was crying for more. And, as he repeatedly thrust inside me harder and faster, I rose to a new level of sexual pleasure. He fucked me till I climaxed and he ejaculated inside my vagina.

After the men finished with me, they thanked us and went to their room.

My friends were a bit jealous of me. I told them I will stay away from their men next time and consoled them.

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