Making Out In Public Places

Hello, Everyone. This story is about my boyfriend and me. I would not like to reveal his name for privacy reasons. This is my first and maybe the last story as I’m not a writer. I came to know about this site last year during the lockdown randomly, and since then, I have read so many stories until now.

The incident happened when we were in the final year of our graduation. We have never done sex. It was only make-out sessions. I wanted to remain a virgin until my marriage. But unfortunately, I’m partially virgin as my boyfriend fingered me and took away my virginity. So let’s begin.

During the last year’s graduation, our department announced a college trip. All of us decided to go leaving a few of them. He and I decided to go. Before the incident took place, we both were just friends. It all started when we returned from the trip.

So when we were returning from the trip, I was sitting alone on the single passenger seat while my other friends were together in their seats. It was a sleeper bus. So after some time, he went to the sleeper, and after few moments, he called me.

I was scared to go. I thought that my teacher would scold me for staying with a guy. I was conservative at that time, only talking to girls. But he insisted on me, and I had to go to him. For some time, we were talking. He was sitting beside me. Then after few moments, he pounced on me and kissed me.

It was my first kiss and his as well. (he told me later). He was on me, holding my waist and kissing me on my lips. I resisted him by saying, “This is wrong. Please leave me.” But he continued to kiss me.

After some time, he stopped kissing me and asked me, “Are you okay?” And I replied, please don’t kiss me. He said, “Okay.” Then he pulled me towards him. I was lying on his chest, and he again asked me the same question. I replied to him with the same answer.

Now we were facing each other and lying. He opened the door of the sleeper to check, and to his luck, everybody was busy playing and gossiping. He took the chance and kissed me gently on my lips. It made me wet, but still, I was not fine with all of this as we were friends.

Fast forward to my hostel. I was a hosteler. He called me after reaching his home. I curiously asked him that why did he kiss me. He replied that because I am a good-hearted person. His answer did not convince me, and I asked him again. He was not giving me the proper answer, and I had to quit asking him.

Two days later, he came to my hostel on his bike, and he parked near my hostel. Near our hostel, there is a small garden. We both sat there and started talking normally. Again the subject shifted to why did he kiss me? He didn’t answer again and held my left hand and kissed it.

Then he asked me to face him. He pulled up my chin and kissed softly on my lips for some minutes, but I was not kissing him back. He kissed me two times to which I was not responding. He stopped there, we chatted on general topics, and then he left for home.

One day he asked me out for a movie, and somehow I said yes just for his sake. We then reached the movie theatre and booked the seats in the fourth row. I remember there were not many people. As soon as the movie started, he held my left hand and kissed it.

He then kissed my cheeks continuously. He grabbed my cheeks from his mouth and was sucking them. Although I was wet, I was resisting the whole time. I did not want all these acts to be done before marriage, but he was on cloud nine. He was getting desperate to kiss me.

Hence I had to turn myself and allowed him to kiss me. Meanwhile, I was also afraid of anyone seeing us doing the act, which is not allowed in a public place. So while he was kissing me, I opened my eyes and roamed all around to see if anyone is watching us.

In between, he was rubbing my thighs over the jeans. It was making me hot, but I managed myself. The first half-finished, and I was uncomfortable with all these things as were in public places. After some time, the movie resumed.

The lights went off when he was begging me to kiss. I denied him several times, then finally, I gave up. He kissed me so softly after he broke the kiss. I asked him, “Why are you doing this to me?”

He said that he likes me” I went blank after this all happened because I was not expecting this to happen. He kissed me again, and this time on my forehead. The movie was about to end so he asked me for one last kiss and then we went back to our respective places.

After few weeks, a convocation ceremony was held in our college. I was chosen as a volunteer. So my friend helped me to get ready. When the ceremony was over, he asked me to follow him on the third floor of our building. I agreed.

After reaching there, we got into one of the classrooms and closed the door. Then, he started kissing me. This time he was trying to get hold of my boobs, but I pushed his hands away. He didn’t say anything. He held my waist and was kissing me passionately. Later that day, he complimented me for my looks.

I said, “Thank you,” to him while blushing. After this incident, he used to kiss me in class when nobody was around. Time passed on, and our midterms were coming closer. So I asked him to stop doing all this as I could not concentrate on my studies.

He agreed and then we wrote our exams nicely, and we passed the exams. He called me at night and said he wanted to spend some moments alone with me. I was not ready for all this. I denied him, but he asked me repeatedly, saying, “Yes,” to him.

He then called one of his friends and asked for his room. He gave us the key to his flat and left for college. I went to his friend’s flat. I was wearing black leggings and a kurta. As soon as I reached the flat, he greeted me and asked me to get in. He asked me to sit, and I sat on the corner of the bed.

He sat next to me, and without any warning, he started kissing me. I said to him that, “Go slow.” But he didn’t listen to me and was kissing me. Throughout the whole time, while he was kissing, I was not responding. But he continued.

I told him that, “I’m new to all this and don’t know how to kiss.” He said that he would teach me. He lifted my kurta up, to which I resisted, and said, “Please don’t remove my clothes.” He agreed. I put my arms on his back.

I was rubbing them simultaneously. My hands were also going to his hairs and playing with them. We were kissing, and he put my hands into my panty. I was surprised. I resisted, but he said, “Please let me do.” I start fingering myself, and that was the moment I lost my virginity to him.

I was moaning loud, and stopping me from moaning, he was kissing me back. He was fingering me hard. I grabbed the bed sheets and kept on fingering me until I reached my orgasm. He became so horny that he asked me for sex. I denied him from all these acts.

He then kissed me again, and for the second time, he asked me again. I replied, “No,” then he pleaded with me. I was not allowing him, then he said, “He will rub his penis only on my vagina. He will not penetrate me, and if he tries to penetrate me, then I can push him away.” I said, “Okay.”

Then he opened his pants and inners and rubbed his penis. After it hardened, he removed my leggings. He was trying to rub his dick on my vagina. I was afraid that if he does sex with me, I will be no more a virgin. Many things were running my mind at the same time.

I was also moaning. This went on for half an hour, and then I pushed him and scolded him for his actions. He apologized to me. Then he started to cuddle with me. This time I couldn’t resist him. He was kissing and cuddling perfectly. He also kissed me deep involving his tongue.

I was in his arms, and he was embracing me and kissing me. I was also holding him and playing with his hair. Then it was time for his friend to return from college. Before he returns, he wanted again to finger me. He moved on and slightly lifted my kurta, and slid his hands into my panty.

He fingered me for 15 minutes in between. He was also kissing me, and he lifted my kurta more. Before I could react, he sucked both my boobs. I was nearing my orgasm, and I came in my panty. I could not get on track.

I was always thinking about the whole series that took place with me, and it made me wet with patches on my panty. After this incident, he regularly visited my hostel. We would sit in the park and kiss each other. He would press my boobs. He slid his hands inside my panty and fingered me.

Meanwhile, also keeping an eye so that no one can catch us. Once, in the garden near my hostel, we sat for a long time there cuddling with each other. He kissed me passionately for so long that I had to open my eyes to check in between that no is watching us.

This is one of the longest and best kisses I have ever done. We also kissed each other while eating chocolates which is his favorite kiss. Once we kissed in a garden where lots of lovers come for all these things. But we were not aware of it.

We sat under the trees and started kissing. He was roaming his hands on my back, and suddenly an aunty (foreigner) came there. We were almost caught, but she didn’t say anything although she was staring at us. We left that place after some time and returned to our places.

Now it was time for our final exams. We wrote our exams. After finishing our exams, I had to return to my hometown. I was upset because I will not get the chance to kiss him, touch him, and spend time with him. The day arrived when I had to return home. He came to see me off for the last time.

I was at the bus stand waiting for him as well as for the bus. He reached and dragged me to a dark spot and kisses me. I resisted him though I wanted him. I don’t know why I denied him. He kissed me two more times, and then we bid each other goodbye.

His every kiss and his way of fingering made me we just by thinking. I never confessed my feelings to him. But after I returned to my hometown, I vented out my heart to him. Since then, we started dating each other, a long-distance relationship.

There was no problem until his parents announced to him to get married. He ditched me and is married to a girl of his parent’s choice. He is happily married now.

I miss him every day. I want him. I want to feel his soft lips on mine. I wanted to spend my whole life with him. I miss his touch each day. I cry for him and remember all the things which happened between us. All the communication and promises come to my mind. I keep thinking about the making out in public that we did.

Apart from him, I cannot even think of another guy. He is always in mind and heart. Like few people who have no one to share their feelings with anyone, I am also in the same boat. I have no one to share, so I am writing this here. I am afraid to share it with my sister and cousin sister who are close to me.

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