Reviving My Sex Life After Divorce

Hi, I will narrate my story of how after frustration I divorced my spouse started a new chapter of my life as a slut. I have changed the names of all the individuals involved. I will refer to myself as Kavita.

To begin the story, I got married to a guy through an arranged marriage setup. He was earning well and had studied at an IIT. But, after marriage, I realized that he was not interested in sex at all and would happily spend time away from me at work.

At first, I thought he was forced to marry. But, after talking to him about the matter, I realized that maybe he was asexual. Suddenly, my life became hell and I was full of frustration. In a whole year after marriage, we had sex just two or three times and I stopped trying anymore.

There was not a day that I didn’t regret my marriage because I chose this guy over my boyfriend, with whom I had a very passionate relationship. I chose him because he seemed financially stable, but his lack of interest was a deal-breaker for me. If I had known this earlier, I would have never married him.

One day, I decided that I was merely 28 years old and I can’t live the rest of my life like this. So, I decided to divorce him and move on.

After I told him about my decision, we separated and I started living on my own till all the divorced proceedings were completed.

The divorce was not tough, even my parents were confused and angry with me. So, to escape from the situation, I installed Tinder. I right-swiped guys I found interesting got matched with one such person. His name was Aamir, a student at a local college and was 6 years younger than me.

Skipping to our first intimate moment. Aamir had just arrived at my flat and we were chatting about life and its complicities. In the course of the conversation, he asked what I wanted from life. So, I held his hand put it on my boobs underneath my t-shirt, and said, “I want it without any commitment”.

“You are a dream come true,” he replied.

Without moving his hands from my boobs, he came closer and we started kissing. Our tongues were mingling and I could feel the sensations in my body. I slowly removed my top and pulled down my bra cups to free the nipples. I could see lust increasing in his eyes.

He slowly sucked my nipples, one after another. He would tease nipples by tongue and suck them properly. Then, I removed my jeans and panty and pointed Aamir to my pussy that it was time to lick it. Being a good boy, he obliged.

While he was licking, I told him to use his tongue properly and go deeper and deeper. It was so good being licked after a long time.

After my pleasure, it was Aamir’s turn. He pulled out his cock and it was the first time I saw a circumcised cock. I touched his cock and observed that it lacked foreskin. That was what they meant by circumcision, was my immediate thought. I gently stroked it before gulping it down.

After tasting him for few moments, I told him, “It is my first time, sucking a circumcised cock.”

“You just made me harder,” he replied.

I kept sucking him.

After some time, it was time for penetration. I bent over myself in doggy style position by using the sofa as support. He removed all his clothes and just paused for a while.

“I am on birth control”, I assured him.

He immediately grabbed my waist and rubbed his cock on my pussy before the final insertion. After a session of pounding and thrusting, he came in me. I had not been fucked so passionately in such a long time, so I was in deep ecstasy and was breathing like after running a marathon.

We turned our faces to each other and started kissing each other passionately. With my back on the sofa and his hands squeezing and grabbing my boobs, we lay like this for some time.

Just as our kiss was coming to an end, Aamir looked into my eyes and face for a moment and kissed my lips gently.

“I am hungry, need something to eat”, Aamir whispered in my ears.

“What about Maggie?”, I asked him.

“Okay”, he replied.

Just as I was about to grab my top, he held my hand and said, “I want you to see you nude and we will be doing everything completely naked today”.

I was flattered as someone was appreciating my body and agreed silently.

As I was preparing Maggie for us in the kitchen, he grabbed me from behind. I could feel his cock on my ass and back.

“We started knowing each other just a few days ago only but I can’t stop touching you,” he said.

“I can’t even begin to think about the things I would do to you”, he further added.

“I am glad I found such a passionate man, looks like I am going to have so much fun after a long time”, I told him.

He went down and kissed both of my butt cheeks and slowly kissing my back got up before laying his hands on my bosom to initiate a one for a passionate kiss.

After we ate our Maggie, we went for a shower together. I cleaned his private part and he cleaned mine. We continued our love-making scenario for the whole day. We would randomly switch from sex to sleep, sleep to sex, sex to eat, and so on.

This is the story of how I restarted my sex life after bitter marriage and divorce. I even fucked him on the day I got divorced.

At this stage of life, I don’t have any friends, with whom I could share this scene. This why I am writing this story.

I would like to hear your thoughts but be warned that I would not respond to cheap comments and offers. My email id is [email protected]

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