When Hormones Take Over

There was this friend of mine, Ashmita. I was preparing for my competition when I met her. Quite intellectual herself, we hit it off from day 1. She had her boyfriend when we met. But that wasn’t important to me. What was important that how we gelled together.

There were times when she would give more time to me than him. To the extent of her trust, she would kiss me sometimes on my lips. And it was platonic, trust me, it was. We were breaking barriers and definition of conventional love. She had to be around me and, so did I.

One day, she asked me to accompany her to her college hostel. She had to travel by bus as the bus would stop right in front of her college gates. But due to rains and unfavorable potholes, we reached late. We had no option but to stay at the hotel. We both were a bit scared, as none of our parents knew where we were.

She looked at me and I could see the concern in her eyes. I steadied myself and assured her, all will be fine. We checked into a hotel and got comfortable, and ate the leftover food. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and so was I. And as I told you, it was entirely platonic love between us. I dozed off and slept.

About Ashmita, she was 5’3″, hourglass figure and wheatish color. Till then, I didn’t know what sizes meant. All I can say is my 1 hand was insufficient to hold them. And defying gravity, they were round and smooth. Back to the room.
As I was sleeping, she was talking to her boyfriend trying to tell him that she was in her hostel, convincing him.

Whereas he was pushing her to talk to her friend for confirmation. She knew he would ruin her life while fighting all the while if she told him the truth. But that guy was shouting on the other side. She was crying, but silently so that I wouldn’t wake up.

He forced her to talk all night, to which she reluctantly agreed because she was tired herself in the journey. They talked, and to make him happy, she agreed to his demand for having phone sex. It was then, I had woken up and was listening. She was telling him, “I am holding my breasts.”

But I could see she was lying as she was tired. (mind you, WhatsApp was not there then). She played along. She even faked moaning in between. While listening to them, I woke up. Her face was, swollen because of too much crying.
I looked at her. Nobody knew what was going to happen.

I signaled her to stay quiet and continue doing what she was doing and kissed her on cheeks. This only, increased her heartbeat. She told her boyfriend then, she is putting them on speaker. Her boyfriend thought she was really enjoying with him.

I slid down to her neck and planted a kiss. She immediately moaned, which surprised all 3 of us. It was then things got changed. Now as I was breathing on her neck with wide eyes, she was smiling. Her boyfriend was like, “Yeah, baby.” I then kissed on her neck.

She stopped me and said signaled me in negative. And in reply, I kissed her back. She was defenseless and stretched between worlds. Worried about right and wrong. On one side, her boyfriend was talking to her, making her hot and just to annoy her so that he can be sure she is really in the hostel.

And here, Ashmita was forced to comply and reply while being hurt and tired by him. And then there was me, showing her love. With one hand Ashmita was clutching the phone and with the other, she feebly was trying to hold me. I could see it her eyes, as they were full of dilemma.

She was looking at the ceiling, breathing, and heartbeat, nothing in sync. She wanted to live and be happy but she didn’t want to wrong anyone. I was looking at her. Waiting for her approval and lost in my own thoughts. Our thoughts were interrupted by her boyfriend’s crackling voice.

We heard, he was saying, “I am holding my penis, what are you doing baby?”
This angered her a little, and then she looked at me and kept the phone on the side table. Perhaps, that’s what was signal. I came to her again. While looking at her, I kissed her, slowly. She didn’t respond.

I stayed there, my lips close to her. Breathing each other’s breath. But not moving. It was then she picked up the phone, and said to her boyfriend, “I am kissing you, love.” It was then, I smiled and kissed her on her lips while holding her cheeks with one hand.

Kissing her lower lips, I sucked it gently and she lightly pressed her upper lip over mine. And then broke the kiss, and said, “Oh fuck,” to the phone. It was a dilemma, the beauty of our kiss or compulsory reply to her boyfriend, nobody knew. But one thing was sure, the tigress within her had woken up!

That, “Oh fuck” was an ice breaker. Everything was crystal clear. I was close to her. And her boyfriend was shagging. She was ready. I slipped my hands from her thin girly t-shirt and placed my hand on her navel. Her whole body moved, except her stomach.

Anticipation. Erotic environment. Goosebumps. It was enveloping her. Never once she lost her eye contact. I raised her t-shirt and moved my hand above to her globes. She seductively asked me, “Aur kya karoge” and her boyfriend replied, “Tere chuche chusunga,” That was my clue.

We both understood how this game was going to be played. Without unhooking the bra, I slid it. And two, beautiful balls of love breathed air. With nipples erect. I put my lips over it, kissed the areola. Of right boobs and squeezed left one gently.

She said loudly, “Jaanu jor se dabaoge?” asking her boyfriend, and replied, “Itni tez ki cheekh nikal jaye teri.” My cue. I held both of the boobs and did what she wanted. And she cried. She had kept her hand over mine and was pressing them more. She arched her back, thrusting her breasts into the palm of my hands.

It was unexpected for me. She had gone wild. She stopped worrying, who is listening now.
“Pull my nipples.”
“Bite them.”
“Give them teeth marks.”
And I did.

Now she took out her t-shirt and bra and threw them in angst and ecstasy. Pulled my face and thrust her boobs in me. I was playing with them like a grown-up. She asked her boyfriend, what else he wanted to do. There was no reply. The phone had gone silent. She got worried a little.

I tried to get up, but she held my head. Meaning I must continue. I chewed her nipples, pulled them, not worrying if it was hurting her or not. I kept on doing things, I wanted. And she? She had disconnected the call and was calling him.
He picked up. She asked, “What happened?”

He was like, “Sorry baby, I slept while cumming, I love you, we will talk tomorrow.” She said, “Ok, take care, goodnight, love you.”

“Asshole,” was the last thing she said after disconnecting and looking at her phone. Now it was just two of us. Freedom!

I got naked, while she looked at me, still in her shorts. I went down, removed her shorts. There was a wet patch on it. Below it, she was wearing some stylish transparent panty. Whole ‘V’ between her legs was wet. It was stuck with love juices.

As I peeled it off, I was treated with an amazing sight. Not only her pussy was wet, but it was also glistening in the light. And it was bald, smooth like velvet. And just above it, she had left a small cute triangle patch. The tip was touching clitoris from above and the base was in line with the string of her panty.

Before this, I didn’t know just like mustache, girls like to give their pubic hair a style. I smiled. She smiled. I was just bent over her pussy, with considerable distance. And she did something, I was blown away. She herself opened her legs, wrapped it around my neck, locking me and pulled me to her pussy.

I was now, into her pussy, breathing, living, licking and biting them. And she was pushing my head inside. There were love and craziness in those moments. I lapped her juices, sucked them. Made loud noise. Lip-smacking sounds. And while doing this, I raised my hands and put them on her breasts, pressing them.

Here, pressing and sucking and pressing and sucking. While she just kept on loud moaning. With my head inside, and hands squeezing, I slapped her boobs. That’s when I surprised her with my multi-tasking. She pulled me above and said, “Why didn’t you propose me ever?”

I was like, “Why didn’t you do it”

And since we both used to argue over feminism a lot, we both started laughing. It was mesmerizing. She stopped, and pushed me to bed, sat over me. My stomach touched her pussy juices. She noticed and licked it. I couldn’t believe it. She felt it. She inserted her 2 fingers, took out her juice and sucked them.

And did it again. This time she kissed me with those lips. While kissing she slid, to my penis and inserted it into her. Breathing deeply looking into the ceiling again. She kept her both hands on my chest and started moving slowly. I could see her breasts moving slowly, as she fucked.

Her speed increased. Boobs were going, up and down and sideways. And in every direction. It got so loud that the bed started creaking. I held her my her stomach.  And she kept on going. We changed from she being top to me being on top.

This was without even removing my penis from her. When we switched, she said, “Do something unthinkable.” I was still, fucking her, and this little talking happened in between. I said, “Like what?” While her boobs were shaking, her long hair was in a mess, our bodies were sweating. And we were talking.

She said, “Lick my armpits.” I looked at her with questioning eyes. She said, “Please, it’s my fantasy. I never said it to my boyfriend.” I obliged. And as I did that, wetness in her cunt increased so much as if a tap has opened. And she made all kind of noises.

When I stopped, she kissed me hard. It was then she cummed. Bringing me close to her, crushing her breasts, biting my neck, holding my hair, wrapping her legs around me. As if she captured me. Slowly she released me. I continued fucking her.

She lovingly kissed me, and said, “Ejaculate anyway, anywhere. Do anything, I won’t mind.” I asked her, “Can I ejaculate in your mouth?” She said nothing. She was under me, she slid down and took my organ inside. Now, I was fucking her mouth. She gave me more than I asked for.

She created such an environment, that I felt it was a second pussy I was fucking. I couldn’t control and ejaculated so much, that I didn’t know I could. She came up, showed it to me, swallowed all. Giggled and pushed me away and went to the washroom.

It was then, numerous thoughts crossed my mind. She came back, hugged me and we slept.

In the morning, we woke up. Nobody said anything. We came down the hotel. Hotel staff was looking at us as if they were right outside our room all night. It was embarrassing, with our red faces. We took an auto, keeping silence. I dropped her at the gates of her hostel. I boarded the bus to my place.

All the while, thinking about what she will be thinking? Worried how will all this affect us? I didn’t want to lose her. 10000 of thoughts. Checking phone for any SMS from her. There were none.

After 6 hours journey, I reached home. I slept. Woke up in the middle of the night. Checked my phone. Slept again. I woke up in the afternoon. There was ‘1 text received’. I opened it, fearing what is worst that could happen. Not opening. Thinking and overthinking. But not opening.

As I was scared I might have ruined things between us. Calling myself stupid and whatnot. After an hour, I braced myself up. And opened it. It said, “I don’t regret it. Never leave me.”

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