Stranger In the Night Ride

The story about the night ride involves a girl I may know, or maybe she is just a fictitious character. I leave that stuff to you. This story may be false or maybe real. No one will ever know except me, but just read it, or else you won’t know the fun in her life.

So, let’s come to the juicy part. The name of the girl whose story you are about to read is Swati. Sounds Sanskari, but…What she has hidden in her is a total babe.

Who is Swati, and how she is?

Swati is a 25-year-old, modern, and also ‘Sanskaari’ girl. The only child of her parents, so pampered a lot. What’s her stats you wanna know. Well, it is hot. Just kidding, it is 35-27-35, a perfect hourglass figure. Black eyes and hair long enough just reaching beyond her shoulders.

She may look ‘Sanskaari,’ but she always knows how to satisfy herself using her perfect body and slutty nature. Just to give you an idea of how she is here is one of the scenarios she is been through. Don’t ask me how I know this because I won’t be telling you. My name is Sid, and I hope you enjoy the story.

Swati’s point of view:

Well, Sid has given you an idea of how I am. But trust me, I am not a sex-addict. It is just that men around me. If they are hot and good at talking, I may end up sitting over their crotch. I have two pretty big pairs of breasts, so naturally, the first attention goes to them.

With a flat belly below, they do flaunt out a lot. I won’t deny that people staring at my breast does not excite me. It does. Here is one of the strangers that I hooked up with. My parents were never harsh on me neither are they now. I have the liberty to be out of the house even after 7 pm.

My friends decided to take a weekend trip to Lonavala, and I agreed to it. I was informed the last and the jerk heads told me to reach Lonavala soon as I can. They had something planned. So, I packed my bags and put them in the car. It was around 8 pm in the night as I started driving towards Lonavala.

Don’t judge me as a female driving to Lonavala that too at night time. Bitch, please, I am a very good driver. Back to the story, I was driving through the streets enjoying my time, listening to songs. It is a 2-hour drive so no one was worried about me going alone and driving at night.

Just before leaving the town area, I saw a man standing by the road. I stopped the car beside him and asked if he needed help. His car was broken down and he had to reach Lonavala too. Not the exact place where I was going to be just close by. Being a good girl as I am, I offered him help and he hopped in.

Ranbir was his name and he was no less attractive than Ranbir Kapoor. If you say the actor himself was sitting beside me in the car won’t be totally wrong. We drove through the roads and I saw him staring at my breasts, as usual. The seatbelt made a perfect division, flaunting both globes perfectly.

Me: Yeah, over the speed breakers it will be a sight to watch, right? Lol.

Ranbir: (understands immediately) No…I…ah.. that…Sorry.

Me: Don’t be, I am used to that. Sometimes, I do feel that I should make them smaller. Glad you are not driving or else we would have crashed till now.

Ranbir: (sharing a laugh) No, don’t do that. Those are perfect, I mean, they look good. Don’t just change for the people. Be who you are.

Me: Hmm. That’s nice. Also, I was just joking about changing it. Swati never changes for others.

Ranbir: Yeah, even if they bounce on the speed breakers let them. (going over a speed breaker) Just like that is worth it.

Me: Watching. (laugh).

I knew Ranbir was flirting with me and I was totally into it. On a road all alone, and a good companion like him was not boring. We continued to flirt, and when we started touching each other, we didn’t know.

Me: (lifting my left boob with one hand) They don’t look saggy right?

Ranbir: (touch and lift the left side boob) No, I don’t feel that is saggy. Obviously, you must be wearing a bra inside, hard to say.

Me: So, you want me to get naked and then see if they are saggy?

Ranbir: You are wearing a tight t-shirt. So hard to answer that question. If you want the correct answer, I won’t mind that.

I looked at him and saw him give me a pleasant flirty smile. I drove for a bit and saw a barren land with no one around by the side of the road. Not many lights and me driving a black car. No one will suspect. I drove in and parked the car by the trees turning off the lights.

I took my seatbelt off and so did Ranbir. He inclined his seat back and I got over him as we started making out. Ranbir’s hands were all over my back as we kissed. My hands were on his face and hair. I loved his passionate smooching.

Ranbir: Not taking off your t-shirt?

Me: Yeah, like you wanted to comment on my boobs and did not wish this.

I kissed him again as I slid my hands below feeling his hard dick. I kissed him and unzipped his pants. I was wearing a skirt with no panties inside. I rubbed my wet pussy over his dick.

Me: Your pant’s leather is hurting my pussy.Take it off.

Ranbir: (lifted his ass as I sat on his crotch) You are not that heavy and no panties. Were you thinking of getting fucked?

Me: (Ranbir’s pants slid down to his knees) I guess so. (rubbing his dick over my pussy) lucky you. I am not that heavy but I am slutty as fuck. (pushing the dick in holding it, sitting on his crotch) Fuck!

Ranbir closed his eyes and rested his head back on the seat. I put my hand on the window, and the other one was holding his shirt tight. His dickhead was like a mushroom which gave a pleasurable effect as he entered me. I opened my mouth but did not say a word as I was enjoying going up and down.

Ranbir had his hands over my thighs as I bounced over him. He then opened his eyes and saw my breasts bouncing. He stared at it. I looked at him, “Yeah, speed breakers do move my boobs.”

I lifted my hands and he took my t-shirt off. I unhooked my bra and put it on the back seat of the car. He cupped my breasts and leaned close, sucking on them. I move my pussy hard over his dick in slow rhythms as he sucked and squeezed my boobs.

Ranbir: Not saggy at all.

Me: Yeah, then suck them good, baby. (starts bouncing again). Yeah, bite those nipples a bit, fuck.

He did what I said. The car was now moving with my bouncing. We had no idea if anyone was outside but we were enjoying it. Ranbir was about to cum. He puts his hands around me tightly and we shared a passionate kiss. He shot all his load inside my pussy.

I grind my pussy in slow rhythms giving him some soothing pressure after cum jerks. He hugged me tight, resting his head on my breasts as I caressed his hair holding him.

Ranbir: A night ride. I will never forget that.

Me: I am in no hurry to reach Lonavala. Fuck me one more time.

Ranbir opened the car door and we both got out. He put me on the car bonnet and kissed me. I was half-naked with the only skirt and he was just wearing his t-shirt and no pants. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pushed his dick in again.

He holds my ass and was looking at me with a horny face as he fucked. I gave him the slutty look back as I was enjoying his hard fucking. We didn’t care as we fucked out in the open. We kissed and continued fucking. He shot his load in me again.

After the session, while we made out in front of the car, we saw a bike heading towards us. Ranbir’s dick was out of my pussy with cum still leaking down. I held it in my hand as we watched who was approaching.

My hands were soothing his dick as I caressed it watching the bike. A couple stopped by the car.

Husband: We were watching you for a long time. Some nice sessions in there.

Me: (gets on my knees sucking Ranbir’s dick) It was. He was awesome. (sucking the cum over his dick).

Wife: We thought of joining but the moans were too good to be disturbed. Are you up for some couple swap?

Ranbir: Not tonight. We have to reach somewhere.

I sucked Ranbir’s dick and got up. I walk to the couple and looked at the wife behind. I kissed her lips and said, “You should have disturbed us but too late. If we run into each other again.”

I winked and we left the place. I dropped Ranbir and did give him my bra as a souvenir. I met my friends at around 11 pm. They did question me for getting so late to which I just smiled. I walked to my purse and ate the pill so that I don’t get pregnant.

Back to me:

So, this was Swati. As ‘sanskaari,’ she may be around her family, much more slutty she is around her partners. Hope you enjoyed her story and don’t think much if she sat beside me and wrote this or not. I will tell you if this story is real or not in the next part.

Do tell us your thoughts about this story of steamy sex with a stranger. Until next time, adiós, amigo. Stay safe and healthy.

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