Enjoying Every Inch Of My Girlfriend On Anniversary

This story is about how my girlfriend Neha and I had fun in a hotel on our anniversary. Neha was my senior. She was a bombshell. Her measurements were 34-24-36. She was 5 ft 8 inches in height and dusky in color. Her eyes were the main attraction on her face.

She became friends with me because of a common friend. I proposed to her within a week and she took a month but finally accepted my proposal. We used to do romance in public places like parks and theatres but were not able to do anything privately as she and I used to stay in the hostels. We finally did it on the day of our anniversary

D – Day

It was our anniversary and we were excited. We didn’t plan to take a hotel before. Our plan was simple, go to a movie and then lunch.

I picked her up from her hostel. She was looking damn sexy. She was wearing a crop top and a blue skin-fit jeans. Her hair was open and she put on red lipstick. Her waist was enough to make a guy fall for her. I was dumbstruck and she came and closed my mouth.

Me: You are looking damn sexy today!

Neha: All this is for you. I am happy that you like it.

Me: I’m more than happy. I wish we were in a room right now.

Neha: Too bad, we aren’t. Now let’s go, we are getting late for the movie.

We went to the theatre and the movie started. My girlfriend was watching the movie with full attention. I couldn’t stop staring at her. Her boobs were the perfect things I ever saw. I never got to see them naked.

I started slowly putting my hand on her waist but she pushed it away. I continued with my trail and slowly started making my way into her top.

Neha: Sameer! Stop and watch the movie!

Me: I can’t, with you like this beside me, how can I?

Neha: I really like the movie. Can we just watch it? You are always thinking of romance and sex. Can’t you just be normal for once?

I got angry and took my hand away. My girlfriend understood my anger and came to the realization that it was our anniversary.

Neha: Sorry, I forgot that it is our anniversary. Let me make it up to you.

My gf pulled my head and started kissing me. Our tongues made their way into each other’s mouths and we started kissing passionately. I slowly put my hand in her top and squeezed her boobs over her bra. Neha moaned slightly. Then I pulled up her bra and slid my hand under it. My girlfriend’s boobs were sweaty and warm.

Neha was breathing heavily and I could see that she was turned on. I wanted to make her horny even more and slid my hand in her jeans.

Before Neha realized what I was doing, my hands were inside her panties, stroking her pussy! Her eyes widened and she controlled a moan. She closed her eyes as my finger made its way into her pussy. My lover was gasping and finally, broke the kiss.

I pushed the finger deeper and started exploring her insides. Neha was asking me to stop but I was squeezing her boobs with my other hand. She got wet and was dripping juices. She begged me to stop as we were inside a movie theatre and she was not able to control her moans.

Her moans became louder and I was afraid that we might get caught. So I stopped and started playing with her boobs. My girl was arching her back while my fingers were playing with her nipples.

Suddenly, the lights were on and it was the interval. I immediately took my hands from her top and Neha quickly adjusted her dress. I could see that she was not satisfied and there was lust in her eyes. She whispered to me –

Neha: Let’s go to a hotel. You can do anything to me. That is your anniversary gift!

I was on cloud 9 and immediately booked a hotel.

I always had a fantasy of domination and submission and got an idea. I booked a cab and on the way I stopped at a department store and bought some Nutella. We stopped at her hostel and she brought some clothes as well.

We then went to the hotel and completed the formalities. Neha had a smile on her face which clearly told me that I would enjoy the next part.

We went to our room and she asked me to wait and then she went to the bathroom.

My girlfriend came out after a while, fully freshened up and was wearing a shorts and the crop top. She took out her phone.

Neha: Let’s play truth or dare.

Me: Ok, I can’t wait.

It was my choice and I chose dare.

Neha: Close your eyes!

She blindfolded me and sat on my lap. She whispered in my ear –

Neha: You can do anything to me now..

I couldn’t stop myself and immediately took off her top. I, then, realized that my hot gf wasn’t wearing a bra. I pounced on her boobs and started eating them. Neha was moaning out loud. I was going back and forth between her boobs, sucking them and biting them.

My gf kept on moaning and that made me horny even more. I put both of my hands on her back and pulled her boob into my mouth. I used the tip of my tongue to circle her nipples and started wiggling them. Neha started shouting my name while moaning.

Neha: Aaaahhhhhh… Sameeeeer…that feels so good. Play with my nipplessss..

I continued my act but suddenly, Neha pushed me away. I was so turned on at that time that I got angry. She took away my blindfolds and when I saw her, her top was back on.

Neha: Let’s continue the game. Don’t be in such haste!

We turned the bottle again and it was me again this time.

Me: Dare. Don’t you dare put those blindfolds on me again.

Neha: No, I won’t. This time it even better.

She tied my hands to the bed and removed my pants. My dick sprung up and was hard.

Neha: I’m glad that you got the Nutella because I fucking love it.

Saying this, my girlfriend took the jar and took a finger dipped in it and applied it on my dick. Neha took her time and licked it off with her eyes fixed on mine. I moaned and it made me even more horny.

My dick twitched but I couldn’t move due to the ties. Neha then took a big amount of it and put it on top of my dick. My girlfriend took my dick completely into her mouth and started licking it with her tongue.

Soon, the Nutella was all over my dick and Neha was enjoying every bit of it. I closed my eyes due to the pleasure and Nehastarted sucking my dick fast and was squeezing my balls simultaneously. She kept this on for a while and I told her that I was about to cum.

Neha took my whole cock in her mouth just when I was about to cum and swallowed my entire load. She finally took some leftover Nutella from my dick and licked it.

Neha: That’s some tasty stuff you got there.

Me: Let’s spin it

This time, it was my girlfriend’s chance.

Neha: I choose dare.

I blindfolded her and tied her to the bed.

Me: You know what, even I love Nutella.

I took off her top and applied the Nutella all over her boobs. I licked it off my horny girlfriend’s nipples. She gave a loud moan.

Me: I think your body gives a nice flavor to it.

I slowly started getting rough and started biting her boobs. Neha felt the pain and the pleasure and started moaning and shouting my name.

Neha: Sameeeeeer, FUCKKKKK! Eat my pussyyyy! Put Nutella over ittt..

I got down and removed her shorts. I took off her panties with my teeth. Neha dripping wet down there. I licked off some of her juice with my tongue tip.

Neha: No, Nutella?

Me: No, I wanna taste you.

Saying this, I put my mouth on my girlfriend’s pussy and started sucking it. I pushed my tongues inside and started exploring her insides. Neha was arching her back and moaning out loud. I pulled her pussy lips with my tongue and started licking her clitoris vigorously. She was moaning and trying to free herself.

Neha: I am cumming, Sameer. Drink my juices!

I pulled her pussy to my mouth and drank all her juices as she got her orgasm. She then lay exhausted on the bed.

Neha: That was fucking awesome!

Me: You are a goddess, Neha! That blowjob was fucking awesome!!

Neha: I’m so lucky to have you..

I kissed my girlfriend and we lay on the bed and slept while hugging each other. We did this once again. This time we fucked each other.


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