Romantic Sex Between Me And Ranjana – Part 3

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Hi friends, Your friend Rohit again. I got so many messages from you after my story. But still, I didn’t receive any single response from Ranjana, for whom I wrote that story. Hope I will get her reply very soon. Anyway, let’s go back to the story.

But those who didn’t read the previous parts, please read them first. Now coming to the story. After that incident in Goa, we didn’t do any more sessions, because we didn’t get any opportunity. But we enjoyed those two days together with her husband Samar.

When we were leaving, Samar requested me several times, to come to their place. I accepted his request and said I will go to their house when I visit Delhi. When I was telling this to Samar, I looked at Ranjana. I saw she was blushing. I said bye to them and went back to my hometown Kolkata.

After that, we were talking to each other on the phone and WhatsApp. I talked with Samar on phone and also with Ranjana. Samar thought that it was just a friendly talk but it was not like that. When we were alone we did erotic sex talk and sex chat. We also did video sex.

But we were not satisfied. Specially Ranjana wanted me very badly. One day when we were talking, Ranjana said.
Ranjana: Rohit when you are coming to Delhi?
Me: Let’s see.

Ranjana: You don’t care for me.
Me: Always jaan. Why are you saying like that?
Ranjana: Then when you are coming?

Me: It is not in my hand. I have to arrange an official trip to come to Delhi.
Ranjana: Good. Very good. You stick to your job and your work.

Ranjana cut the phone call. I understood she was very angry with me. She needed my company. But I was very busy those days so I didn’t get any time so that I could visit Delhi and met her. days passed like this. Slowly her call frequency reduced.

One day, when I was talking with Samar, he said, “Rohit when you are coming to Delhi?”
Me: I will come.

Samar: Yesterday Ranjana was asking when you are coming so that we can enjoy it. She told me that she was bored with her daily routine. She asked me to make some trips again.

I was in a complete dilemma. What do I do now? Like that 3 months over. In between, whenever I called Ranjana she behaved rudely. I understood she was very angry with me. One day when we were talking she said.

Ranjana: Rohit tell me one thing. Do you love me?
Me: Yes, jaan.

Ranjana: I don’t think so. Yes, that is the truth. On that island, you just used my body to get pleasure, nothing else. I made a mistake. It was my fault that I love you. Almost 3 months over and if you love me then you will also be disturbed and depressed like me.

Ranjana: You also want to meet me. But your work comes first. I am nothing. I don’t have any value in your eye. I am a fool. (and she started crying.)
Me: Please Ranjana control yourself.

Ranjana: I don’t want to talk with you anymore. Don’t call me again. You stay happy in your life. I will never talk with you again. Also, I won’t respond to your message. So don’t call me and message me further.

Ranjana cut the call. I felt bad for her. I decided today only I met her. it was 11 am. I called my Superior and requested him for leave. I told him that I had to go to Delhi in the next available flight. I booked my ticket and went home. I packed my luggage and went to Delhi.

Evening around 6.30 PM I reached Delhi. I checked in the hotel Bloomrooms at Janpath in New Delhi. I freshened up and called Samar.
Me: Hi Samar, how are you?
Samar: Fine man. What about you? When you are coming to Delhi?

Me: Very soon I will be in Delhi. (I don’t want to disclose that I was in Delhi, because I wanted to give her a surprise.)
Samar: Always you say very soon but when?
Me: I will. Now tell me one thing when you will be free tonight?

Samar: Why? By 8 pm I will come out of my office then I am free, but why are you asking?
Me: Can I request something?
Samar: Tell me yaar, don’t be hesitate.

Me: If possible come a little early from your office. Directly go to your room. Freshen up and go to Hotel Bloomrooms at Janpath. There somebody is waiting for you. He wants to have dinner with you. And also take Ranjana with you.

Samar: I don’t you! Who is waiting there? How can we just go and have dinner with some strangers?
Me: You trust me?
Samar: Yes I trust you but…

Me: No more argument, please.
Samar: But Ranjana will not be ready to come.
Me: You make her agree. Now listen you know the man. You go to the Hotel and directly go to room no 421. He is waiting for you there. Don’t be late.

Samar: ok we will be there at 9 PM, but I have one condition. If we feel uncomfortable then we come back from there and won’t have dinner with him.
Me: Done. If you feel uncomfortable you make a call to me and come back from that place. Ok.

I was laughing inside. I knew there were so many questions in his mind. I knew that Ranjana was not ready to accept my request and she denied to come. Around 8’o’clock Samar called me, as expected. He told me that Ranjana was not ready to go. He handed over the mobile to Ranjana.

Me: Hi Ranjana,
Ranjana: Hello, Rohit I will not go to the hotel for dinner. Who is waiting for us there? Why you want us to join that stranger at dinner?

Me: Please, Ranjana, don’t ask so many questions. Just go there. You will love it.
Ranjana: Ok I will go but if there is anything silly I will give that stranger a good lesson.

I cut the call and smiled. I wanted to see her expression when she sees me in Delhi. I ordered all her favorite foods. I was waiting for them. Around 9 pm I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door. Samar and Ranjana were standing there.

Samar was in a casual dress, jeans, and a t-shirt. Ranjana wore a black kurti and white churidar. Her lipstick was light pink. She was looking gorgeous as usual. I smiled and said, “Welcome.” They were in total shock. Samar hugged me and said, “What a pleasant surprise.”

Ranjana still didn’t believe that I was in Delhi. Her eyes popped out. She uttered, “You here?” They entered my room. I closed the door and we settled down on the sofa. I booked a suite because I knew we will be making love in that room when we were alone, only me and Sanjana.

Me: Hope you both don’t feel uncomfortable with me? (and smiled)
Samar: You are disgusting. Why don’t you tell me that it is you?
Me: I want to give you a surprise.

Samar: Yes it is a pleasant surprise but why you are staying in a hotel? Why don’t you come to our place?
Me: You may feel uncomfortable.
Samar: Are you crazy? Now only you are coming with us.

Ranjana: Yes come to our place.
Me: Wait, I will come, but tomorrow. Because tomorrow morning I have an important meeting and then I will be free.
Samar: After that, you shift to our house. when your meeting will be over?

Me: By 5 or 6 PM.
Samar: Ok then tomorrow evening you come to our house and stay there at least for one week. We will enjoy ourselves together.

Me: One week? I took leave for the next 2 days. And I will stay with you but I have one condition. You both will stay back at home with me.
Samar: Ranjana will stay. I will try. Because at this time a project is going to be finalized.

Ranjana: Yes tomorrow I will apply for leave and stay back.

I felt very happy. I looked at her with the corner of my eyes and winked. She blushed with shame. I ordered red wine. We all took red wine and were chitchatting. Ranjana was looking very happy. Still, she didn’t believe that I was in Delhi.

Suddenly Samar said, “Do one thing. Ranjana’s office is very nearer to your hotel. So tomorrow she will come after the office, around 7 PM and pick you up. You come with her. Is that ok?
Me: If Ranjana doesn’t have any problem then I also don’t have any problem.

Ranjana: Ok tomorrow evening I will come and pick you up around 7.

After a few minutes, Samar went to the toilet. I kissed her cheek softly and said, “Now tell me, do I love you? I don’t have any office work. I took 3 days’ leave from the office and came here just to meet you. In the morning when you were crying on the phone at that time only I decided to come.

Ranjana: You love me that much?
Me: Yes, still you have a doubt?
Ranjana: You liar. Don’t talk with me. I don’t want to talk with you.
Me: please Ranjana try to understand I came for you only. I love you.

She gave a small peck on my cheek and laughed. “I love you too. And tomorrow I will be here at 1 pm. And then I will tell you how much pain you gave me in the last three months,” she said.

I tried to kiss on her lips, but she stopped me and said, ” Don’t mess my lipstick. Otherwise, Samar will doubt. And don’t try to touch me. I hate you.” I understood that Ranjana was still angry, and it would take some time.

Tomorrow when she comes, I will sort out everything. I moved back to my place. Samar came out of the bathroom. Later we took our dinner and they went back to their home.

Friends that is the end of this part. In the next part, I will tell what happened next between me and Ranjana. Till then goodbye. You can mail me or send a hangout massage on my email id. My email id is [email protected] my telegram id is rohit_for_u. Thank you.

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